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  1. River Moon


    Coffee was a big deal for me after surgery too. Once you're allowed to have coffee in your plan again, then you should be ok with whatever you prefer to drink, but just take it slowly. Your post-op tummy might be more sensitive to caffeine. That was the case with me, but of course everyone is different. My plan didn't allow me to have caffeine until 4 months post-op per my surgeon's instructions. I think that's what I missed the most after surgery. Forget food, I wanted caffeine lol. Thankfully, I was able to have decaf during that time. That allowed me to at least have that comfort of a nice warm cup of coffee. But, once I could have regular coffee again, I started slowly with the ones I used to drink to see how my new tummy could handle it. For example, Starbucks coffee is rough on my tummy now, so I can't drink that as often as I used to, but homemade Folgers brand seems to go down smoothly. So I just recommend taking it slowly, and trying out different ones you like. I stick to just black coffee that I add my own almond milk creamer to. I measure out the creamer too so I don't accidentally overload it with excess calories. From one coffee lover to another, enjoy that next cup! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. I agree so much, Possum! And I'm with you... here's to health for us!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  3. River Moon

    Bypass Tomorrow!!!

    So awesome!! Wishing you well for tomorrow. ๐Ÿ’™
  4. I weigh myself every 3 months at my follow-up with my surgeon. But, that is due to my therapist and nutritionist highly recommending it for me. I have a long history of becoming way too obsessed with the scale, which would lead me to restrict, then binge/restrict, then binge/purge, then finally binge-eating all together. It's just been my downhill spiral for forever. Now I have finally been learning to pay attention to my health and how I feel with energy, health, and just overall mental health. It's been a relief to not weight myself so much. However, that is not a rule for all. For me it was highly recommended by my team. But, for others they need to weigh more often.
  5. River Moon


    I haven't had experience with the sleeping issue, but I can definitely relate to the binge-eating. I will forever consider myself in recovery for binge-eating disorder, 'cause I know I'm not cured. I will always have to be mindful. I agree with Arabesque that a therapist can help you a great deal. I was already seeing a therapist due to other reasons, so she was able to help me address my eating habits and reasons for binging. I also got a referral to a Nutritional therapist who I started seeing about 2 months prior to my surgery. It's part of the requirements for approval for most plans (all plans are different though), but I am so thankful I started seeing her prior to the surgery. I still see her after the surgery (almost 1 year out now). She helped to prepare me for the changes that were going to come with the surgery. It is a huge mental change that takes place, but being prepared for what to expect made such a difference for me. She taught me to be mindful of my eating, when I eat, what I feel when I eat, and recognize the differences between head-hunger and true hunger. After my surgery it was still a struggle, but I know it would have been so much more difficult without that preparation. So, if you are able to see a therapist and/or a nutritional therapist, I highly recommend it. As for the clothing issue, I can relate to that for sure. Prior to surgery I just always wore stretchy stuff so it would allow me some give. But I also held out on buying many new clothes. Since my surgery, I've found I've had to change clothes sizes much more often and so I found this cool site called swap dot com (not sure if I'm allowed to link it). They have very nice options for very low and affordable prices. They're essentially an online thrift shop. They have been such a great help for me 'cause it's expensive constantly buying new clothing. So when I have absolutely needed a new piece of clothing that is expensive (like jeans, winter coat) I went there and save a great deal of money. I got some new jeans for $11 even. Then, when I'm done with them, I just donate them to a local donation center for someone else to be able to use. Hang in there, Thinblueline. It will be so worth it in the end! You got this!
  6. River Moon

    Rny patients....& Taste change

    Hi there, Katy. Congratulations on your surgery! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have experienced this as well. I used to love hard-boiled eggs and now they not only cause me a lot of stomach pain, but they do not taste like they used to. The same with Cheez-its. I haven't eaten them, but I was with family on a long drive once and they were passing around a box of cheez-its. I have always loved those, but my gosh the smell now! I don't understand why this has happened, but my nutritionist said it is normal. She said our taste buds do change after surgery and usually will return to normal, but sometimes some things will remain not as pleasant as they were before. I'm hoping I can eat hard-boiled eggs again someday 'cause they're such great protein and an easy meal.
  7. River Moon

    Looking for a distraction?

