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  1. Hi all!!! I hope you are all keeping safe and having a great school year! I started going back into work this year (I was remote last year) and boy I am starting to fall back into old habits! Its so easy to go the day without eating anything and then pick up fast food on the way home. I cant just go to the bathroom every 30 minutes so I drink way less water than I used to. When I get home I still have work to do so I don't work out as often I used to. And Im so used to having a drink while I work at home that its hard not to want to stop at my local liquor store after work (especially after a trying day dealing with parents who refuse to send their kids to school with masks.) It was so much easier being healthy when I was remote. Anyone else struggling? Any advice or tips? Im trying to find more snacks to eat throughout the day and easy dinner/lunch ideas that don't require as much prep. I am so over protein bars! I pack them and never eat them. Mostly I make a drink with protein powder and drink it throughout the day. I either have turkey bacon or yogurt in the morning. I also nibble on carrot sticks from the schools lunch when students bring them for me (they can be so sweet!). I am contemplating morning workouts but I just don't want to! lol. Maybe a morning walk with my coffee? I still can't eat large portions of anything so Im not gaining weight but I was already a slow loser. Im worried that this job will halt my progress. Why cant I be one of those people who loses weight when they are stressed! 😣 I know this is a list of excuses and I just need to try harder but I could really use the support of my fellow educators! What has been working for you?
  2. Thanks for sharing this! It must have been awful to start experiencing these symptoms a year or so out of surgery. Whenever Im having a rough day, it helps me to think it only get better from here so I know that must have been mentally hard to handle. One of the things I hadn't thought too much about before my surgery is how it would affect my relationship. It definitely has. So thanks for sharing that. My fiance and I do a lot of things over food and so it hard when Im not eating as much. I think for him, it was hardest having to now make decisions about meals himself. He always asks what I want to eat when we order food for example and I really dont have a preference because I'm probably not going to eat anything. But on the bright side, he has learned to make his own meals to save the money and Im a much cheaper date! LOL. My friend who has been having a much rougher recovery than I have, has also been struggling in her relationship. Her S.O was very supportive in the beginning but she has been sick in one way or the other for a year now. She has had to have revision surgery and is constantly in the ER. Her S.O is just over it. Im glad you guys were able to make it through and now she can support you on your journey!
  3. XtinaDoesIt

    Shape wear suggestions

    I love my spanx! I havent needed to really size down. However I can breathe in them now and put them on ALOT easier than I did a few month ago. It might be time to size down soon though but I'll wait until they go on sale! They are $175 now and I bought them for $90 last December.
  4. XtinaDoesIt

    Before vs. 30 Days After

    You look great! I didn't take any pictures because I hated seeing myself in them. But I wish I took them now.
  5. XtinaDoesIt

    One Year Update (way too long)

    Loved the details in this post! Im glad it all worked out and continue to wish you success! I feel for your wife. My boyfriend has lost more than me without the surgery just by default of my new diet. A friend who did the surgery last month lost more than I have in 4 months. Really, every one is just different but it still sux! I wish you both the best!
  6. XtinaDoesIt

    Food you used to love now u hate

    I loved everything potato before surgery; potato chips, fries, mash, roasted, baked!!! You name it, I loved it! But now I can barely eat five fries and I'm full AND I don't enjoy it so it's not worth it. Chips just taste blah to me whenever I try one... Mash potatoes are still OK but that's about it and I only have a few bites. I still like fried chicken though... but I do find that I can eat less of it then grilled chicken and fried things take FOREVER to digest so I don't make it a habit.
  7. XtinaDoesIt

    Miralax everyday?

    I wasn't told to take it but I'm still pretty constipated 3 months out. I can go a week without a movement. So I just added it to my routine from the advice I've received here. Big help. Still not as regular as I want to be but at least my movements aren't painful.
  8. XtinaDoesIt

    Covid vaccine

    Oh no!!! I'm sorry that happened to you! Hope you get better soon!
  9. XtinaDoesIt

