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  1. flgirl23

    Lap band fill Florida

    Lisadoll- Why do you say that?
  2. flgirl23

    Jscksonville Fl

    I'm from Jacksonville. I am considering the sleeve though.
  3. flgirl23

    Lap band fill Florida

    My doctor does them but I am in North Florida - Jacksonville. If you can't find anyone in Central Florida, I highly recommend Dr. Michael Baptista in Jacksonville.
  4. I am lucky that my insurance does cover it then because I would not pay that amount for sure. It is about $100/month through my insurance and then I found a patient assistance card so I just had to pay $25 for it. Then I had to purchase a box of needles for $49- but sometimes you can get your insurance to cover the cost of the needles so that could be a lot cheaper if you get a prescription. Thank you - I figured I would try it first since I am still undecided on what WLS procedure I want to get.
  5. Wow! That is great. Thanks for sharing that info. My friend and I work at the same job so we both have Aetna and I am sharing this with her- hopefully our doctor lets her do that.
  6. Every time I buy groceries they go to waist. I will buy quick snacks like lunchmeat, cheese, veggies, eggs etc. I even buy those precut veggie trays like you bring to parties, so I don’t have to cut up the vegetables. I end up eating it for the first day, maybe the second day and the rest usually gets thrown away. It just seems so less appetizing after it has been sitting in the refrigerator plus I crave variety. Right now, I have a freezer filled with Atkins and Lean Cuisine – which don’t get eaten either. I really appreciate the advice and suggestions.
  7. flgirl23

    Low start BMI

    I haven't had the band. I am still undecided on what surgery I want to have but I wanted to say "Good Luck" with your journey.

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