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  1. I'm so excited and just have to share the news that insurance has approved surgery! I have been going through all of the motions since January and am so excited! A little about me: I'm 46, mother of two kids (10 & 7), and I teach 6th grade. I had medullary thryoid cancer and my thyroid was removed in 2008. Even though my thyroid hormone levels are within range, weight has been a problem ever since the removal of my thyroid. Have I mentioned that I am SO EXCITED?!?
  2. Hello. I am in the pre-op stage and an upper endoscopy was required before gastric sleeve surgery. When I had the upper endoscopy done, I also had a routine colonoscopy. They found a hiatal hernia and removed 3 polyps. This was more than a month ago and I am still experiencing periods of stomach cramping and diarrhea. I also have a lot of stomach pain, but am also stressed because I'm back to school, have a difficult class and our school has had several COVID cases (where my own children also attend). Is this stress? Could it be related to the endoscopy/colonoscopy? I had never had such, for lack of a better term, explosive and sudden diarrhea. It's not daily, but comes on suddenly, even in the middle of the night when sleeping. Thoughts? Oh, the doctor who performed both procedures suggested testing a stool sample for infection. It's been a bit challenging to do so because as I said, I've just returned to school. Will get on it though as I am not feeling well.
  3. Hello. I had both an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy done earlier today. The upper endoscopy is for the surgeon who will do the sleeve procedure. They found a hiatal hernia and I am wondering if this will effect whether or not I can have the weight loss surgery. On another note, they found three polyps during the colonoscopy which makes me a little nervous. That seems like a lot and I'm only 46. Thank you.
  4. I haven't had weight loss surgery yet, but one of the requirements before surgery was to have an upper endoscopy. I had that last week and during it they found a hiatal hernia.
  5. LouLouM

    Hair Loss Treatments

    Best of luck to you and yes, please keep me posted!
  6. Hello everyone. I am in the pre-op stage and am already experiencing hair loss. I'm 46, without a thyroid, but all thyroid hormones are within range. My question is, what kind of hair restoration services are out there??? Can anyone speak from experience? I know that I am going to lose more hair post-surgery and I am terrified. Thank you.
  7. LouLouM

    Hair Loss Treatments

    I think you are onto something with low iron. My ferritin is 57 (this level is despite that I take iron on a regular basis) and although the range starts at 12, I do have a lot of symptoms of low iron (hair loss, breathlessness, fatigue, dizziness, etc.) I also don't eat red meat. Thanks for sharing all of these resources. I'll look at them more closely, especially Lysine, as I don't know much about it.
  8. Oh yes, I agree. What a relief! If I understand it correctly, polyps that are left there potentially can turn cancerous. For anyone reading this, they recently lowered the age for when colonoscopies should start. It's now 45. This is because colon cancer is on the rise, especially in younger people. I guess I'm a little spooked because I had three (they were removed and sent in for testing). That seems like a lot. I also had a rare form of thyroid cancer years ago so maybe I have a little PTSD from that. Less importantly, I'm also bummed because yes, I realize that I will need colonoscopies more frequently than someone who doesn't have polyps. Not what I wanted to hear after that kind of miserable prep process. Glad to know that it's a possibility that they can remove/repair the hernia during the sleeve surgery and not something that would no longer make me a candidate. Thanks for replying, Arabesque and Future Sky Diver. I appreciate it.
  9. LouLouM

    Hair Loss Treatments

    Thanks. Do you have any experience with this? Do you know if it (PRP) is a long-term solution or will the procedure need to be done again in the future? It's so strange, and so sad, how much hair I have lost and I am very nervous about losing more after the surgery. The texture has also changed. It's a little frizzy and coarse. Thank you again for replying.
  10. Hi everyone. I have done all that I can to try and have surgery this summer, but it won't happen until the fall (we all know what a process this is). I am a mother of two and teach 6th grade, thus busy. I am very nervous about my stamina on the two week liquid diet and during recovery. My surgeon said that I will need to take a week off. For those of you who have been through the process already, what are your thoughts? I started the process in January and would hate to perhaps postpone surgery until winter break, but am wondering if it's the wisest thing to do. Teaching while on a liquid diet sounds EXHAUSTING.
  11. Me again. Thanks to your feedback, I think that I will wait until November to have the surgery. I'll take off Thanksgiving week, the week after, and then have 2 weeks until winter break. Parent-teacher conferences will be finished and I will have plenty of time to recover and adjust. Trying to look for the positive, I am thinking that I should take these next 4 months to focus on preparing my body for surgery. I have been working with the dietitian, and making some changes, but cannot lose too much weight as I will no longer qualify. So far I have lost 6 pounds. Is there anything else that you wise people suggest that I work on to prepare myself for the surgery and big life change?
  12. Hello everyone. New here and waiting for gastric sleeve surgery to be approved by insurance. Meanwhile, I like to visit this thread for inspiration. I do have a question for GreenTealael: how do you cook your smoked chicken breast (I have a stove top smoker and can't seem to find a good method for cooking boneless chicken breast) and your beautiful tofu??? Thank you!
  13. Thanks for all of your replies everyone. I am just so conflicted. I don't want to put it off because I have been going through all of the required motions since January, so putting it off until November or December seems like forever, yet I want to do a good job teaching. Sigh. I appreciate all of your responses.
  14. Happy new year, everyone! I am in the beginning stage of the whole process and am thinking about timing. I am a teacher and wondering if I should try to squeeze the surgery into spring break and take that time to recover or wait until summer when I will have more than enough time to recover. Currently we are doing distance learning which isn't physically demanding, however, if we are to return to the classroom, I am worried that from so few calories, I might feel weak or tired. I know how hard it is to restrict calories with a normal sized stomach that I can't imagine functioning normally at work on so few calories. I could be totally wrong though. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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