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  1. I’m glad you are planning to see a cardiologist and a vascular doctor. Peripheral arterial disease or peripheral vascular disease cause leg pain and can increase the risk of heart disease. I wish you all the best and hope you get an answer for the problem. It’s terrible to be in pain so much!!
  2. Do you have any friends or family members that are nurses that would remove them for you? I’ve removed stitches for a relative before. I’m a nurse and have removed stitches from many patients over the years.
  3. I had the DS 6/1/21 and am so happy my surgeon recommended it! It has definitely improved my life and health! I’m still early in this journey but down over 50 lbs from preop ( 35 of those since surgery!) and it feels great! I too am a nurse and walking those hospital hallways carrying 50 lbs less (so far) is sooo much easier now! I already walk farther, faster and have a spring in my step I haven’t had for years, and I’m 63 years old! Congratulations on all you have achieved! You are doing an amazing job!
  4. Awesome! You’ve done a great job! I love looking at before and after photos…very inspiring!
  5. BDL58

    Food in Stomach

    I had the DS on 6/1/21. Once I was allowed solid foods I was still advised to avoid foods like pasta, rice and bread. They did say I could have toasted bread and small servings of crackers. I do notice an uncomfortable full feeling when I do eat even toasted bread…like it just doesn’t want to go down well. I do tolerate 5-seed multigrain crackers well. They go real well with hummus! Makes a great snack once a day.
  6. BDL58


    I was on protonix for years prior to surgery due to recurrent gastric ulcers. My surgeon requires his patients to take Pepcid Complete Chewables twice daily for 6 months post op. He uses this to assist with healing. So far I have not restarted the protonix and I hope to not have to restart them. My ulcers were related to NSAID use for joint pain though I quit NSAIDS over 1 year ago now. EGD preop showed the ulcers were all gone. My joints are already feeling better with the 23 lbs I’ve lost since surgery (41 lbs total counting what I lost during the months prior to surgery) so any joint pains have easily been relieved by Tylenol. My husband has also been on protonix for years as a preventative therapy because he is on multiple daily meds for severe heart disease/heart failure and a genetic clotting disorder which requires him to take daily anticoagulants (“blood thinners”) … he suffered a GI bleed a couple of years ago and the GI Doc found multiple (> 40!) stomach polyps and 15 of them had to be biopsied and cauterized to stop the bleeding… the polyps were secondary to the proton pump inhibitors! I’m a nurse and was really surprised to find that PPIs can actually cause polyps in some people… like my hubby! Bless his heart, he never does anything halfway! But after all he went though, I’m in no hurry to go back on Protonix any time soon…UNLESS I truly have to because of a recurrent ulcer.
  7. BDL58


    My surgeon allows 2 caffeinated beverages per day. I used to drink a LOT of coffee every day plus I work 12- hour night shifts 3 nights per week… I start back at work on July 14th so it will be interesting doing so without my usual amount of coffee. I have only been drinking 1 cup of coffee per day since surgery. It hasn’t been a big deal so I’m optimistic every thing will be fine when I get back to work.
  8. BDL58

    Tragic accident

    OMG, I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Please be assured and know you and your family are in my heart, my prayers and my thoughts!
  9. BDL58

    June Surgeries

    My DS was done June 1st. I did feel alone for the most part, especially at the hospital. My hubby has severe heart disease and uses oxygen so driving me to the hospital, waiting during the surgery and staying with me were totally out of the question. My coworker, who had the DS about 6 years ago, actually got up super early (had to be there by 5am) and drove me to the hospital and dropped me off. It was very hard being there by myself and I was very nervous preop and I admit a few tears slipped out. Fortunately, my anesthesiologist was wonderful…he’s a friend of another coworker and she contacted him ahead of time (weeks beforehand) and arranged for him to take my case! Awesome!!! He made sure I received something for anxiety right away and took great care of me. In fact, all the hospital staff were just phenomenal to me…made me proud that we all work for the same hospital system. My sister in law came and drove me home post op and stayed a few days. My son also was here and made sure I got all the broth I wanted/could tolerate. Both of them made sure my husband was well cared as well. He told me later he was so, so sorry he couldn’t be there with me. We’ve been married for 40 years and he’s still my sweetheart!
  10. Sounds soooo good! I’m doing well but am so tired of the liquid phase, tired of protein shakes, in particular. I need to remember to check my pantry…I may actually have a can of Old El Paso fat free refried beans tucked away (if they aren’t out of date!) Lol!
  11. BDL58

