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    XtinaDoesIt got a reaction from summerset in Just stumbled across this and had to think of BP immediately. I know this is somethin   
    Thanks for sharing. I was just talking to a friend about this.
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    XtinaDoesIt got a reaction from Neensyb in I am about 31/2 months post VSG surgery and have had a number of weeks in a stall. I   
    I'm with you on this! Im around 3 month too. Had 2 days of drinking on vacation 2 weeks ago but since then, I've had at least 4 more "occasions" to drink. I know its not the worst but alcohol was definitely a contributing factor to my weight gain and its too early for us to get off track. Let's go cold turkey together!
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    XtinaDoesIt reacted to queencowgirl12 in Wondering when this extra energy is supposed to kick in...   
    This coming Tuesday will be 3 weeks and I'm still looking for the energy.

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