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  1. learn2cook

    High Copper levels

  2. I have heard of this as a new way to do bypass. Sorry, I don’t have any experience with it. I’m curious so I will follow this.
  3. learn2cook

    PCOS & Underactive Thyroid

    I had both and got the bypass. I was post menopausal so I can’t say it helped with most PCOS issues. I swung the other way 2 years post op and got hyperthyroidism! So my team figured it’s a vitamin imbalance and I’m monitored more closely. (Lower vitamin D can increase thyroid levels). PPI can interfere with vitamin absorption, so does caffeine, so planning your vitamin times counts too. Talk with your team about best practices for your vitamins. I have found that I need extra iron with vitamin C at lunchtime and I can be consistent with it. That extra iron is just because my iron levels tend to be low, most people don’t have that issue. I take calcium, vitamin D and magnesium at night, B vitamins and Flintstones with iron in the morning with decaf coffee in my pea protein shake. If I stay really consistent with my water intake I can avoid PPI s for now. For me, it’s really a balance and worth the shock of being a little hyperthyroid for a month! Great luck to you both! May you have good skin, lovely hair and surprising energy you deserve!
  4. learn2cook

    Just had The Talk with my doctor..

    Birth control pills and eventually menopause took care of the PCOS for me. I went into vitamin and weightlifting mode in my 30’s to also manage symptoms and preserve child bearing abilities, and that was somewhat successful for me (I did have one child, yeah!) Others definitely have more serious issues and other solutions so there is only encouragement for you to live your best life. I was very undecided about sleeve or bypass but further testing in me confirmed severe GERD. Bypass was the only solution my insurance would cover. In a perfect world I would have chosen DS or mini bypass as a more reliable alternative for more permanent weight loss. I still keep an eye on how my clothes feel, and how my skin looks. I do not lift weights with the vigilance I used to, just a couple days a week to beat age related decomp. I still track vitamins because it’s easy to forget iron or the B’s, or proteins, then my hair falls out (not again!). I think of the changes and tracking I would have to do as a full blown diabetic verses now, and I chose the surgery and health every day. I am so grateful for bypass every, single, day! 2+ years now
  5. I know how truly awful the ulcers and GERD feel like. I’m wishing you a speedy recovery!
  6. learn2cook

    Perimenopause & RNY warning

    Yes, I was like this. I was 53 when I had RNY. I had been period free since age 49 so yippee, then 4 months after surgery I got a “fake” period. I was concerned about the normal concerns, but the Gyn and surgical doctors told me it happens sometimes due to the estrogens being released from fat during weight loss. I was reexperiencing hot flashes and more brain fog. I was experiencing peri menopause all over again for a whole year until my weight mostly settled. I used to get anemic from periods and fibroids, now it’s malabsorption. Weird fact, if you leave the fibroids alone, they eventually calcify. You can see them when you get scanned at the airport for a flight. They make it look like I’m packing bombs and I get flagged for a very thorough search. At least if you can tell the person they are fibroids they don’t freak out over your stomach so much. The women “get it.”
  7. I can easily explain to curious kids why I have cute wobbly angel wings under my arms. But I haven’t figured out a positive name for the leg wobbles. I explained “melted ice cream” but it was not satisfying. Angel legs anyone? There has to be a better comeback. The weather is hot and the kids often go home relating to parents “the most interesting thing of the day.”
  8. Basic first aide says anything involving breathing is a life saving matter to pay attention to, and seek medical attention ASAP. Try to go to your primary care doctor or medical WLS doctor and they can help you get more prompt care in hospital if that’s what you need. Best wishes!
  9. I had a hard time too after RNY and hernia repair. My team just had me focus on water and jello the first two weeks and do the protein shake as much as possible but don’t worry about it. Staying hydrated was their main concern. Early on, the protein shakes count as liquid too! Warm chicken bone broth was very comforting and a nice savory flavor. I put decaffeinated coffee in my chocolate shake to warm it and feel more normal in the morning.
  10. My HH was large and had to wait an additional 6 months for all the meds to heal up the GERD sores and they kept checking for cancer. In the end I waited 8 months for healing before the double surgery of HH repair and RNY. If they had had a better picture, my surgeon said he would have separated it. The HH was up into my larynx. My recovery time seemed to be longer. I stayed in the liquid and all stages 3-4 weeks each due to the throat soreness.My surgery time total was 7 hours. And I accept that it’s not perfect. There’s still 1cm HH and some light GERD but I’m so grateful for being able to sing again. I stay on top of it with Omeprazole. I used the long wait to have surgery as a super weight loss time that RNY “locked” into place. That 73 initial loss isn’t coming back!
  11. learn2cook

    Daily chronicles

    I found I had to change what I watched. So, I found a whole positive resource on YouTube about weight loss with healthy diet (no fads) and exercise. I also found gentle exercise videos and mental health videos. My goal was/is to find one new positive healthy habit to add to my life per week. This week was massage. It felt wonderful and I’m so grateful the PTO at my school paid for all the teachers to have one! Next is eye massaging I do for myself. Find other things to watch/read while in recovery beyond what you did before. Push yourself to be your best self
  12. learn2cook

    Met with surgeon, I just don't know...

