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  1. BDL58


    My surgery (6/1/21) was robotic laparoscopic duodenal switch. Everything went very well. I had minimal pain post op, no complications. I’ve since lost 147 pounds and feel AMAZING! Best wishes!
  2. My son brought me a t-shirt home from a concert…it was a woman’s style (i.e. fitted) size medium…it looked TINY compared to the 3XLs I used to wear. I looked at it and said “no way is that going to fit me!” But my husband said he thought it would so I decided to show him…OMG! IT FIT!!! Wow! My husband and son both laughed and said “your eyes haven’t caught up with your reality yet!” So true…body dysmorphia is real.
  3. BDL58

    I hit goal today!

    Amazing transformation! One thing you said really hit home for me: it gave me the help for the work I wanted to be able to do. That’s exactly the way I feel about the surgery (DS) that I had 6/1/21. So far I’m down 98 pounds (lost 18 pre-op) with another 75 to go to my goal. I feel AMAZING! Congratulations! You are such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!
  4. BDL58

    June Surgeries

    How is everyone doing? I had the DS June 1st. I’ve lost 52 lbs since the surgery…70 total counting the 18 I lost on the preop diet. I feel wonderful! Starting to get some of the hair loss now but so far it’s not too bad, just annoying getting hairs wrapped around my fingers in the shower! Lol!
  5. BDL58


    Wow! Congratulations! You are an inspiration for sure!!
  6. I’ve lost 58 lbs from my preop weight (40 pounds since surgery 6/1) it’s a slow but steady downward trend and I’m happy with it. My clothes are definitely baggier/ looser. I put drawstrings in my scrub pants for work because I don’t want to buy new scrubs just yet. Got the kit on Amazon…easy to do.
  7. I’m glad you are planning to see a cardiologist and a vascular doctor. Peripheral arterial disease or peripheral vascular disease cause leg pain and can increase the risk of heart disease. I wish you all the best and hope you get an answer for the problem. It’s terrible to be in pain so much!!
  8. My husband is disabled by severe heart disease and couldn’t take me for my DS or pick me up afterwards. A friend/coworker (who had the DS 6 years ago) took me to the hospital and dropped me off and my sister in law picked me up when I was discharged.
  9. Do you have any friends or family members that are nurses that would remove them for you? I’ve removed stitches for a relative before. I’m a nurse and have removed stitches from many patients over the years.
  10. I loved the Premier Protein Shakes but unfortunately have become lactose intolerant after my DS on 6/1/21 so had to switch to Fairlife Shakes…no big deal since I like them but a bit annoying since Premier has so many more flavors.
  11. I also meant to say that I also put off WLS for years because I had taken care of patients in the ICU that died due to complications (mostly leaks) after gastric bypass surgery and it scared me badly. Fortunately techniques have changed and improved over the years and surgical complication rates are MUCH lower so after much research and consultation with friends and coworkers who had WLS I decided the time was NOW. Plus the fact my insurance now covered WLS without requiring $3000+ up front any more convinced me it was time to go for it. Still early days but I’m convinced it was the best decision I could have made to improve my health and take back my life!
  12. I had the DS 6/1/21 and am so happy my surgeon recommended it! It has definitely improved my life and health! I’m still early in this journey but down over 50 lbs from preop ( 35 of those since surgery!) and it feels great! I too am a nurse and walking those hospital hallways carrying 50 lbs less (so far) is sooo much easier now! I already walk farther, faster and have a spring in my step I haven’t had for years, and I’m 63 years old! Congratulations on all you have achieved! You are doing an amazing job!
  13. Awesome! You’ve done a great job! I love looking at before and after photos…very inspiring!

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