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  1. Everything went ok after they got the blood out. Nausea is making me crazy and I am 6 weeks postop. How did your procedure go?
  2. Auderly


    I am post op 5 weeks and am having a lot of nausea problems. I can’t really eat anything and can’t drink those shakes not even close to getting 60-70 grams of protein. I have a Dr appointment tomorrow, sure hope they can help me. Also I don’t want to be near anyone when I am trying to eat as I have nonstop burping. The smell of most things also turns my stomach, I know some of this can be attributed to burning mouth syndrome but was wondering if anyone else was having these issues.
  3. I had a problem after surgery back in my room I kept feeling like I had to urinate and couldn’t, so they did a bladder scan and found a pocket of blood. So the next day they took me back into surgery and got that pocket of blood out, also gave me a transfusion. Was suppose to be in hospital one night and it turned into 5 nights. When I look back on it now, this was the beginning of March, I kind of lucked out as they were keeping me hydrated through intervenors, thus not having to get all that fluid down on my own.
  4. Auderly

    Food stinks! Help

    My surgery was March 3 and I am in the same boat. Can’t stand the smell of food. I can’t stand to go into the Giant the smell of the chickens they are cooking makes me sick. When I get home I have to change my clothes as I can still smell it on them.I am not getting in all my protein or water due to this nausea. I go to Dr on Thursday, sure hope he can help me.
  5. I have tried fusion chewable, can’t stand chewing them make me feel like throwing up. Nutrionist said switch to Flintstones multivitamin, taste is not much better. I just ordered capsules from bariatric fusion.
  6. Auderly

    Too Much Mucus?

    I have it as well, even in the middle of the night I keep trying to bring it up. Sometimes I am able to get it up, but it sounds disgusting while I am trying to do it, but whether some comes up or not some always remains. If I sneeze I have to really make sure nose and mouth totally covered as some comes out then.
  7. Auderly

    Day after

    Can someone tell me how they felt the day after surgery? I will be in hospital one night and was wondering how you felt on the way home? Did anyone have terrible painful gas pains, if so when? I was at a support group a couple months ago and that topic was mentioned several times, one person said they had such severe gas pains in their shoulder and below, they thought they were having a heart attack. I go in on Wednesday and this has really been on my mind.
  8. Auderly

    Nauseated on Liquid Diet

    I had same issues ended up in ER I was in so much pain from constipation. They gave me some relief ended up at GI doctor, she induced I was so impacted took 2 days to clear up. I drink miralax with my water once a day as suggested by her, so far so good. Presently I can’t drink my protein shakes or eat food, I am 17 days out and I do all suggestions, bring the food to my mouth, just can’t get it in my mouth. Only thing I have had luck with in the broth from wonton soup. I have yet to commit but no desire for food.
  9. Wish you luck, I looked forward to puréed food, I am 17 days out and I can’t eat. Protein shake and food turn my stomach, can’t even get it past my lips
  10. Auderly

    Pureed Meats Struggles

    I can’t stomach puréed meets, I cut chicken thigh into tiny tiny pieces and chew it up real well. Can’t really stomach much of it.
  11. Auderly

    Not hungry but I want to eat!!

    You look so forward to eating something like this and when you sit down to eat it most likely your taste buds are messed up and you won’t end up enjoying it. Don’t eat the peanut butter that is suppose to be 6 weeks and can really be a problem. Good luck to you I am 15 days out, met with surgeon yesterday. Taste buds and smells are horrible.
  12. Auderly

    Taste changes for the worst!

    I am in the same situation. I am only 15 days post op and smell and taste are awful. I can’t even drink a protein shake, I just can take a sip here and there. I just started soft food nothing looks , smells or tastes good. Today the only thing I could tolerate was jello, I tried a scramble egg, cottage cheese, chicken thigh, white of hard boiled egg....everything awful, I have the fusion vitamins, they leave the most awful taste in my mouth, I am constantly brushing my teeth. To make matters worse I have burning mouth syndrome which also really affects taste and smell. God please just get me through this part. I feel like I want a lump crab cake or a taste of pizza but I know they will fail like everything else and I know I can’t have pizza. How long does this take to subside.
  13. Auderly