    229... my first real milestone

    Thanks @NovaLuna! Thats so interesting about your April curse! Maybe you're more stressed in April or something? I need to cut down on sodium but salt is soooo good! lol! My blood pressure is generally high so I so watch it but I'll keep that in mind for my next stall. I don't know why but the last 3 weeks have actually been GREAT for me! I've been losing 2-3 lbs consistently. I'm scared to type this because I don't want to jinx it! I did start working out again last week and I think it really does make a difference. lol! I didnt have too much faith in it helping because I know working out only counts for a small precent of weight loss and I was feeling low energy. But I actually have more energy now that I am working out and eating more. I'm happier and losing more weight. Woop Woop!!! I think my body needed time to adjust. Me: Im going to lose weight. *Does weight lost surgery, eats 600 cal a day* Body: Here she does again. Time to hold on to all the weight until she gives up. I think I can hold out a few months. Body in 3 months: Can't hold out any longer! Must actually burn fat cells!
  10. XtinaDoesIt

    229... my first real milestone

    Thanks @kristieshannon! That's what I'm thinking as well! I wanted to be averaging like 10 lbs (at least at the beginning) but that's not my journey it seems. Lol. Im a HUGE Greys Anatomy fan and they seem to punish patients that lose weight too fast all the time. Lol! So I guess it OK...
  11. Sorry...posted twice and can't figure out how to delete a comment...
  12. This recovery is a total mindfuck! All my ups and downs with food and weight have led me to question if I know what it means to be hungry and/or satiated. I was describing to my boyfriend that some foods make me feel so full after a few bites. It's like it's is piling up in my digestive tract about to overflow. But can I really be full with a few bites or am I just uncomfortable? Lately, half of the time I feel uncomfortably full and the other half, I feel unbarably empty. I'm either too full or have nothing in my belly! What happened to my in between stage? Does that emptiness mean I'm hungry? I also think I'm becoming more scared to eat because I dread the discomfort after. I'm also scared to throw up as a means of relieving the discomfort because I'm scared of developing another eating disorder. This surgery sure is doing a good job of removing the joy of food. I miss feeling a normal hunger and a normal sense of satisfaction from eating. I'm really surprised that continued psychological visits are not part of the process post-surgery. I have never felt so weight/food obsessed in my entire obese life than I do right now! My relationship with food and my scale are at an all time low. My feelings are so up and down. I'm only 2 months out but I'm really hoping for control and normalcy soon. This started out as a question but ended up being a rant. I know I'll probably feel better tomorrow. Thanks for reading!
  13. XtinaDoesIt

    Healthy take out choices soft food stage

    Rotisserie chicken is the only take-out I trust right now if you have a Peruvian spot by you (other Spanish restaurants will do but Peruvians really know how to rotisserie some chicken!) Plus you can order a family meal if you are feeding others and just eat the chicken for yourself.
  14. Hi @Lorey_a! I was only on liquids for like a week or two post surgery and then on puree for like 4+ weeks. I ate (and still eat) mostly yogurt, chili, protein drinks (so far fairlife is my fav) and salmon. For whatever reason salmon really sits well with me. I also would eat grilled/baked chicken breast and rotisserie chicken when I didn't feel like cooking. Also, I would snack on cheese sticks and sunflower seeds (my nutritionist warned against the seeds though so don't do it!). I didn't actually blend my food, I just chewed it for a long time (my nutritionist said that was OK). That worked well for me. Mostly, I just eat the protein and have yet to really stomach any sides. I dont have much room for them when Im done with my meat anyway. I really want to be able to eat potatoes but my stomach says NO. I can however have some frozen carrot slices from Trader Joe's without an issue . I'm on soft foods/solids now and experiment a lot more but for the most part, everything I experiment with makes me feel bad so I end up just going back to what I know. I think my body is the best indicator of when Im ready to move on. My worst reaction so far was with popcorn. I had a handful today and literally curled up in bed regretting it!
  15. XtinaDoesIt

    Is feeling hollow the same as hungry?

    Yeah this is def the goal. I don't want to obsess about food forever but I would also be scared to let go. I keep saying I'm going to find a therapist but then I get frustrated with how hard it is to find one that takes my insurance and has availability. Then I'm feeling fine again and feel like I don't need one. I have gotten a book or two that's been helpful.
  16. Hi all! So I just came back from vacation where I ate solids, drank alcohol and had edibles! Good times! But don't worry, I am back to my dull healthy life I did read some post about drinking after the sleeve and was super cautious about it. However, for me, I was able to handle my alcohol just fine. For reference, Im a whiskey girl and I drank it straight to avoid soda and sugar. I also had some vodka spiked mimosa's. Now, I'm not much of a smoker and prefer alcohol to marijuana but every once in a while I'll have an edible. This time, I had half a gummy worm and experienced a full high! After laughing uncontrollably for 2 hours I knocked out for 4 hours! Then I woke up an ate a full meal! No restrictions! The following day I had a small bite of the remaining half of the gummy and felt the SAME high as the night before. I ate 6 chicken wings and a chicken tender! Thats a whole lot of food for me right now. Personally, edibles are not my favorite distraction but this was definitely a different experience post surgery. I am SOO happy I didn't eat the whole gummy. BE WARNED!
  17. XtinaDoesIt

