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  1. My last thought before surgery was the two women I have met who had surgery and kept the 200 lbs off 10+ years. All those years at WW and I never met people who lost and maintained a 200lb weight loss the “natural way.” Even the “before” pictures at the gym didn’t compare to the amount I need(ed) to loose and keep off.
  2. learn2cook

    Gastric Bypass

    I’m sending thoughts of warm puppies and Spring flowers. Bypass helped my GERD immensely. I became able to lie down flat to sleep. ZZZZZ
  3. learn2cook


    I still have AN on my upper thighs and I’m post menopausal but friends of mine had their AN fade away on it’s own during weight loss.
  4. learn2cook

    Am I eating too much?

    My dietitian didn’t tell me how much or how little either. She said, keep it simple. Try for 60-80 grams of protein per day. If you can do that much, try for some veg. The basic goal is 20g of protein per meal. I wouldn’t stress out about stretching your pouch, but do eat slowly and weigh and measure your food. My dietitian said 4 oz weight or 113.4 grams is the protein goal per meal (just my plan). It took me until 5 months to consistently get that far. At 6 months out, I’ve learned that it takes my pouch 35-40 minutes to signal it’s full. So weigh, measure, record is my motto. One meal of egg looks like 4 eggs (yuck), or 2 large eggs, 1 oz 50% fat reduced lactose free cheese, 1 oz ham. 1 oz roughly equals 28 grams. 20 grams of nutritional protein weights 113.398 grams of weight (of meat). I hope this helps, but it’s only my plan. I hope you’re dietitian gets back to you.
  5. learn2cook

    Acid Reflux

    I had a mysterious chest pain like that, and it felt worse when I was stressed. I went for that x-ray thing where you drink chalky barium drink and stand on a machine while you drink. Then the machine turns you vertically then upside down and they keep asking you to drink. There was a giant hiatal hernia! It was fixed during my bypass surgery. My quality of life is so much better now. I hope you find something fixable too!
  6. I had two friends that had PICOs and had the sleeve done. Their goal was to have children and they both achieved their aim. They both had regain after having one child, and were in the same boat as before. One took charge of her life a little more and delegated household authority to an older child and husband and practiced hot yoga, meditation, and weighs and measures her food. Basically she kept working her program and lost the excess weight again. She still struggles to keep it off because she says it does alleviate her PICOs symptoms even in peri-menopause now. She has a strong motivation to be around and active with her younger husband and youngest child.
  7. learn2cook

    no appetite

    I’m sorry about your dog.
  8. Oh Smanky that sounds awful! My doc said I need to have another endoscopy to get the all clear for no gerd meds. I had H- repair too. I won’t know until next month.
  9. learn2cook

    Work Accommodations

    I asked for more frequent trips to the bathroom. I didn’t always need it, but it helped a lot.
  10. learn2cook

    Crying over granola

    True. I have found I don’t even like too many refined carbs anymore because they get stuck in my intestines and take a week or so to sort out. These foods will still exist in the world and you will eventually be able to have them again. (I do occasionally need to remind myself of this about holiday treats.)
  11. learn2cook


    I’m glad you’re here. I used to know many athletes in CO who had MS. I have found the weight loss has helped me tremendously with mobility (arthritis).
  12. learn2cook

    Eating too fast maybe?

    I agree with lizonaplane, again. I have felt that, but only when eating candy and it was a dumping episode. I do remember seeing my diabetic mother react like that many many times during a meal. Definitely reach out to your doctor.
  13. learn2cook

    Bypass yesterday

    Congratulations and welcome to the groups! How are you feeling?
  14. I went through a pork chop phase, venison, ground buffalo, salmon. Lobster was the best. Right now I’m mostly eating chicken, fish, and veggies. I missed veggies so much!
  15. learn2cook

    Pouch reset

    I can tell you as a woman that breast fed and produced barely enough milk, the hunger is beyond imagination. A whole large pizza with tons of toppings was one meal! The hunger was that ferocious! Those hormones take about a year to reset and now you are evaluating your goals. I agree with the above, start with your team. Journal to weigh pros and cons of more surgery or weight loss. Honestly, after month three I realized the rest of the weight loss is entirely up to me. Surgery is not a magic bullet. Weight loss is work no matter how you do it. How hard and consistent is really up to you.
  16. learn2cook

    Bucket lists — where to begin?