    Today I had a totally painful and awful experience. I am 10 days post op, last night I felt like I had to take a bowel movement, I couldn’t. So upon waking thus morning it felt like it was just hanging there, I had taken a stool softener yesterday to no avail. So I kept trying to go was having problems urinating as well. The pain set in, this had bee going on for over 12 hours, pain was getting worse and this hard bowel was not moving, stuck in rectum and up. Finally called Dr on call, I was ready to head to hospital the pain was so bad. He said try doing feet enema and miralax. Husband went to store and bought them. Did not give relief in 1-5 minutes, stool was so hard it was difficult to get enema in. Finally after 45 minutes or so some slow movement. 90 minutes later it finally came out, I have never seen such a large bowel movement. Could not eat or drink so I finally laid down and napped. Put myself on the clear liquid diet again, cant even think of have a Protein shake right now. I know this was from the anesthesia as I did not take any pain killers. I have dealt with constipation my whole life but nothing in the world like this. My butt still hurts. Hoping for a better day tomorrow.
  14. Auderly


    More pain today and enema would not work. Ended up in ER had to have it manually removed. They did many many tests, found out on top of the constipation my diverticulitis was acting up. Rectum is very very sore. I am drinking but cannot stomach these shakes or anything right now. All I taste are chemicals. I have burning mouth syndrome which makes my taste buds and sense of smell very sensitive, this is really creating problems.
  15. Auderly

    Not hungry but I want to eat!!

    I am just so tired of all the sweetness. I need something crunchy and salty. Only 10 days out and am finding this very difficult.
  16. Auderly

    Getting in your protein grams

    Thank you , ,you made me feel so much better. I take Fusion multivitamin, they are chewable, I have to do 4 a day, they are given flavor names like cherry, grape etc, but they don’t taste anything like the are they flavor, but they are also on the sweet side.
  17. Auderly

    Getting in your protein grams

    I am one week out and on phase 2 having a hard time getting 60-70 grams of protein in And also all the liquid. Does it get easier as you eat more than just full liquid diet. Also does anyone find there is too much sweet? The protein shakes are sweet the vitamins are on the sweet side, dying fir something a little salty? Anyone else?
  18. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I had mine done March 3, had a little issue so I was just sent home yesterday. I just started Phase 2 diet, your body sure tells you when something is not right. I am so thankful for this site, always nice helpful info
  19. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I had mine March 2 and am still in the hospital, I had some complication but on the mend now. Still on the clear liquid diet. I am not on any pain meds, not having any pain except for gas.how hard was it to move to phase 2? I read one post that kind of scared me. I have a terrible taste in my mouth, anyone else have that issue?
  20. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I had my surgery on Wednesday March 2, but not doing very well, I am still in the hospital. The day of surgery I had a hard time urinating. They kept taking bladder scans and found a problem. A blood clot and leaking from the staples. They took me back into surgery yesterday and were able to remove it, then they put clamps where the staple line was leaking blood. Yesterday had some pain, to days only pain is getting out or in bed or a chair. Hospital broth is the worse so I am sticking to sugarless jello. Surgeon has been doing this 11 years and has only experienced problems like this twice and both were in the last 6 months.thank goodness they put in a catheter while I was asleep yesterday because getting out of a bed or chair is very painful. now tonight I had problems with intravenous, as they are giving me liquids and all the other ones hurt so bad so they did an ultra sound to find a good vein, so now it is in my upper arm. with all these complications I keep questioning myself on why I did this. Good luck to everyone else, hope you don’t ave the problems I have experienced.
  21. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I have to be at the hospital at 5:30 and surgery scheduled for 7:30 tomorrow morning March 3. Good luck to both of you.
  22. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I have only been on the shakes, jello, water for 5 days and I can’t stand it. Surgery tomorrow. I would go nuts if I had to do it for 3 weeks. Good luck
  23. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I have only been on the shakes, jello, water for 5 days and I can’t stand it. Surgery tomorrow. I would go nuts if I had to do it for 3 weeks. Good luck
  24. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    Congrats, I go in tomorrow, this gas thing is freaking me out. When I was at a support meeting that was all they were talking about and the discomfort associated with it. Hope you are off to a speedy recovery.
  25. Auderly

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    Good luck, mine is same exact times but on Wednesday March 3