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  1. I was sleeved on February 10th by Dr Verboonen in TJ. I started this journey at 260 and I am 214.5 So that makes a weight loss of 45.5. I just started really exercising but I feel so darn good!
  2. Chubby girl in Utah


    I started taking prilosec three times a day and at night I take a zantac. It seems to help more.
  3. Chubby girl in Utah

    Before Pictures

    These are before pictures that I have found. I was not fond of having my picture taken before surgery because... well the answer is obvious. I cannot believe the difference in just the few short weeks. WOW...
  4. Chubby girl in Utah

    November 2011 260 pounds

    From the album: Before Pictures

  5. Chubby girl in Utah

    Skim Milk

    Yes. It is my favorite drink now. Prior to surgery I never really drank it but I love it now. I like that it has the protein in it and I can drink it and doesn't cause me problems like other drinks.
  6. Chubby girl in Utah

    One Month

    Mimismomma - It will work for you! You will do awesome. I was nervous too!
  7. Chubby girl in Utah

    One Month

    From the album: Chubby girl in Utah

    One Month post op. Feeling pretty good.
  8. I had sugery on 2/10 and I have had the same knawing feeling in my stomach. I am taking 3 prilosec per day (total of 60 MG) and a zantac at night and have been good the last couple of days. My GI dr gave me a prescription for Nexium to try but my surgeon suggested 60 mg of prilosec first.
  9. Chubby girl in Utah

    6 weeks

    From the album: Chubby girl in Utah

    Down 36 pounds
  10. Chubby girl in Utah


    From the album: Chubby girl in Utah

    This is me the day of surgery. I was down 10 pounds from my pre op diet. I started my journey at 260 pounds. This is me in the clinic at 250 pounds.
  11. Chubby girl in Utah

    6 weeks

    From the album: Chubby girl in Utah

    Down 36 pounds
  12. Chubby girl in Utah

    5 Weeks

    From the album: Chubby girl in Utah

    Down 34 pounds.
  13. Chubby girl in Utah

    Hate To Eat Now

    I am feeling the same way. I am 6 weeks tomorrow and I would just rather eat soup. The other big issue that I am having is that I cannot tell if it is hunger pains or if I am having issues with acid. I had really bad acid reflux prior to surgery and about day three post op it got really bad. It is not good because I think it is hunger so I eat and then get sick.
  14. Chubby girl in Utah


    I have to be honest and tell you that while I was on my pre-op diet I was miserable becuase I was constipated. Then after surgery it was the opposite. I even had a time when I went I would get sick to my stomach and throw up so I have been all over with this issue. Thank goodness I am back to "almost" normal. I am almost 6 weeks out. I have days that I don't go which is not normal for me. From what I have been told is we are eating a lot less then we used to so you should not be going as much. Hope that helps.
  15. Chubby girl in Utah

    Having To Rethink My Choice Of Surgeons

    I was sleeved by Dr Verboonen on February 10, 2012. I had surgery in his clinic (I would have preferred the hospital). I am 5 weeks post op and doing great. I had two other friends that were sleeved by him the same day and two other friends that were sleeved by him earlier in 2011. We have all had good experiences. Unfortunately there is not alot of referrals that share their story about him, which is very sad. I feel like he should have more referrals and good things said. His surgery price in the hospital is $5400. He is a great doctor and very personable. If you have any questions you can always PM me.
  16. Chubby girl in Utah

    Good Way To Get Protein In... Just Fyi..

    I am just over a month post op and working on tryint to get all my protein in. I struggle with this so I am excited to try it. Thanks again!
  17. Awesome post! You look great!
  18. Chubby girl in Utah

    Greek Yogurt Chocolate Cake!

    This cake was so good. I made it for dessert for my family one night. It was very moist and needed no frosting. YUMMY!!!!
  19. I was sleeved by him on February 10th. He is a fantastic Dr. I had two others that went with me from Utah. He had also performed surgery on two of my other friends from Utah. There is a total of 5 of us that have used him as our surgeon. PM me. I can tell you about my experience. Three of us used the clinic and the other two used the hospital. I can fill you in on each of the different experiences. I am on Facebook on International Patient Facilitators Page on Feb 10th showing a before picture. He is not a scam. He is about the average price of surgeons in Mexico. PM me if you want more details.
  20. Chubby girl in Utah

    February Is Almost Over- How Is Everyone Doing?

    I was sleeved on 2/10 I am doing great. Had a little bit of a problem today where I got sick and threw up. I am not sure what brought it on but I think we have had a flu bug going around our house. I am trying more mushy food but think I may go back to liquids again until I feel this bug is gone. I have been in bed the majority of today. I can't wait to get back to the gym and get walking.
  21. Chubby girl in Utah

    Drinking With A Straw

    I have been wondering this same thing. I am one week out and find drinking through a straw I take smaller sips so I don't get as much air and I am able to drink a lot more. So glad I found this because I have read that we are not suppose to drink through a straw.
  22. Me and two others from Utah are going to Mexico on Friday February 10th to be sleeved by Dr Verboonen. I cannot wait. Getting closer and so excited.

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