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  1. River Moon

    Five years!

    That's so awesome! I'm so happy for your success. That's so inspiring to me.
  2. River Moon

    Made my first goal 😃

    So awesome!! Congrats!!!
  3. River Moon

    Blue Shield of CA PPO

    You're very welcome! I had my first consultation around late April, and had my surgery July 7th. Once I had the consultation I just went head-on into the process and started scheduling all my appointments and testing dates. My surgeon had me go through a lot of tests like an upper endoscopy, cardiopulmonary stress test, chest xray, and covid test (day before surgery). I already had my gallbladder removed several years ago so I didn't have to have an ultrasound for that. I wish you luck in your journey. You'll do great! It's the best decision I've made for my health.
  4. River Moon

    Blue Shield of CA PPO

    I have BS of CA PPO and also got the gastric sleeve. If you have a bmi of 40+, then you qualify. If you have a bmi of 35 with at least one comorbidity, then you will qualify too. They require a psychological evaluation, nutritional support, proof that you have attempted to lose weight in the past, particularly within the past 3 - 6 months (primary doctor can provide that information - pretty much just showing weight loss and weight gain again). I also had to do multiple tests, but that was due to my surgeon's requirements, not insurance. My surgeon's office told me that Blue Shield of CA is one of the easier insurances to work with. They don't make you have to jump through as many hoops as other insurances. Once my paperwork was submitted along with all my requirement documentation, I got approved in less than a week. Here is a link to a pdf on Blue Shield of California's website. It shows the requirements for weight loss surgery, to help give a more thorough idea. https://www.blueshieldca.com/bsca/bsc/public/common/PortalComponents/provider/StreamDocumentServlet?fileName=PRV_PA_Bariatric_Surgery.pdf
  5. River Moon

    smelly urine????

    My urine was orange and had a smelly odor to it for the first 3 days after surgery. It was from all the medications and anesthesia I was on. Once all that was out of me, it went back to normal.
  6. River Moon

    Water sipping- forever?

    Don't worry, Bloodhound, it isn't forever. It will get better. The first few weeks I could only get in tiny sips at a time. Now, at 2 months out, I'm able to drink much more normal amounts. I can't chug like I used to (that I miss), but I can get more in when I drink now, compared to the beginning. You will definitely need to stay on top of your water, though. If you tend to forget, setting timers on your phone helps a lot! You'll learn as you go when stomach wants you to stop. It took me quite a few times of getting that feeling in my chest like the water was pooling at the top, before I finally managed to get it right. I still mess up sometimes, but not as often. But when I do, my stomach is not afraid to let me know.
  7. Welcome, Marjoxlem! Congratulations on making this decision. You will be so happy you did. Well wishes on your upcoming surgery.
  8. River Moon


    Hi ShoppGirl. It's so interesting you said this. I emailed my nut last night about them, and she got back to me today. She said the exact same thing. She has requested information from companies for proof and never hears back from them. She advised me to steer clear of them. Back to the drawing board for me lol.
  9. River Moon


    Oh wow! Thank you so much! I didn't realize they had patches. I'll show these to my nut. It would be great if I could use these, and not worry about ingesting. Thanks again! I appreciate you finding those.
  10. River Moon


    Hi there, Bloodhound. I started taking my supplements (chewables) the day I got home from the hospital. Unfortunately, I don't have any good recommendations as I have struggled to find some that don't make me nauseous. So, for now I've been taking Flintstones Complete. My nut says these aren't ideal and the goal is to get me onto standard bariatric supplements. She's ok with them for now though, and says they are a "band-aid fix", until we can find some that my body tolerates. I also add in 45mg of Iron, calcium, and also Folic Acid vitamins (per doctor's orders) too. Hopefully, I will find some standard bariatric ones soon.
  11. River Moon

    Hello and Thank You

    Welcome Boogie2dope! And congratulations on your surgery.
  12. River Moon

    How you doing???

