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  1. I am going to have to get my lab band removed or revised. I am going to choose removed, as they are no longer performing the procedures around here and no one wants to mess with it if I have problems, which I have had tons. I have had mine for almost 10 years and was down to 115lbs. I have since gained 50lbs. While my insurance will pay for the removal, they may not pay for a revision to a sleeve. I have IU health plans for an insurance, and I can add my husbands insurance, which is ANthem premium, if needed. Does anyone know what the rough cost is for a revision to sleeve? What about just the sleeve portion? Anyone had any luck with IU health plans on appeal, as I am sure it will have to be appealed. I feel like I have worked so hard and put up with so much in the past ten years.
  2. I have had my band for quite a while and have had issues in the past couple of years with it being too tight or not tight enough. Was even hospitalized with dehydration due to inflammation after taking NSAIDs for an injury. My port is extremely hard to access. So in the past year I have not been in the “sweet spot”. Not a lot of restriction, but not feeling like an empty pit where I am hungry all of the time. I felt it was better to just leave it alone. In the past 5 days I have had a sinus infection and my band is extremely tight. I am hardly able to get any liquids down. I have tried hot coffee and it came back up. I am now drinking soda, which, btw, I have not consumed in almost 10 years. I am thinking that may break up the “clog”, and I may try vinegar. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? I am using carafate to coat the stomach in between. I don’t want another trip to the ER and the office is closed today.
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    Inflammation from sinus drainage.

    Well, I ended up in the ER. The surgeon on call did not want to touch it, and neither did the ER doc. The following day, a surgeon was able to access my tricky port after about 20 sticks. Looks like the port has flipped some and will have to be replaced. Also, it may be that the band has formed a capsule around it, causing it to be tight. Now I have no restriction and have no sense of fullness. Ugh..This thing is coming out! Going to look into converting to the sleeve, as this yo-yo weight gain/loss is killing me!
  4. HI all! Got my Lapband in 2008 and was doing well..was down to 120 lbs. After an injury and some NSAID use, I had started having problems with irritations and the band being too tight, then no restriction when the Fluid was removed. Have gained 60 lbs and now having some of my pre band issues return, such as hypertension and sleep apnea. Have talked to my surgeon about the possibility of getting the band replaced or converted to sleeve, which would be my choice since they are phasing out the Lapband. Has anyone had this done, and if so, did your insurance pay for it? Was your BMI less than 30? Thanks in advance.
  5. I will after the holiday weekend. We will likely have to do some good documentation. I was just curious if anyone else had success. ( I realize that there are different variants that will impact each person's outcome, i.e., type of insurance, comorbidities, state that they live in, etc)
  6. Did your insurance cover this with a lower BMI?
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    Jamie Winery

    From the album: JWRN

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    Gaining weight..

    Maybe this should be under the "What is the rudest thing someone said" post, but her goes. I got my lapband 8 years ago and was at around 120 lbs (way below my goal weight for my 5'7 height). This was due to a special diet I had to be on. I looked way too thin and just plain sick. So, I had some Fluid taken out of my band and gained some weight, up to 140 lbs, which is probably a healthy weight for me. A physician that I work with came up to me and whispered "have you gained weight?". I explained that I was way to skinny and needed to. He said "you are getting chunky". What the ^&*$ !!! I tried to laugh it off, but it really messed with me. I know I am healthier, but darn if now I am concerned about my weight! Arghhhhhhhhhhh!
  10. I have heard some horrible things, but now that I am BELOW my goal weight, I can just smile at them as they talk about the diets they are on and how much weight THEY need to lose. One of the hardest things is Loving yourself!
  11. JamieNP

    Sept. Samurai Surgery Check-in

    Debbie, I, too, did not have the support of my husband. One of the things he told me before I had surgery was "Look at you, why would I take you out in public?". Then when I had lost about 40 lbs post op, he said "you still have a long way to go". Well, I divorced him and now I am below my goal weight. I hope he eats his heart out.
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    Interstitial Cystitis

  13. JamieNP

    It's Coming Out!

