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  1. I'm a 8 to five nurse and it is so hard for me to commit to food and drinking during working hrs. I have to make my self eat or take a drink and go to the bathroom. It's been like this for years. I make sure to get my protein shakes in and right now that's the best I can do. I know I have to do better. I commit today to at least have the water on my desk to sip through out the day. Thanks for the good tips
  2. terelbel

    2 weeks post op

  3. terelbel

    2 weeks post op

    From the album: 2 weeks post op

  4. I am 2 weeks post op and can eat w/o restriction, I do make an effort to limit what I eat, but feel hungry all the time. I have a 900cal/70gm protien diet and I know I don't get the whole 900 cals daily. I have not lost one ounce of wt since my surgery April 17, and trying not to become discourage, don't make a difference if I do, I know I must do well on my part and listen to the docs. But I do want to scream. Every one tells me they do notice my wt has gone down. I do believe I have lost inches without the pounds. I will keep on trucking....
  5. terelbel

    Possible to stretch pouch on liquids?

    I never heard of this bansters hell, can you explain more to me. I was banded April 17 and been doing good, feeling wonderful, no post op wows at all but it seem as of Saturday (and that's also the day I woke with no signs of having surger, just felt good), but as of Sat. I seem to can drink...ALOT, and hungry all the dame time.
  6. terelbel

    Friday Weigh Ins

    Hi guys! 208 and exactly one week post op!
  7. terelbel

    Offically banded

    Hey, Banded Friday April 17th and I have tremendous gas pains, which I can admit to needing to walk more. Pain at my port site as well. Other then that can't wait until I can get up the strength and energy to start this new walk on this new journey. Glad I did it (so far)
  8. terelbel

    Confused. Help?

    My first day post op, I made sure to drink plenty fluids, and I felt so blah, realized I was full, but it didn't feel like the full I was use to. Take you time and get to know your body. Created the right pace for you.
  9. terelbel

    Calling all april 9, 2009 bandsters

    Sorry about your experience, but I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  10. terelbel

    sugar free jello

    I started my pre op diet April 3rd and I'm allowed to have jello, as long as it's not red
  11. terelbel

    Getting enough fluids?

    I have trouble, I hate water and I'm trying my darndest to get it all in. But it's so worth it, every day my goal is to drink more then the last
  12. I have plenty thoughts, I do my real research through books and My Doctor and his partners bio, as well as my weight loss center. I am a nurse and I often tell my patients please do not use the internet as a reliable source of info, so I try to practice what I preach. I joined one group and that's this one. To much info can be dangerous and the people at your weight loss center should be the number one source of unbiased information.
  13. I am 43 and 220lbs, very tired of being very tired! So no day like today. I have my first meeting 07/09/08 with a wt. Lost team and we'll see....
  14. terelbel

    New to group

    I start my liquid diet April 3rd and my procedure date is April 17th. So very happy and excited!
  15. Congrats!!! I have my date as well! April 17th. My last appt was March 23 and they said they will submit my paper to my insurance and last week they called and said every thing is a go and my Doc has a cancelation April 17th did I want it, I said YESSSSS!!! It's all I can think about, talk about, dream about...I do believe my family is tired of me, but I got more for them. I'm shouting from a mountain top. FINALLY, YEAH!!!! I fell like it's all about me and I'm running with it. After years taking care of everyone else, I put me first, and it feel goooooood!

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