    Vitamins after surgery

    My surgeon recommends the vitamin patches for the first month after surgery then switch to the bariatric chewables.
  12. BDL58

    June Surgeries

    My DS surgery on 6/1 went well. My biggest issues in the immediate post op were nausea and pain but both were treated quickly and effectively. Wednesday morning I was taken to radiology and swallowed a couple ounces of contrast for a leak test...I passed the test so go to start clear liquids. After the leak test I did have quite a bit of diarrhea which wasn’t pleasant. I spent 2 nights in hospital and came home Thursday afternoon. I was allowed to advance my diet from clear liquids to “high protein full liquids” yesterday...never knew protein shakes or unsweetened applesauce could taste so wonderful! Lol! But again, I developed lots of diarrhea all day yesterday. Very frustrating! Better today since I realized I may be having lactose intolerance issues so I started taking Lactaid today and it does seem to be helping. Fortunately the pain is getting better each day because the stuff they gave me for home is pretty useless: a compounded mixture of gabapentin and Tylenol. Each 5ml dose contains 200 mg of gabapentin and 32 mg of Tylenol. Gabapentin is usually given for nerve pain/neuropathy. Preop I daily took 2000 mg Tylenol daily for my arthritis. Pharmacy charged $50 for the compounded medicine...rip-off and I will tell the Drs office my opinion of their pain management program next week. I know there is an opioid crisis in this country HOWEVER let’s be real folks, 80% of my stomach was just removed snd my guts rearranged...gabapentin 200 mg and 32mg of Tylenol does NOT cut it. Once I could take PO they gave me Tylenol 3 in the hospital which was very effective and actually helped me both move around better and get more rest when I slept. Fortunately the pain is lessening every day. I have to have all my meds as either crushed, liquid or chewable for the first 6 weeks. Yuck! Some of the ones I need to crush are tiny so I’m going to ask if I can swallow them whole since they are way smaller than a tic tac. Mixing with a small spoonful of applesauce or pudding does help though. Wearing the abdominal binder is helpful and when I’m sitting up watching TV I find hugging a heating pad is helpful.
  13. BDL58

    June Surgeries

    On another good note, my hospital system cancelled my covid test since I’m fully vaccinated and they could prove it through the state vaccination database. Whoo-hoo!! As of yesterday they no longer require it in a case like mine!!!
  14. BDL58

    May Surgeries - check in!

    My surgery is June 1st. Starting my preop diet this morning: replace 2 meals a day with protein shakes, eating only one lean meal/day. The postop nutrition guidelines the Nutritionist gave me states: phase 1 - clear liquids for 3 days; phase 2 -high protein full liquids for 2 weeks; phase 3 - soft foods for 1 month; finally phase 4- maintenance (regular) diet for “lifetime.”
  15. BDL58

    June Surgeries

    I’m June 1st as well...definitely feeling real now. I start my Preop diet on 5/18 then I go to my surgeon for the preop visit on May 27th. Office told me to plan on being there for 2-3 hours. From there I go to the hospital for preadmission testing...it’s going to be a long day! I don’t know if they will do the covid testing on the 27th or if I’ll have to go somewhere over that weekend. I have to work the night of 5/29 .. it’s my last shift to work before Surgery. It’s just around the corner!!! So excited and nervous!

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