    I love kayaking, canoeing, swimming, basically anything in and on the water that’s quiet. I’m working my balance endurance up through yoga to balance board paddling.
  17. learn2cook

    Tendonitis, Rotator Cuffs, and Changed Physiology

    Yes I’ve experienced it too, but I was blaming arthritis which I do have. If I lift heavy weights I pay for it in the joints. I’ve been trying to lift less with more reps until I get stronger for the heavier weights. Yoga seems to help the most. The heat pad helps with stiffness too.
  18. I think dating depends on your interests, geography, and your sexuality. I see you are in Alaska. Men outnumber men 4/1. If you like women, finding one will be more difficult. Between technology and Covid, most people date online first, so the chances of meeting someone are much higher, but you have to do some fine sifting. Work dating still happens but can be extremely awkward or a possible lawsuit. I haven’t found any more navigation problems post surgery with dates. I’m still picky and turning inappropriate men and women down. They don’t care if I eat less than them!
  19. learn2cook

    Any August 2021 Bypassers?

    I’m in the same boat. The holiday season threw me off. I will also admit to getting tired of feeling cold and tired, so the extra treats during holidays kept me toasty. I’m trying to get my weightloss groove back without being too extreme. So I looked back at my logbook. I loose weight when I drink all my water. I got back into it this week. I loose weight when I track my food. Still working on that, I was doing well half of this week. I know I can do better next week. I know I loose weight when I plan my meals. Gotcha, that took more effort and shopping but I did my planning and prep. Ok now I remember I loose weight when I switch my exercise up instead of the same old routine. Gotta plan that, think heavier weights, new class, new machine at home? What else could help me/you? Maybe more micronutrients, or vitamin D, or a phone call to friends or family, or a hobby to keep those hands busy, guitar, or crochet, a massage, I don’t know what makes you feel fulfilled or relaxed but I’m going to try them. I’ve lost 115lbs since Sept. 2020, but only 43lbs since surgery in Aug. 2021. I’m 5’4 or 163 cm and I’m half done with the weightloss phase. Oh yeah, my co-workers told me of an ax throwing place near me because people are so angry at covid, they go to this place to throw axes at stuff in a room! I also heard of a place that lets you smash stuff for 30 minutes for a fee. There’s pumpkins and dishes and stuff like that there. I like going to baseball batting cages and hitting balls, but they’re closed in the winter. Start googling ideas!
  20. There seems to be a lot going on with this relationship with Emily. Your life overlaps in many places so if it’s not what you think it is, your life will be very unpleasant for a long long time at work, at home, and with friends. Your relationship is also relatively new. Are you normally someone who is a good judge of character? Or are you someone who quickly latches onto someone new only to be disappointed? I told people on a need to know basis because the WLS was such a new thing of hope for me, I didn’t want a know nothing to crush my dreams. Now that the deed is done and I’m feeling more confident, I’ve amended my hernia story to a few co-workers because I felt like I needed to have a more forthright honest relationship with them. It was the right move at the right time for me. Only you can speak for yourself. Keep in mind we are still in a recession and interest rates are climbing. Where your money comes from may be a big deal. A true long term friend will understand your reticence to share everything all at once with so much at stake. Maybe you two are life partner material, only you know. Best of luck on all of your life changes!
  21. learn2cook

    I hit goal today!

    Wow, you worked hard and it shows!
  22. learn2cook


    I agree with you. Food is fuel and a chance for good health. That’s a new way of thinking for most of us. I’m finding weight loss (15 months in it now) seems more of a head game. I spoke up for myself at work because now I truly feel I have power and deserve to express my goals and want to work in a team. After that, the weight fell off my body like I’m going on a down elevator. I didn’t need food to express myself. I have personal autonomy. That’s how my relationship with food has changed.
  23. Thanks @MiniBypassDude I didn’t even know what a MBP was supposed to be and I was pleasantly surprised! My favorite parts of your posts were “start loving yourself,” “forgive yourself,” and “you are worth it.” Honestly this WLS journey really really teaches those important lessons. Thank you for giving back important information and being honest. Congratulations on your healthier life!
  24. learn2cook

    Gastric Sleeve

    I had an ex boyfriend who had the surgery and his “patches “ cleared up for the most part. Skin removal surgery helped with the rest (like underneath breast area was not underneath anything anymore). His diabetes reversed so his skin tags and patches really reduced on their own.

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