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  1. NorthernMaine

    July Surgeries??

    That is great to hear! Mine is scheduled for next Tuesday at 0730. How long where you in the hospital?
  2. NorthernMaine

    July Surgeries??

    New here. I was scheduled for sleeve on the 27th but my pre surgery endoscopy found changes confirmed as Barrett's esophagus. Sooooo I am now gastric bypass, fingers crossed that the VA blanket approval will be applied to my original date of surgery.
  3. NorthernMaine

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    Thank you, just had my meeting with my surgeon and will not perform a sleeve on someone with confirmed Barrett's so it will be modified to bypass. Fingers crossed that I can keep my same surgery date.
  4. NorthernMaine

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    Hello all, so I have my surgery set for July 27, sleeve. I had my endoscopy last week and my surgeon found what he suspected was Barrett's esophagus signs, and biopsy confirmed his suspicion. He mentioned on his post procedure visit that I should really consider bypass. Does anyone here who has had the sleeve also have a Barrett's Esoph diagnosis? Is Barrett's a firm contraindication for a sleeve? I have a tele visit tomorrow where I feel he will highly recommend the bypass. Appreciate your feedback. Thank you all!
  5. NorthernMaine

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    Finally received my surgery date: July 27, 2021 Looking forward to it!
  6. Hello All, I am in Maine and I am surprised to be having my consult with the bariatric surgeon on Monday March 15. A couple questions; Is there anyone else here that has had the surgery in Maine? Which will help with the following question... how soon can you expect surgery after your initial consult? I am a little excited and nervous at the same time. I put off exploring bariatric surgery for years and finally decided enough was enough... any feedback you can provide will be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance!
  7. NorthernMaine

    What to expect on first consult

    I had my consult on Monday and have been cleared to "enter the program" with the plan for the sleeve procedure. I have insurance approval, just waiting to receive my first appointments and get clearance from the various specialties. I saw in the note that there is a 5%pre surgery weight loss goal. Now it is a matter of hurry up and wait........

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