    I have experienced this too. This last weekend I was with family and they were passing around a box of cheez-its. I have always loved cheez-its so when they first pulled out the box I got worried that I was going to be feeling bummed that I couldn't eat any. But, then I smelled them as they were passing them around. Suddenly, one of my favorite crackers disgusted me. The smell was not anything pleasant and it shocked me, 'cause I have always enjoyed them. Ultimately, it was a good thing for me, as I had zero cravings for them.
  13. Hi there, Chantrella. I haven't lost enough weight yet to see much change yet, but I experienced this after the last diet I went on 5 years ago (gained it all back, plus some). I had lost 92 lbs, and obviously should have seen a change, but couldn't. I would look in the mirror and see myself just as big as before. My therapist said it's called Body Dysmorphia. It's basically when the brain sees our body looking different than what it is. She told me it's common after major weight loss because our brains get so used to seeing our bodies as it has for so long. Then, suddenly we drop and shrink, but our brains haven't caught up to our success yet. Eventually, I started to see my weight loss with her help. Some people experience it as a lifelong struggle she said, but working through it with my therapist helped me to finally see it. After regaining it all, I saw some pictures taken after that weight loss, and I couldn't understand how I never saw how "small" (for me) I had gotten. It frustrated me, but I'm trying to remember that for this time around.
  14. River Moon

    Second Guessing Myself

    I think it's fantastic you're starting this journey for yourself. I am 7 weeks out now from my gastric sleeve and I am definitely one of those who wishes I would have done it sooner. I was terrified at the idea of having surgery. I had my gallbladder out years ago, and for many years I just couldn't see myself purposely making the choice to have surgery. Finally, after multiple weight losses and regains and my body feeling exhausted at doing any little thing, I said enough is enough. I am so happy I did now. As for the catheter fear, I was so scared of that too. I did not have one. And like Lizonaplane said, they want us walking around literally hours after the surgery. And trust me, as tired as you will feel, walking is so good 'cause it helps to get rid of the gas pains. Also, let your surgeon know you don't want a catheter that way they know. I told mine I didn't want one. I'm not even sure if he does them or not, but I just made it clear I really didn't want one if it could be helped. I worried about risks too, but again just as lizonaplane said, they are rare. I kept looking at it like, either I go and have surgery now and fix this, or keep going downhill with my health and wind up in the hospital for my health down the line anyway. The fact you have such a supportive family is awesome! It makes such a huge difference to have that sort of support. I have that too and it has made this such a smoother process. One last note... I was very nervous the morning of surgery and I asked them to give me something to help me calm down before they took me into the OR. What they gave me was amazing! So, you can ask for something before your surgery too and it really REALLY helps. It's good stuff. My sister said I apparently gave her a big smile and thumbs up when they were wheeling me out. I do not remember that. Last thing I remember was being told to move to the table. Then, I was waking up in post-op.
  15. My surgeon did not have any pre-op diet either, aside from the clear liquids only the day before surgery. I felt the same as you, though. It felt odd to me to just eat normally and then shock my body and mind like that. Not to mention, I know my digestive system and was worried I'd go into surgery with too much moving along in there that would make me sick after surgery. I knew most people are put on the pre-op diet for liver-shrinking reasons too, and I just did not want to wake up in post-op being told my liver was too large to do the surgery. I really did not want to have to do any pre-op diet though, so I negotiated with myself lol. I put myself on a very low carb diet for just a week. I slowly reduced my caffeine to zero. Then, three days before my surgery, I moved to all clear liquids. The morning of surgery I felt safer by doing that and I had lost a nice chunk of weight even (water weight of course, but still felt good 🙂). As for what I wish I would have prepared for more prior to surgery, water sipping is actually was actually mine. I think it's great you're practicing that. I did not, and had a difficult time dealing with that in the beginning. Your diet plan sounds great and healthy. I wish you all the best as you head towards surgery and beyond.

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