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    I hate food....

    I am so grateful for this conversation. I’m six weeks post op and miserable. I absolutely hate food and water. I’m so resentful that this surgery has made me sick everyday. I know it will get better. Everyone tells me to be patient and wait. That’s not really helpful advice because I have no choice but to wait. I’m so angry about this it’s spilling over to the rest of my life. I didn’t go to work twice this week for fear I would take it out on one of my co-workers. If I could make a bargain with God that I would not lose another pound but could eat and drink without pain I would do it in a heartbeat. I’m happy with the 30 lbs I’ve lost so far.
  2. I am six weeks post surgery. Drinking makes me nauseous. I barely get 48 ounces of liquid per day. Plain water is especially difficult. I keep trying different things, different temperatures, flavored water, tea, milk, crystal light, etc. Sometimes flavored water will be good one day and make me nauseous the next Has anyone else struggled with this problem? How long did it take to get better.
  3. Library Girl

    What is your why?

    An excellent reason 😁
  4. Library Girl

    What is your why?

    I had been fat my entire life and obese for about 25 years. My moment of clarity was when my Aunt died. She was 88 and in good health up to a year before her death. All at once it hit me that even healthy people die. And I was far from being healthy. Also this was my mother’s sister and her death was very hard on my mom. I decided it would be cruel to take the chance my mom would have to bury her youngest child.
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    Does anyone else think the decafe version tastes different than the caffeinated version of the same thing? Even the decafe version of same brand and flavor of tea is not the same.
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    Tim C, I feel your pain. I am 22 days from surgery and I have lost only 2 lbs from March 17th to March 22nd. It really does stink. Library Girl