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  1. Hey Kell

    Stall frustration

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know this is what I need to do, but it sucks!!! Trying to be patient with myself and my body. 😉
  2. Hi all! I had a sleeve on Feb. 17 and rapidly lost 25 pounds, and now I seem to be stuck for the last week or so. I’ve read that this is common around week 3, but I’m so frustrated. Have not “cheated” or done anything I’m not supposed to do, and I’m walking on the treadmill 5 days a week for 45 minutes at a decent pace. WTH??? I know I probably just need to hang on and wait it out, but it’s hard not to feel like I’m doing something wrong. Any advice is appreciated!
  3. Hey Kell

    Pureed Meats Struggles

    There is a site called bariatricqueen.com that has a pureed egg salad recipe that didn't look too bad. If you're an egg fan, something to consider.
  4. Hey Kell

    Last week surgeries

    Had sleeve on 2/17 with hiatal hernia repair, and I'm back to work today, feeling good except for some constipation/gas.
  5. Hey Kell

    Surgery Done!!

    Glad you're doing so well! I'm getting nervous for mine on the 17th! It's so reassuring to hear about people feeling good! Healing vibes coming your way.
  6. Hey Kell

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    I’m trying to figure out where I last felt good physically and mentally in my body — sometimes that’s hard. I’m 50, and my knees and back are cranky, which is a large part of the reason for the surgery for me. I want to get back to doing the things I used to really enjoy, like hiking and maybe even skiing if things go well.
  7. Hey Kell

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    I’m the 17th, so close! Getting nervous, and I’m not sure if reading all these forums is helping or hurting, LOL. How did everyone decide on their goal weight? I want to pick something that seems achievable but sustainable above all.
  8. Hey Kell

    February 2021 Sleeve Surgery

    Scheduled Feb. 17.