    I play games too. I play PC and Nintendo Switch games a lot, as well as puzzle games like Wordle and Sudoku and others. Games have actually become my new way of coping with stress and keeping me away from those comfort food cravings that used to have way too much control over me. Having the surgery right before getting into nursing school has been rough with the stress stuff. But, the mind is changing for sure! Have you ever played Solitaire Mahjong? That's another game that is so fun and just relaxing.
  8. Hi there, Jamaro. I understand the back and forth issue. I struggled with getting surgery for several years before I finally got it. I was actually ready to pursue it a couple of years prior to getting it, but my primary said I wasn't psychologically ready. She wanted me to continue working with my therapist on my eating issues. I'm still doing that after the surgery as well. My doctor put me on Victoza for blood sugar (now normal and no longer on Victoza) and said it could also help me lose. But, what finally told me "this is it" was one day when I went to a casino with my family. I was walking around and couldn't keep up with them. I was also the youngest in the group. I felt like I had a small child hanging around my torso and got so out of breath. At the time, I was taking prerequisites for nursing school, and knew that there was absolutely no way I could ever be the nurse I wanted to be with that physical condition. That was my moment. I made an appointment with my primary and told her I just didn't know what to do anymore. However, she surprised me when she said that she had seen my improvement with my eating disorder (binge-eating/purging), that she was recommending me surgery. I was ecstatic!! I immediately went home and started calling surgeons she recommended. Fast forward to now, I am currently in nursing school now (was floored when I got accepted), and I am feeling great on the hospital floor during clinicals. I'm also off most of my medication that I was taking due to my weight-related health issues. It was worth it for me, but I also knew I was ready for it. It's a big change, but so worth it when you're ready. I wish you luck as you examine this journey for your own life. ๐Ÿ˜Š
  9. Hi there! I'm so excited for you as you move ahead in this journey. Like Arabesque said, if your arches are collapsed due to your weight, then you will probably see improvement. I used to have high arches, but now they have collapsed due to my weight over the years. After losing what I have, it has helped with foot pain and discomfort so much. I no longer have any pain, but if I've been walking all day (like at an amusement park), then they start to ache, but still nothing like they used to. Also, just about a month or so after my surgery, I started to feel a difference in my walking. I just felt lighter on my feet, so improvement began relatively quickly. Everyone is different, so the degree of improvement is per person, but losing the weight should improve your symptoms. Also, get some good walking shoes, if you don't already have some. My podiatrist recommended the New Balance brand, as they make great shoes for those with feet problems, including flat feet. I tend to wear the 600 or 900 series myself (which he recommended). Even after the weight loss, he said it's a good idea to wear the proper shoes for good support. Take care and good luck! ๐Ÿ˜Š
  10. River Moon

    Loss of voice

    I think it would be a good idea to contact your medical team. You're still healing so weakness is completely normal, but voice issues could be a sign of a bit more weakness. These surgeries leave us weak in the beginning. Sometimes when people have muscle weakness, the muscles in the throat can become weak too. This can in turn lead to a hoarse voice and even difficulty swallowing in more severe cases. Your doctor(s) can give you some tips of how to build up your strength, like types of vitamins or more fluid intake, etc. Feel better soon! And, congrats on this new journey in your life. It's so exciting! Edit: Also, Arabesque has a very good point about the breathing tube. Might be some irritation in there.
  11. River Moon

    Newbie here :)

    Welcome, Heddenturner, and congratulations on taking this huge step for your health. ๐Ÿ˜Š I had a difficult time getting in all my protein and fluids in the beginning too. My nutritionist assured me everyone is different and to just do the best I could and that my body would allow what it can, when it can. I agree with Liveaboard15 too. Broth is a great option, and that is actually the exact powder my nutritionist recommended for me too for unflavored. Great way to add in more protein when you need.
  12. River Moon

    Well intentioned compliments

    I know what you mean. When I get such "compliments" from people who have always loved, supported, cared, and never judged me when I was bigger, I am grateful for them. They make me feel good inside and I appreciate them. But, unfortunately, some people I know judged me when I was bigger, and suddenly now say how good I look, or "wow you've lost so much weight, you look great." When people like that say those types of things to me, it does not feel good. I think just as you do. What were they saying behind my back when I wasn't this size. When they say that to me, all I hear is, "You were so huge and ugly before."
  13. River Moon


    Yikes! That sounds very unpleasant. I hope you're able to have it again someday. I have issues with beans. I love beans, but I find now when I eat them, my stomach decides to make best friends with them and not let them go, if you know what I mean. I just get extremely bloated and just so uncomfortable with pressure, and it lasts for days until they finally decide to call their relationship quits. Usually, I need a laxative to help it along.
  14. River Moon

    Five years!

    That's so awesome! I'm so happy for your success. That's so inspiring to me.
  15. River Moon

    Made my first goal ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    So awesome!! Congrats!!!

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