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  1. I don’t think the stomach they remove really weighs much. I didn’t lose any weight in the hospital. It’s possible that you were slightly dehydrated and lost more Water weight in the beginning since you didn’t spend as much time at the hospital hooked up to fluids. Then when you got rehydrated your weight loss that week didn’t show because you added Fluid weight?? There are honestly soooo many factors when you just went through major surgery that could cause weight gain or loss. It’s best to not even weigh yourself for the first few weeks. I would just look at the overall if I were you rather than trying to account for every pound because for six weeks out you are going great.

  2. I’m so sorry that either of you are going through this. If I were in your position I would go to a place like Cleveland clinic or mayo or one of those places that the specialties really do work together to get to the bottom of things. My husband went and he seen like 6 or 8 doctors within two days And they did several scans and a crazy amount of labs. I really do hope you figure out what’s going on really soon.

  3. 9 hours ago, SeattleLady said:

    In 2014 I had my first wls (sleeve) sugery. I am 75 pounds smaller. However, GERD and 2 hernias later I need revision. I hate that this is seen as a some kinda failure on my part. I work and pay for insurance!

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    If it is your team that is making you feel like they view it as a failure of sorts I would be looking for a new team. If it’s just random people just know that people are ignorant about many things until they have reason to learn about them. You can choose to try and educate them or just let it be knowing that they just don’t understand.

  4. It really depends on your program and more importantly your insurance. Some companies require a 3 or 6 month medically managed weight loss attempt. Most clinics just have you go there monthly to check your weight and sorta use it as an opportunity to spread out your other requirements a bit so they aren’t so overwhelming. Sounds like you probably have the whole list of requirements though unless a medical issue pops up that they need to investigate further to clear you for surgery. It really varies whether you will get a date before or after you have completed everything and receive your approval but obviously the timeframe itself will not Change you may just know it sooner. My whole process took about 6 months from first appointment to surgery day.

  5. I like mayo Clinic for medical information and according to them not all surgical metal is MRI safe. Some people shouldn’t have MRI’s. My guess is they are the minority nowadays but it doesn’t hurt to ask the question. Perhaps you could ask your clinic to check the surgical notes to be certain the staples are okay. You could even ask for a copy to see for yourself. The site says that you will likely fill out a questioner before your MRI but I too need to ask these kinds of questions for my own peace of mind.

    “Unless the device you have is certified as MRI safe, you might not be able to have an MRI. Devices include:

    • Metallic joint prostheses
    • Artificial heart valves
    • An implantable heart defibrillator
    • Implanted drug infusion pumps
    • Implanted nerve stimulators
    • A pacemaker
    • Metal clips
    • Metal pins, screws, plates, stents or surgical staples
    • Cochlear implants
    • A bullet, shrapnel or any other type of metal fragment
    • Intrauterine device”

  6. 34 minutes ago, TheLosingGame said:

    i’m on day 4 post op, still haven’t figured out what hunger feels like but i think today will be my first day hitting my Fluid and Protein goals.

    i will say i’m starting to hate the taste of sweet milks/protein shakes. i’m ordering some flavored powders that i can add to Water so hopefully that will be better

    can’t wait to move to purée on friday!

    I never tried Protein Powder so maybe that will be better but if not try clear Protein Drinks. The sweet got to me immediately post op as well and the Protein Water wasn’t nearly as bad.

  7. 2 minutes ago, kcuster83 said:

    I have such a strange shaped body I can't imagine this working for me although I love the idea.

    I have such a long torso and I am so tall I struggle to find shirts that are long enough. My pants size is way smaller than my shirt size. I have already carried all of my weight in my abdomen so now that is were 90% of my excess skin is so I still need larger shirts. haha. Always something!

    I thought about trying like stitch fix or something like that when I hit my goal weight or maintenance (which ever comes first) mainly to try things that I would never consider when shopping for myself. I am such a tshirt and jeans girl that it is SO HARD to even consider anything else. And, when I do I feel like I am dressed up and/or over dressed for just having dinner or whatever.

    Yea I have a long torso and I’m a jeans and tee shirt person too I think mostly because it’s just easy. Also, I really don’t really go anywhere to get very dressed up. I suppose I could if my husband would too but he doesn’t so I feel like I look out of place being dressed up more than he is. Supposedly those people are good at finding clothes to fit your body shape though. I’m sure it’s like anything else and depends on luck of the draw with which consultant you get but if you get a good one maybe they will find some things that work really well for you. I guess it Would be good to know what works if you do have an event come up that you need to dress up for.

