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  1. I had my surgery in August, I’ve lost a ton of weight but never been able to drink or eat as much as recommended. It can take me nearly 6/7 hours to consume 16 ounces of clear liquid if I don’t eat any food If I eat food it’s typically 4 hours before I can consume liquids again When I do eat I can only get down 2/3 bites max. Usually after the first bite I feel deathly I’ll sick and close to puking. After 2/3 bites if I push further then I throw up I’m consuming 200-400 calories a day max I tried going back to purred food but even puréed potatoes I can only do 1/2 bites of. I can’t finish a protein shake or a bowl of soup I feel horrible for hours after eating even when I eat only 2 bites worth I’ve tried all types of foods. Protein/meat makes me the most sick. I absolutely cannot eat bread/grains/rice/pasta at all. I absolutely cannot drink water or juice without throwing it up. I’m basically living off Gatorade zero’s, some chicken broth, and maybe 4 bites a day of food (eggs, chicken, ground turkey/beef) The food that feels easiest for me to consume is potatoes but I think that’s only because I can purée them so easily to a very easy to consume consistency It hurts so bad to eat that I hate eating, and I thought I would be more healed by now being 5 months out I’m losing weight rapidly with no signs of stopping but I feel weak and am not as mentally sharp. I also feel faint often. And I know I’m not getting the nutrition my body needs. Any advice on how to get my body to accept more food/liquids? I’ve talked to my nutritionist and doctor to no avail. Besides telling me just to eat more and drink more which just leads to puking.

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