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  1. WLS is like gears on a bicycle. The process of weight loss is climbing a mountain with a regular bike, the Andes, Alps, or Rockies kind of mountain. A regular bike/body could get up there with a lot of walking and conditioning, consistency. WLS is the new fangled gears on the bike that lets you stay on the ride better. The bike still zig zags, traverses and takes switchbacks to reach the top. It still takes a heap of work. WLS is a body like a mountain bike, tackling a mountain, instead of a beach bike trying to climb a mountain. Now how to make that seat comfortable?
  2. I was going to say I don’t care for morbid, but “morbidly luscious” had me rolling. I just overheard my Gen Z kid call his friend a “tool.” Neither of them (kids) sound very nice right now.
  3. learn2cook

    Protein shakes

    I tried the Fairlife milk based on comments on here. I also like the OWYN vegetarian shakes. I tried the shakes warm and it was much easier to get down. I also like low sodium chicken bone broth. College has 10grams of protein per cup if you can find it.
  4. learn2cook

    6 Months: Before and After

    Your amazing smile says it all!
  5. learn2cook

    So depressed about my hair

    My mother had male pattern baldness, you could see her pink scalp through her dark hair all over. Then she got leukemia and went through chemotherapy. You know what she did? She said, “let’s go shopping!” And we went on this crazy wig shopping extravaganza and had an absolute ball, and peed our pants laughing. Day to day afterwards, no one knew what color hair or style or length she would where. I still say I want to be like her when I grow up. Best tip, measure your head for a proper fit, and have a hairdresser trim it to look good on you (like a tailor for clothing). Bring a friend for laughs, or search online Zia Zia Gabor wigs, Wendy Williams…
  6. learn2cook

    Does Patchaid Really Work?

    My team said to stay away from the gummies and patches. The patches were discouraged due to malabsorption and the gummies too, and they had extra sugar. I suggest you check with your team. My dietitian suggested Centrum with iron or prenatal vitamins. The nurse pointed out that Flintstones with iron have the same vitamins at less cost. I put the Flintstones under my tongue and don’t even taste them. Same thing for the B vitamins
  7. learn2cook

    No sugar, no fat

    I had bypass and I dump mostly on sugars. I don’t feel well on fats but I’m not sure I qualify for dumping, it just makes my stomach hurt for an hour or two. I can eat fruit, but I usually do it with some protein just to not be “caught.” I’m probably like most people and don’t want to accidentally throw up or get diarrhea or get very lightheaded around my coworkers or my students, much less when I’m driving. It’s probably my neurosis but I like to have some control over hot flashes and seeing spots. I find I can link fruits to a meal with protein. I plan it or prep it. Yes I cook with oils like the Mediterranean style suggests. I can eat a handful of nuts or hard cheese, I’m just limiting them now as I’m still in the loosing phase. Oh, I used to LOVE peanut butter and Nutella before surgery. I have found them too sticky and sugary now. My tastebuds did change!
  8. learn2cook

    Hunger coming back

    My hunger came back around month 5. I have given up sugar for January 2023, because I was surprised by how much I was eating, looking at you Benefiber tablets. At the end of the month I have found my hunger is greatly reduced. Oh, and I followed Dr.s suggestion to fill up on 2 cups of steamed veggies which fit my tummy nicely and keeps the fiber up ;-)
  9. learn2cook

    Got the results of my biopsies

    I’m soooo glad for you that all those polyps and symptoms were negative for cancer! You’re so lucky to have such an efficient early warning system. Like Catwoman I had GERD before surgery, so my options was to have bypass. It corrected the vast majority of GERD symptoms. I would opt for the surgery again if I were to do it all again. Nothing beats being able to sing again! The actual surgery isn’t scary, you literally sleep through it. Recovery time is similar to the sleeve, portion sizes and eating healthy is the same too. I’ve found medication work arounds by getting injections, sublingual supplements, heat pads, or inhalers. You’ll figure it out one day at a time. I’m just so happy for your body warning you ahead of time! Good news!
  10. learn2cook


    Woot woot!
  11. learn2cook

    Struggling with old habits

    I could be you, you’re not alone. I got help through my clinic and Psychologytoday.com because loosing weight and lifestyle changes is a major head game. If we could do it all by ourselves we would have. Therapy has helped me tremendously. You are worth it!
  12. Hi, not an expert. I did have bypass and am post menopausal, and have significant osteoarthritis. The pain is managed by continuous movement and the weight loss itself. I get steroid shots in the worst offenders, my knees. I would speak to your rheumatologist about pain management with shots as my mother and grandmother did. Vitamins are easy to keep up with if you just keep it a daily habit. The weight loss is slow (that could just be me) but my ability to move and keep moving has been so worth it! Rheumatoid arthritis is no joke and I had a friend loose sight in one eye because it traveled to her iris. Extra weight is one of many forms of inflation in the body. Working to control it has helped my severe asthma too. I kept weighing the odds and quality of life. My grandmother lost the weight and lived independently until 89. My mother didn’t change her lifestyle and died at 67 unable to do the things she enjoyed for the last seven years of her life. My decision was more clear cut. Only you know your delicate balance of pain tolerance and enjoyment of life, and how bad the arthritis can be. You probably have relatives that had RA. How did they get through life?
  13. learn2cook

    FINALLY had my scope done

    What a surprise! At least you’re maybe feeling justified for saying you feel wrong. You are believed!
  14. learn2cook


    My surgeon is pushing it too! I don’t know if it’s a result of new research, or research they want to publish, or they want their stats on weight loss to look better. I’m still loosing very slowly and am happy with that (18 months out). So, I’m researching the side affects, and searching my odds. The minute you go off the meds the weight comes back. What’s your end game? It might be the right medication for you. Do you have a stable income and insurance that would support the medication for the rest of your life? Are you diabetic or COPD or something that loosing more weight would help you control? There’s a lot to consider. It’s a personal health decision each person would need to make for themselves.
  15. learn2cook

    Reaching my goals!

