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  1. Has anyone who healed from gastric bypass , tried to snort cocaine ? Did it cause stomach ulcers? I know it's rough on the digestive system. Did it give you the same rush of dopamine, no appetite, and extra energy as before surgery ? " I am not saying i do or did cocaine" I am just asking questions, to learn, how our body changes after surgery. The coca leaf, is a plant grown in the ground, just like marijuana, people chew on it, in south America for extra energy. The surgeons allow you to use prescribed, amphetamine salts that are crushed not xr. aka adderall . so what's the difference.? I am not talking about people with heart issues, or high blood pressure . Not mixing cocaine with alcohol either , that makes the toxic drug, cocaethylene. I understand cocaine is addictive, and illegal so spare me the addiction transfer speeches. I guess my question is has anyone survived life, after gastric bypass surgery, without dying after a few lines of Blow ? Without stomach ulcers etc? Has anyone tried it and got no dopamine reward ? because of the surgery ? I read a few articles explain something about stomach bile?
  2. LarrySm88

    Seeing some changes

    great work
  3. LarrySm88

    * weight loss * 350 lbs to 285 lbs this morning

    thanks so much , i recommend to everyone don't be in a rush to get back to eating , if you are taking the vitamins, protein and water intake. If your not hungry don't eat. Ride out the no appetite as long as you can . I don't even think about food .
  4. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    if you don't mind me asking what did you do to cause the ulcers ? i dont judge you can message me if you want ? i'm just trying to learn
  5. I am a few days away from a month after my gastric bypass surgery , I have been doing everything my surgeon told me to do . I can't believe i lost 65 lbs in 27 days !!! I'm finally feeling happy , lighter, and healthier today. If you are not extremely strong, physically but mostly mentally . This journey is not for you. In my first month I overcame 2 major issues, on top of and including my surgery recovery. Alcohol free " reversing a large fatty liver" and testosterone infections free too I'm proud of myself . natural test levels are not back yet but feeling better everyday. my energy level is increasing everyday. i do 2, 20 minute walks per day. I really have no appetite, but i get my vitamins and protein shakes in everyday. and water . my next diet stage is real soft food again, but i hate the full feeling so i rather just drink fluids. thanks for all the advice on my previous posts i took them with a grain of salt. But everyone helped me find light at the end of the depression tunnel. I will not try anything without dr. approval. Anyone interested in healthy living and fatty liver issues, look up Dr. Berg on youtube and subscribe !!!! he's extremely helpful !!!
  6. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    Yeah that makes sense because when you start getting symptoms you go to the emergency room when you start throwing up blood or blood in your stool. So you won’t die from sepsis. Thanks I appreciate your responses
  7. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    Huh Interesting that’s the first time I ever heard that I’ll have to ask my surgeon thank you
  8. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    Thank you very much for being honest and to the point with me. I appreciate all the experiences I can get
  9. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    ok thanks yeah i don't drink alcohol, and yes i know about the addiction transfer. i was just curious where is there scientific fact proving that RNY are more prone to getting ulcers than people with VSG ? like i said above : So far I found out from my dietitian and surgeon about Gastric Bypass Ulcers : 1, they can heal themselves. 2. there is medication someone can take to heal the ulcer. 3. dying from sepsis is the worst case scenario which is extremely rare according to my doctor and dietitian ?!! thanks so much so far no one on here has said they know anyone that has died from an ulcer after gastric bypass ? or sepsis ? I just look at worst case scenarios 1st . actually more people die from drug overdoses and alcohol poisoning after gastric bypass due to the addiction transfer. https://www.bariatric-surgery-source.com/gastric-bypass-surgery-deaths.html
  10. LarrySm88

    Psych Meds After Bypass

    i have the answer, relax you will be fine your surgeon will tell you that you can continue using your medication, post operation. BUT ONLY IN THE CRUSHABLE FORM YOU NEED TO MIX IT WITH A SIP OF WATER TO TAKE THEM. example adderall xr and effexor xr are time released you can not take them . you doctor can prescribe you crushable versions of each drug.
  11. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    wow interesting thanks for your experience . can you remember if you did any of those things in your first 30 days after surgery ? I see you also have the sleeve, I had gastric bypass. Apparently according to the "talking heads" and the web md rabbit hole, there is a major difference between the two surgery's as far as ulcers go ? your surgery they claim is not as ulcer prone. ??? obviously I take all the information with a grain of salt. My surgeon is from Russia, and hard to talk to and understand but he's a great surgeon. extremely overly strict. even according to his team, and dietitian agrees. he makes it seem like you are doomed for the rest of your life, you can never do anything, again and if you get an ulcer its a death sentence and you will die of sepsis. emotionally , mentally, and physically i'm going through a hard time figuring out this surgery post op for the rest of my life. thank you for your experiences
  12. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    I’m sorry you contracted COVID-19 I hope you’re doing better. When you say your stomach hurt with the steroids, did your surgeon give you a test to see if it was an ulcer?
  13. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    Thank you so much for the responses
  14. LarrySm88

    Gastric Bypass and Ulcer experiences

    thanks so much, in 6 years with gastric bypass , you have never once had a sip of alcohol ? nicotine ? weed ? Nsaids ? or any drug that can cause an ulcer ? I'm sorry if its a personal question you don't have to answer. I just hear so many conflicting stories, I just trying to understand the truth behind "following the rules" of gastric bypass

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