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  1. learn2cook

    6 month over

    I’m so glad you’re having such a positive outcome, congratulations!
  2. learn2cook

    Post op gastric bypass anemic

    I was ok because I take vitamins with iron. Did your doctor get back to you about his/her program vitamins? Many younger women use prenatal vitamins liquid form for iron. Some need additional iron, most need to take iron with vitamin c so it can be absorbed. Most take their iron at night so it’s not so stomach upsetting. Also iron should not be taken at same time as calcium because they bind together and neither get absorbed. So the easy way to remember is calcium at breakfast, calcium at lunch, iron at dinner or bedtime. Please talk with your program to get the best lowdown for you.
  3. learn2cook

    A shameless plea for support

    All of these methods are great. I find it’s more of a head game for me, and I need to keep trying new activities to surprise my body into shirking pounds. The “game” is tricking my body. I also don’t expect perfection, Sundays are my relax day. I started 75 Hard. I modified it for real life, but the idea is to stick to eating plans, journal and do two planned exercise moments on top of the basic activities you normally do. I also found I burn more calories walking and weightlifting. I bought a rowing machine to mix things up even more. I just keep changing up my activities. Last fall I was very into yoga, now I go only once a week. I’m looking into a weighted hoola hoop, biking, and swimming for the summer. Stick to your eating plan and keep mixing up your activities. It’s even better when you include a social element like a friend or family member on a walk!
  4. learn2cook

    Need to start over. Ugh

    I agree with the above. I know I have to start one thing at a time or I get overwhelmed. I start by drinking water. If I’m drinking all my water I’m taking care of myself. Once that’s an accomplished habit, I include another and keep going.
  5. learn2cook

    Dating after surgery and deciding to be e

    Yahoo! What a full and adventurous life you’ll have!
  6. learn2cook

    One-derland after 6 months

    Yeah! Thanks for inspiring me.
  7. My last thought before surgery was the two women I have met who had surgery and kept the 200 lbs off 10+ years. All those years at WW and I never met people who lost and maintained a 200lb weight loss the “natural way.” Even the “before” pictures at the gym didn’t compare to the amount I need(ed) to loose and keep off.
  8. learn2cook


    (Happy dance) You did it!
  9. learn2cook


    The truthful children in my class told me my butt was “still big, but it was sliding toward my knees!” Got to love first graders lol! So I bought a rowing machine from Amazon and turned my living room into a gym (already had an indoor bike and free weights). My 14 year old son told me, “It’s lower, but it doesn’t jiggle so much. It’s more round.” (It jiggled?) I think it’s a ‘work with what you’ve got kind of thing.’ And if you ever want to know unvarnished truth, a kid will tell it to you unrequested.
  10. learn2cook


    Post menopausal before my RNY. You have good questions! I used to tolerate Trilevelin, but with RNY pills are not advisable due to malabsorption. I have a co-worker friend (with PCOS) that takes the pill so she has no period ever. A different co-worker acquaintance had a complete hysterectomy. Logically, loosing fat will help the symptoms because fat stores hormones. I don’t really know how the implants would work for you, I avoided them because of the weight gain. I use(d) barrier methods, add spermicide/lube as needed.
  11. learn2cook

    Gastric Bypass

    I’m sending thoughts of warm puppies and Spring flowers. Bypass helped my GERD immensely. I became able to lie down flat to sleep. ZZZZZ
  12. learn2cook


    I kind of feel like the prep, surgery, and recovery are like having a baby. There’s a lot of thinking and planning all for one event that lasts a couple of a few hours, then recovery for a few weeks. The tough part is raising “your child” for the rest of your life. It can be as fun or boring as you make it.
  13. learn2cook

    Feeling cold

    I hope your knee heals up soon. I find I can warm up reasonably by short brisk movements too. I went to the thrift shops and got some wool sweaters that were flattering, make sure you dry clean or hand wash before wearing. Among people I know who have had WLS, being cold was common. Among them, purposefully moving more helped regulate body temperature, but it’s not universal.
  14. Ltdanfan I tried the French fries and they sat like a rock in my belly for a week. Three French fries were so painful I avoid them like the plague!
  15. learn2cook


    I’m not done loosing weight yet…
  16. learn2cook


    I still have AN on my upper thighs and I’m post menopausal but friends of mine had their AN fade away on it’s own during weight loss.
  17. learn2cook

    Am I eating too much?

    My dietitian didn’t tell me how much or how little either. She said, keep it simple. Try for 60-80 grams of protein per day. If you can do that much, try for some veg. The basic goal is 20g of protein per meal. I wouldn’t stress out about stretching your pouch, but do eat slowly and weigh and measure your food. My dietitian said 4 oz weight or 113.4 grams is the protein goal per meal (just my plan). It took me until 5 months to consistently get that far. At 6 months out, I’ve learned that it takes my pouch 35-40 minutes to signal it’s full. So weigh, measure, record is my motto. One meal of egg looks like 4 eggs (yuck), or 2 large eggs, 1 oz 50% fat reduced lactose free cheese, 1 oz ham. 1 oz roughly equals 28 grams. 20 grams of nutritional protein weights 113.398 grams of weight (of meat). I hope this helps, but it’s only my plan. I hope you’re dietitian gets back to you.
  18. learn2cook

    No Caffeine

    I was curious about coffee/caffeine and found some answers. It’s not about the dehydration so much, but about the way caffeine effects blood sugar control https://www.iowadiabetes.com/2020/01/01/coffee-diabetes/. The recommendation against coffee in particular was based on a Duke University study in 2008 where diabetics had 8% higher blood sugar readings if they had caffeine equivalent to 2 cups of coffee or 200 milligrams of caffeine per day. I LOVE coffee and my doctor is adamantly against it. I have started drinking it again (1cup) because I was not diabetic before surgery or now. I’m still investigating because I don’t know if the study was replicated.
  19. learn2cook


    That may be why some programs say no straws? The sore throat is normal like GradyCat said.
  20. learn2cook

    Gastric bypass and exhaustion

    I walked that much after surgery too, because my normal before surgery was 12-15k a day. Gatorade Zero or it’s equivalent helped me as well as hitting 1k steps every hour to spread it out. I also had small snacks between meals. My doc said no serious work outs until 3 weeks and to ease into it, just mild walking and movement. I had to wait for 6-8 weeks for weights and yoga. Talk to your center for their guidance.
  21. learn2cook

    Should I even try

    I agree with the above posters. You will want to be as healthy as possible to raise the wonderful children you will have. Also, congratulations on your current weight loss!
  22. learn2cook

    Acid Reflux

    I had a mysterious chest pain like that, and it felt worse when I was stressed. I went for that x-ray thing where you drink chalky barium drink and stand on a machine while you drink. Then the machine turns you vertically then upside down and they keep asking you to drink. There was a giant hiatal hernia! It was fixed during my bypass surgery. My quality of life is so much better now. I hope you find something fixable too!
  23. I had two friends that had PICOs and had the sleeve done. Their goal was to have children and they both achieved their aim. They both had regain after having one child, and were in the same boat as before. One took charge of her life a little more and delegated household authority to an older child and husband and practiced hot yoga, meditation, and weighs and measures her food. Basically she kept working her program and lost the excess weight again. She still struggles to keep it off because she says it does alleviate her PICOs symptoms even in peri-menopause now. She has a strong motivation to be around and active with her younger husband and youngest child.
  24. learn2cook

    Post op confidence

    I am sending you applause and encouragement through the wires! You found your wings and now you’re flying. (I’m a little bit jealous you bought a house, that’s still my goal.)
  25. learn2cook

    Another Tummy Tuck Experience

    This is very helpful!

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