  8. 13 minutes ago, kcuster83 said:

    I have never even heard of "renting" clothes. Interesting!

    What my friend really liked about it is they select items for you and they selected items she never would have tried herself. I believe if you don’t like it at all you can return it right away and they select something else. I think It would be great in our situation, though, going through so many different sizes that we will never wear again.

  9. I have heard of others who have used them and seemed to be happy with their services. It would be really nice to have at least a couple outfits that you feel good in as you go through the sizes. Once you get down to “normal” or smaller sizes you may reconsider discount stores like Ross, Marshalls, Burlington or TJMaxx because I have found some pretty good deals there as well (some stuff was probably cheaper to buy then it would’ve been to rent). Many people have good luck at thrift stores too. Near me they do not do a very good job organizing the stores. I have found some good deals there, just never on clothes because they are not fun to look through in such disarray but hopefully your stores are better.

  10. On 9/22/2022 at 11:01 AM, KarenHoule said:

    My aunt is also a teacher by the way* so as far as insurance for wls - I have to say its almost impossible to get one that covers her. However, I am a law student and am used to researching every new case and source I come across. So recently I had to write my assignment analyzing legal dodges and I found that it is possible to rename this assurance and move it to another article in such a way that wsl becomes assured.

    please explain how she would go about doing this.

  11. I googled them and I think they may only be sold at providers or on their website. It doesn’t say how long it takes to ship them. Did you double check your paperwork to make sure you weren’t drinking more than you were supposed to. If not, you could call them and see if they can overnight them. You could also try calling your clinic. I know it’s the weekend but they should have someone on call for post surgery issues so maybe they will answer. If not I guess you really don’t need to order them cause your dr will be open tomorrow. Hopefully you can go there in the morning and get more.

  12. Yea I guess I wasn’t very clear. What I meant to say is that if you and your husband do like the same things it shouldn’t be much different post surgery because you will just eat less of what he eats and focus on the Protein having a few bites of veggies if you have room. In the very beginning you will be eating differenly of course but the liquid phase requires no cooking and the purée phase can be whatever your family is having puréed and if you don’t like that (I didn’t) it’s fairly easy stuff like refried Beans. Soft food phase you may be able to plan a menu where you can eat what others do unless you have a really fussy tummy still but for sure once you return to normal foods you will be able to enjoy the same meal. This is all assuming that you make a lean protein, a veggie and probably another side for your hubby. Also, you may find that you get some very helpful tips for yourself and your kids in terms of nutrition because you will have a dietician or nutritionist that you work with most likely because this is often a requirement of your insurance and team. If it isn’t I really think you should consider seeing one anyways as they can be a great deal of help along this process.

  13. 18 minutes ago, Giginc said:

    I was wonder if anyone has tried Natures Twist strawberry lemonade. I am so anxious to get my date . I finish pre-op appts 10/18 really want the date! Did anyone create menu schedule for pre op and after surgery to make it easier. I get so confused. I need to find a good water bottle gallon that keeps it cold. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot for your patience.

    I don’t know about a gallon sized one but a yeti cup works great to keep things cold. They aren’t cheap but they make coolers and cups for outdoor sports and they really work.

  14. Sounds like your have your plate full at mealtime (pardon the pun). I saw this on a show about nutrition for kids. You make one nutritious thing that you know they will like so you know they will not go hungry but then put other options on their plate as well and let them eat what they want. Not sure iF this will work for one or both of your two but it seemed like a good idea to me. I guess the idea is to find more nutritious options that they do like.

    I definitely agree you have to worry about yourself first though. If you don’t, and you aren’t around Then who is gonna do it. Your health matters too. My husband and I cook our own meals most nights because we eat different things (we always have really). Perhaps yours could pitch In A bit?? Does he mind cooking?? If not, he may eat less take out if he gets to choose his own meals. It will be fairly easy for you through. If you cook a lean Protein a starch and a veggie. You just eat the protein and skip the sides for the most part post surgery maybe having a few bites of veggies if you have room.

  15. I haven’t tried alot of the powders. I tried a couple and they just didn’t blend well so I stick to ready made shakes. I like the premiere Protein caffe latte (it has caffeine In it though so ask your team first). I also like the crystal light drink enhancers. Their is also cirkul Water enhancers if you like to play with the intensity and have a variety of flavors. They sell the starter kits at bed bath beyond but they also have a website.

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