    Unwanted compliments

    HA HA! Yeah, I cant wait for this to be my problem. lol. I do hate when people comment on my weight but for me it's usually my mom saying I've gained weight or to say I look smaller when I know its not true. I can't wait for it to be true! I'm losing now but I don't look much smaller than I did before. I will say that I do not believe you are "too sensitive." Feel how you feel! Women (including me) often dismiss our feelings with phrases like that. Instead, I find it helpful to examine why I feel that way.
  18. XtinaDoesIt

    Stall is over

    I was so happy when my 21 day stall was over. I dropped 7 lbs too. One week later, another stall.... But at least I know there will be gold at the end of the rainbow... I hope this one is shorter though...
  19. At the risk of sounding awful, I'm just going to say, I've ALWAYS hated sharing food! In fact I generally will buy extra snacks so that no one asks me for mine. And when they do anyway, I scream nasty things to them in my head but smile and share anyway. The thing is, I've always been a pretty slow eater. People think that means I don't want my food but I do! For example, I can make popcorn last the entire movie because I eat them one at a time. My boyfriend eats popcorn by the handful and is done by the opening credits. When we share, I've had 10 bites and he has eaten the entire bag! Thus, I get my own popcorn or pretzel bites but then I come off looking selfish or greedy when I don't want to share mine. It's annoying. Or when we go out to eat, I purposely save half my meal until later but most of them time he will ask me if it's OK for him to have it later that night. Anyway, all of this I to say, I see it being way worse now! Lol. I find myself always telling my boyfriend to stop eating my food. I'm going to eat the rest later (maybe! But I should at least have the option). All of these high protein snack are soooo expensive. I brought those bariatric protein reeses cup (yum) but can only eat one at a time. He will eat my second one and have his own set. The box came with 10. They are now done and I only had 3 cups. I'm not supposed to have popcorn yet but I ordered this gourmet bag for charity before my surgery that finally came last Thursday. My nutritionist said I can have them at week 6 and I WAS going to patiently wait for then but my boyfriend asked me to open them to try it out (They were heaven!) He then proceeded to have one serving at a time over the last 2 days and now they're done. I ate more then I should have because I felt like I should atleast have some before they were gone. I feel like arguing about food is sooo petty but it's starting to annoy me. It doesn't help that he did not have the surgery but seems to be losing more weight than me eating/drinking all of my protein! Lol. Im really not mad he is losing weight too but I just feel like he can maybe contribute to purchasing all of these expensive items. It makes it a little harder for me to stay on track when all the things I buy are finished so fast. I'm sipping on plain water as a type this because I didn't realize all the crystal lite was finished! I should just get over myself right? I was the person who generally brought the groceries before surgery. I still buy normal groceries but now also include specific things for me. What do you guys think?
  20. XtinaDoesIt

    All the sounds my stomach makes...

    OMG Yessss!!!!! That's exactly what it sounds like!
  21. WOW! You seem like you've got this! All I did prior was cut back on alcohol. I think if you can manage those changes you'll be better off than I was and I'm doing alright! The only thing I can think of is to try out recipe's and new snacks that are post surgery friendly so that you already have an idea of what you like. Also trying to reduce your sugar intake (drink less juice, soda etc.). I actually found that I love crystal lite...
  22. Yay! My nutritionist said I can count protein drinks. She said no to soup though but that's okay. Thanks for the advice! I wouldn't have thought to ask without it! I'm still not a 60 oz but I don't feel like as much of a failure now
  23. XtinaDoesIt

    Ooooo...simple and good crockpot recipe

    I just decided to do a version of this with the canned chicken I bought but haven't used yet... That way I can have it tonight instead of defrosting my chicken. I'll let you know how it goes!
  24. I like the timing of this. This way I can still have 2 drinks while dining out.

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