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  1. Lori E

    June Surgeries

    Hello June surgery buddies! My gastric bypass is scheduled for June 18. I have my pre-op appointment for labs and to meet with the dietitian and psychologist on June 2 and I start the liquid diet on June 11. My surgeon has patients do a full liquid diet - just clear liquids and four protein shakes a day, so I’m a little worried about that but I figure I can do anything for one week. I’m so excited (and more than a little nervous!) now that I have dates for everything - it just makes it seem so real. Looking forward to sharing this journey with all of you!
  2. Lori E

    June Surgeries

    Less than a month to go - How exciting!
  3. Lori E

    June Surgeries

    I had my consultation yesterday. I'm officially scheduled for June 15th! Yay!!
  4. Lori E

    June Surgeries

    I have my consultation this Wednesday, May 5. Hoping to schedule surgery for the week of June 13th or 20th!
  5. I’m sorry to hear you’re having such bad reflux now. I hope all goes well with your revision. Of course I still have to talk to my surgeon but I’m definitely leaning towards bypass. The thought of my reflux getting worse really worries me. And congratulations on your weight loss - it looks like you’re doing great with that part of it. It’s so encouraging to see people’s post-surgery stats.
  6. That's great crystaldawn81! I’m glad to hear you’re no longer having reflux - it’s definitely no fun!
  7. I was worried about that too - what if I have the sleeve but have reflux and have to do another surgery. It looks like the bypass has worked well for you though. Congrats on your success!
  8. Thanks for your response, Catwoman7. I'm leaning towards bypass now just because I'm not sure I'm willing to risk it. I don't experience reflux too often but when I do it's pretty unpleasant and I don't think I want to risk experiencing it more, or worse, than it is now. I'm sure when I have my consultation next week the surgeon will provide more information, but I was just curious about other people's experiences. Thanks so much!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forums and so excited to be starting on this journey. I have my consultation scheduled for May 5. I was leaning toward the sleeve for several reasons - less complicated, less expensive (I'm doing self-pay) - but as I've been learning more about different procedures it looks like gastric bypass is the surgery of choice if you have reflux. I experience reflux infrequently, maybe once a week. It's usually pretty mild but occasionally it can be pretty bad and I experience food regurgitation. Just wondering if anyone here had reflux prior to surgery but went ahead with the sleeve and what your post-op experience has been. Thanks so much!

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