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  1. michelleislosingit

    When did/could you smoke after surgery

    I smoked weed within a week after surgery. I was fine. My doctor said as long as i felt ok it was fine for me to smoke. If you need to cough though, it hurts like hell so try hugging a pillow against your stomach.
  2. michelleislosingit

    Is smoking marijuana safe after surgery?

    I have medical marijuana. I stopped smoking a few days before surgery because it can affect the anesthesia. I started smoking again a couple days after my surgery. My doctor said as long as i felt fine, it was fine for me to smoke. I did choose to smoke a vape pen at first because i figured the smoke would be less harsh. *If you feel the need to cough-hug a pillow against your stomach-it helps with the discomfort/pain Also, another tip for anyone with munchies-try brushing your teeth after you smoke. It will get rid of the weedy taste and put a nice minty taste in your mouth and curb your appetite.
  3. Hi! I am so sorry that you are going through this and im hoping that you get to the light at the end of the tunnel soon. I wanted to comment because i do have much experience with anxiety and am prescribed medical marijuana by my doctor for anxiety so i can relate that it is a big help with emotions. A trick i learned is to brush your teeth if you are feeling cravings coming on. It gets rid of any taste of the marijuana that would still be in your mouth and put a little flavor in your mouth and "resets" your taste. Also, things tend to not taste good right after you freshly brush your teeth. It might be worth a shot! (im sure this trick might also work for any craving, not just after marijuana consumption) Good luck on the rest of your journey!
  4. michelleislosingit

    May Surgeries - check in!

    Hi everyone! Haven't posted much here, but been reading everyones posts the past couple months. I had my last pre-op visit with my surgeon on Monday, and hoping all goes well with insurance, my surgery should be set for 5/26! I am so ready! Also, thank you to everyone for sharing their stories/experiences! I feel truly inspired and know that i'm making the right decision for myself! Thankful to say the least...
  5. michelleislosingit

    PCOS and sleeve success?

    I have PCOS too. Dairy increased the production of testosterone, and since people with PCOS already have elevated testosterone-its just not a good mix.

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