    Congratulations on your hard work. You get to pick out a new summer wardrobe!
  16. learn2cook

    Don't want to lose all my boobs

    I’ve definitely deflated but the leftover skin still takes up an additional cup size than when my weight was here last time.
  17. learn2cook

    Post-op tips/necessities

    I used the wedge pillow and spanx. Weirdly, not so weird, I had trouble getting up from the teeny tiny toddler size toilet installed in our 400 square foot apartment (landlord idea). So I bought a medical plastic tall seat for the seat. Best 20$ spent ever (before inflation).
  18. I like meal prepping because I make healthier choices and save money. I use the OXO toddler 4oz containers and weirdly it also holds 4oz in meat weight. Earlier in healing I used the 2oz but now that size is convenient for carrying salad dressing or a sauce (not 2oz of sauce but what you need for you.) I prep for 3-4 days out so food stays fresh. I fill up on veggies after the 4 oz of meat. Last week I made a pot roast for Sunday dinner for the family and before serving the family took out 3 servings for 3 lunches. I rotated between mini bell peppers, broccoli and cauliflower, and one day of raspberries. (I’m currently trying to up my iron.) Chicken or eggs are a quick dinner. This week I’m going to cook up buffalo meat into homemade marinara and serve it with different veggies like squash or beans (chili) one plan is to put it on cauliflower crust pizza. I’ll keep the meat premeasured in the little 4oz containers. Restaurants measure food all the time with ice cream scoops and weight scales to be careful about uniform portions. They prep food too. I guess all that restaurant work normalized planning, prepping and measuring food for me. It also lets you take advantage of seasonal/regional foods that are on sale. I got the buffalo last fall and froze it. Right now I’m waiting for pork and lamb prices to drop. I have some salmon burgers in the freezer to get creative with, or I might check out the tofu prices. Anyway you would use ground meat you could replace with firm tofu, just add the tofu last at the last minute before eating.
  19. learn2cook

    WHAT does religion have to do with me having surgery??????

    My mother and grandmother were hospital nurses. They said the hospitals ask this in case something in surgery goes sideways. Like they find cancer while in there… so to help provide support while you feel unwell some people do feel comfort in the rituals of religion. Obviously religion doesn’t comfort everyone. The hospital clergy also want to be warned to stay away if so directed. The records last if you go in years later for a different issue.
  20. learn2cook

    Protein shake recommendations

    I have lactose intolerance so I use OWYN plant based shakes. I found them the cheapest at BJs. Others on here pointed me toward Fairlife milk which is ultra processed, so higher in protein. They might make shakes, but I’m happy with the milk. Sounds like you’ve a lot of tasting to do!
  21. learn2cook

    Classical/opera singing straight after surgery

    I just sing for fun with my church choir. It took me four months to build up my stomach muscles to reach F and G. I noticed remarked improvement after I was cleared for weight lifting and yoga. You will get more gigs and you will have more stamina (Adele). Only you know your body, but I can only suggest you let yourself heal. Professional singing takes serious abs!
  22. learn2cook

    Medrol Pack after RNY

    Yes, I have moderate to severe asthma and have needed to use oral steroids two times since my RNY. It can make you feel very awake at night. It does make water retention and hunger happen. I stay faithful to my plan and the extra weight comes off in a week. I hope you feel better and heal quickly!
  23. learn2cook

    ONEderland! It took one year.

    Congratulations! I just wear what looks good on me, boot cuts and flair pants and skirts. My top is skinny and my bottom half is a whole size larger. Thank you POC for helping me embrace my big butt! You look so much healthier and I hope you too embrace your unique body. PS This can be ignored. I scoured YouTube to learn how to buy clothes that would flatter me, not just cover me up. Kibbe types helped and color analysis (did mine over time with a friend while thrifting). Again, wear what makes YOU happy. Said friend is now wearing tutus with cowboy boots:) You’re doing awesome! I hope you keep making plans for the future!
  24. Yes! You’ve got it!
  25. learn2cook


    I worked with a woman that was allergic to meat. I’ve read of others since then, but they could eat fish, tofu, beans and rice. Non of them had bariatric surgery, and it was rare. I would sleuth around with an allergy specialist. The people involved needed huge amounts of oral steroids to function before their diagnosis was confirmed. They had record high inflammatory markers in their blood work. I wouldn’t guess with this one, get it properly documented for your future health. I would even wonder if you could be in the same room as meat, like severe peanut allergy folks can be? What if you were stuck on a plane with 20 people chewing chicken?

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