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  1. Sounds like you might have a stricture. This is something your surgeon needs to address. The top portion of your stomach may have developed scar tissue which is preventing these tougher proteins from passing into your pouch. Hopefully you have a weight loss clinic or a doctor monitoring you that can order an EGD to see if there's an issue. Good luck!
  2. Tina Leo

    Considering revision

    Hi! I'm revised Bypass to Bypass. I would only recommend a revision if your surgeon is 100% knowledgeable about bariatrics. As I understand it there are some unique challenges to a revision surgery - but maybe that is more in my case since I had a Bypass already. When they do a sleeve, do they distallize any of the connection to your intestines? In any case, if you do have the revision - weight loss appears (8 weeks out) to go much slower than before, but steady. I feel better this time around - and as you say, I'm treating it like a do-over as I'm older and wiser now - and much better able to keep up with the costs of vitamins and proteins. And - there are a million bypass friendly things on the market now - so many more shake choices - high protein snacks and things. I suspect the hernia can be repaired at the same time if your insurance will approve the bypass - that's the trickier part. Good Luck!
  3. I am near 2 months out from Bypass to bypass revision. Weight loss is slower this time around, but I'm actually glad of it. It is consistent and manageable- I feel good. My vitamin levels have been stable - a million times better than after my original bypass. I have a long way to go yet, but so far, worth it.
  4. Any luck on your end?
  5. I have BCBS of Illinois. Not Federal. I don't know yet what my out of pocket is total. After deductible - not much; I'll see if I can decipher the hieroglyphics on my Explanation of Benefits, but I haven't gotten final bills yet. 😅
  6. I originally had RnY bypass - and revised to a new RnY bypass. Further distallized the connection between stomach pouch and intestine; made a smaller stomach pouch, and removed some excess intestine from the first procedure. (The "Candy Cane" portion.)
  7. Hi! I used Memorial Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Springfield. Doesn't much help with the Chicagoland area, sorry. But, I do know they take patients from all over. They handled literally everything with BCBSIL. Both times - initial surgery and revision 11 years later. Dr. Orlando Icaza - surgeon. PAs and NPs on staff - are FABULOUS.
  8. Tina Leo


    Have lost +25 lbs since surgery 3/16. Been feeling good - less tired than the first couple weeks. Had a weird abdominal muscle cramp that lasted 4ish days - surgeon's nurse was able prescribe some Flexiril, which helped and is now much improved - if I twist just so it twinges but not like that first time. I have taken no BP meds since surgery and haven't felt like my pressures were high. Recheck with the surgeon on Thursday this week. The sun is shining. I'm feeling good, and everything seems to be moving in the right direction! Grahamco - I hope your advocate is getting somewhere! Fingers crossed. 🤞
  9. You should call your doctor to get some IV fluids. Your body will not process waste if you are dehydrated... ask me how I know this. Try different water. I am super picky, but Fiji water goes down easier for me. Also add a sugar free fiber gummy. It doesn't sound like you are getting enough calories in either - so your body is keeping everything it can - it thinks you're starving. Try also Atkins Shakes (I like the milk chocolate and the French vanilla) - only 15g protein in them, but they are thinner and go down easier. These will give you some calories to tack on too. 160 I think in each. You must get more liquid in. Try all the things others have mentioned. Jello, Popsicles, Protein2o (I like Harvest grape) broth, etc. Gotta poop and gotta flush your system!
  10. I had my original bypass Nov 2009. Lost well, but regained it all. Since 2009 procedures and best practices have changed, so my surgeon updated my ..situation... to industry standard plus further distallized my anastamosis to allow for some Mal absorption again to get the weight back off.
  11. Tina Leo

    Super Bummed

    All good vibes from us to you, @Plutonium I'm on all liquids today and despite my disdain for water I'm looking for 80 oz. I've had... 8. Baby steps, right? LOL
  12. Tina Leo

    Super Bummed

    I'm sorry to hear you're struggling. I had THE SAME issue with water. Found that I love Fiji water. Its expensive but it tastes like something. I was told with the revision (coming up TUESDAY) loss would be slower than the first time around. Kind of like... our body is onto us. Try sugar free Popsicles and jello to get more liquids in. You got this!
  13. Tina Leo


    Thanks! I'll check in after surgery and let you know how it went!
  14. Tina Leo


    Best of luck to you! I'm nervous too - but we've done this once (in your case - more than once!) and we can do it again! Let me know how things go. If you'd rather connect on FB (I'm not here super often) - Tina Leonard (Girard, IL) please add me - we can chat thru messenger! YOU GOT THIS!
  15. Tina Leo


    Hi! I am in your same boat. My original bypass was 11 years ago, and I am having a revision on Tuesday. It is a much more risky surgery because less is known about modifying a previous bypass. My doc is making a smaller stomach pouch and POSSIBLY distallizing (moving the anastamosis between stomach and intestine) further down the line. He tells me that after this process I will likely lose 10-20% of the excess weight. We shall see! Surgery 11am Tuesday. I should add that I see a bariatric team and they are very particular about candidates for revision; I'm not sure I would trust a surgeon who is not specifically doing WLS to make a revision recommendation. The science/data is just not out there yet. So! Good luck! See a doc who knows what they're doing! Let me know if you have questions - I'm happy to update along the way.

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