    I am still cautious about surgeries. Was I nervous before getting RNY, yes! But my asthma and sleep apnea improved, GERD is almost non-existent, and I can put off thinking about my knees for a while. Honestly, as many have said in this forum, I’m more fearful of doing nothing and facing a slow painful death from obesity. At least I know I tried a scientifically proven method of weight loss maintenance. The only other people I’ve met who lost 150lbs AND KEPT IT OFF had WL surgery.
  13. learn2cook

    5 Pounds lost in 6 weeks?

    You look like you are standing taller! Posture can even make you look younger. You also look more firm. You’re doing great! The scale will catch up to you eventually.
  14. To be honest I rarely feel full. I still have to weigh and measure everything because I don’t feel it. I know I can eat the equivalent amount as my clenched fist, which in volume is about a cup. The first few months I could only tolerate 2-4 oz of anything or it got stuck (hiatal hernia repair healing). Most days I use an app to track food. I also prep in many toddler containers. I found what works for me, but now is your opportunity to find a method that works for you.
  15. I had bypass and I dump on sugars mostly. I agree with the above posters. I have an early warning system of seeing halos and then spots before my eyes. I find it helpful to get protein quickly to cut the sugar reaction. It happens 15-45 minutes after eating the offensive food. I’ve also had a delayed sugar reactive episode from eating a cup of ramen. It was 2 hours later and felt like dumping. Basically, your body will tell you what you need and what to avoid.
  16. learn2cook

    So depressed about my hair

    My mother had male pattern baldness, you could see her pink scalp through her dark hair all over. Then she got leukemia and went through chemotherapy. You know what she did? She said, “let’s go shopping!” And we went on this crazy wig shopping extravaganza and had an absolute ball, and peed our pants laughing. Day to day afterwards, no one knew what color hair or style or length she would where. I still say I want to be like her when I grow up. Best tip, measure your head for a proper fit, and have a hairdresser trim it to look good on you (like a tailor for clothing). Bring a friend for laughs, or search online Zia Zia Gabor wigs, Wendy Williams…
  17. learn2cook

    Does Patchaid Really Work?

    My team said to stay away from the gummies and patches. The patches were discouraged due to malabsorption and the gummies too, and they had extra sugar. I suggest you check with your team. My dietitian suggested Centrum with iron or prenatal vitamins. The nurse pointed out that Flintstones with iron have the same vitamins at less cost. I put the Flintstones under my tongue and don’t even taste them. Same thing for the B vitamins
  18. learn2cook

    No sugar, no fat

    I had bypass and I dump mostly on sugars. I don’t feel well on fats but I’m not sure I qualify for dumping, it just makes my stomach hurt for an hour or two. I can eat fruit, but I usually do it with some protein just to not be “caught.” I’m probably like most people and don’t want to accidentally throw up or get diarrhea or get very lightheaded around my coworkers or my students, much less when I’m driving. It’s probably my neurosis but I like to have some control over hot flashes and seeing spots. I find I can link fruits to a meal with protein. I plan it or prep it. Yes I cook with oils like the Mediterranean style suggests. I can eat a handful of nuts or hard cheese, I’m just limiting them now as I’m still in the loosing phase. Oh, I used to LOVE peanut butter and Nutella before surgery. I have found them too sticky and sugary now. My tastebuds did change!
  19. learn2cook

    FINALLY had my scope done

    What a surprise! At least you’re maybe feeling justified for saying you feel wrong. You are believed!
  20. learn2cook

    ONEderland! It took one year.

    Congratulations! I just wear what looks good on me, boot cuts and flair pants and skirts. My top is skinny and my bottom half is a whole size larger. Thank you POC for helping me embrace my big butt! You look so much healthier and I hope you too embrace your unique body. PS This can be ignored. I scoured YouTube to learn how to buy clothes that would flatter me, not just cover me up. Kibbe types helped and color analysis (did mine over time with a friend while thrifting). Again, wear what makes YOU happy. Said friend is now wearing tutus with cowboy boots:) You’re doing awesome! I hope you keep making plans for the future!
  21. learn2cook

    Pureed Stage 14 days post op

    I disliked the purée stage so much I mostly stuck to liquids until the next stage was oked. It worked out. Holidays food for me is like FOMO. That fear of missing out on special foods only offered during that holiday. I have a bite, move on, get back on track. That seems to be a successful tool most people figure out who keep the weight off long term.
  22. learn2cook

    The last supper

    I don’t have any medical advice for you. I can only share that all my food funerals before my own bypass were a total waste of time, money, and energy. In six months you will again have the choice to eat absolutely everything you could possibly crave. So why now? Are you self sabotaging? Ask yourself the hard questions then do the hard inner work. Therapy, treadmill, phone a friend, OA there’s lots of positive choices. Some of us “get you,” no judgment, I’m currently looking at my son’s box of Funny Bones on New Years Eve.
  23. learn2cook

    Will I ever enjoy eggs again?

    I had bypass and hiatal hernia surgery. It took me about 7 months before eggs were ok, I think it was due to dealing with healing. Everything is fine now, no problems.
  24. learn2cook

    Hope this times a charm...

    I kept getting pushed back too. You must be feeling so disappointed after doing all that prep work too! Just think of when you do get the surgery you lock out all the weight you have already lost. The surgery as a lock sustained me through many bumps in the road. You’ll get there. Have a proper cry then Keep loosing weight to beat that lock out and make the loss more sustainable. You got this. Covid/RSV/ flu can’t beat you!
  25. learn2cook

    440 Days

    You own it, bravo!

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