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  1. Yes I regret it and I wished I have never done it, I lost weight , I am thin but I'm not healthy. 3 years post op gbp and I'm battling what I suspect reactive hypoglycemia and dumping and vitamin issues. I am a wreck, I would advice nobody to get the surgery.
  2. Hi everyone I cant believe I'm here.. 3 years ago I joined this site, asking for advice how to tell my family about the decision I wanted to do to go for a gastric bypass.. 3 years later I'm here..I lost 77 kilograms , the first year was great. The second year was still great but I was starting to feel "weird", now after 3 years .. I'm sick. Very sick. I have early and late dumping, low blood sugar feeling throughout today, low blood pressure throughout the day, tingling hands and feet, extreme fatigue. I have cramps and pain that I have never experienced in my life. My bones, my muscles and nerves. The worst is waking up everyday with dizziness and fuzzy feeling in my head, that gets worse after drinking and eating. Besides that, I can't regulate my normal body temperature anymore. There is so much to speak about and write about my symptoms... There are multiple causes that this can have which I personally find unlikely. They said I'm stressed and anxiety, depressed which can cause these symptoms. I know that this has a factor but not to this extent. After that , I had the vaccine , they say its unlikely. I'm suffering for the past year off and on but the last 7 months I have been suffering more. Every day is hell. To make a long story short, I want to go back to normal anatomy. I want to undo my surgery , hoping, it will get rid of my symptoms. Now this is a big and dangerous surgery. They say you can get gastropersises , gerd , intestines problems etc. But living like this is pure hell.. no life. My symptoms are leading my life, I'm not living my life. So who else has done this or contemplating? I'm willing to do whatever it takes at this point because I'm done.. I'm done with suffering Thanks for reading

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