    Did you have an EGD before your surgery, and did it show gastritis or anything else?
  14. JamieNP

    Night Coughs

    I have it anytime I eat chocolate before I go to bed.
  15. JamieNP

    Lack Of Support From Family Md

    I did A LOT of research before I chose the lapband. I also worked with people that had gastric bypass and all but one gained thier weight back. Your doctor needs to keep up on the latest research. There are more serious complications with gastric bypass, and the mortality rate during surgery is much higher. It's been 4 year for me and I am very happy. Here is a site that charts the difference. http://www.wlshelp.com/lap-band-gastric-bypass.html
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    I did the refried beans, and ground chile in the blender..but the gas after surgery was very painful...GasX comes in a disolvable tab, and comes in handy.
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    So I Lost 200 Pounds So Far

    Way to go! What an inspiration to everyone!
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    Get you mind set that "I worked hard to get this surgery, and I am gonna stick with it". There are many things you can blend. At the mushy stage, I was craving flavor, so I ate a lot of spicy stuff. Hang in there. You won't have great restriction yet, but it will get better once you get a fill. Good Luck!
  19. JamieNP

    Interstitial Cystitis

    I have IC. Was diagnosed a few years, but I feel like I am having frequent flares for the past year. I also have pelvic floor dysfunction, which goes hand in hand. Physical therapy has helped. I recently had botox injections in my pelvic floor, and the FDA has now approved botox for the bladder. If you think the lapband diet is restrictive, add the IC diet to it! I feel like I can't eat anything! This is a chronic condition. Usually you have "frequent UTIs" that don't grow any bacteria. I have had these for 25 years. So sorry you have this...it sucks!!!
  20. Four years ago, I began my journey and became a member of Lapband Talk. I am a Registered Nurse, and researched every article I could find on what type of surgery to have. When I went in for my initial family doctor's appointment, I was well prepared...I had already typed out my health history, weight history, and every diet plan I had ever tried. My doctor referred me to a bariatric doctor and I did the same with my surgeon's initial visit. Also included was a list of questions that I had about the surgery. I am sure they thought I was some geek. Here is what I have learned throughout the last 4 years and a bit of advice for those starting out. 1. Research pays off: talk to people that have had different types of bariatric surgeries. Look at the pros and cons. Can you handle the cons? 2. LBT provides great support. Use it and learn from others 3. If your insurance denies you, don't give up. I wrote a letter of appeal and got it. Just include research and your past medical history. 4. Restriction varies. You can be "tight" in the morning and then feel as though you have litle restriction in the evening. 5. Don't shoot for "too tight"...it is MISERABLE not being able to swallow your own spit. 6. If you are going to do this, then get pumped up and do it right...go all out! Follow the rules. Work out! 7. When you go out to eat, make sure you know where the closest bathroom is...just in case. 8. I often order more food than anyone else. My coworkers make fun of me. I know I still have an addiction to food...I only eat about 5 bites and I am done. Hey! I can make about 6 meals off of one dinner!! 9 Icecream might go down easy, but it can cause some people to have spasms. I can take a few bites and my band doesn't like it...a good thing. 10. Shoot for eating the hight protien foods first. At least get that in. 11. Some of those high Protein foods, like meats are dry and don't go down well. chicken is sometimes hard for me to eat. 12. I am always drawn to the "big girl" clothes. I am still a "fat chick" in my head. 13. Many bandsters talk about marriages ending after the band...mine did. He didn't like a "fat wife"and was embarrassed of me in public, so I left him when I lost the weight. Hope he is choking on those mean words! 14. The band is a TOOL! Use it as such. Don't continously drink high calorie drinks and wonder why you don't lose weight. 15. I have not had a carbonated beverage in 4 years. Never thought I could do it..but I don't miss it! 16. If you lose restriction all of a sudden, and it doesnt come back for days, then something is wrong...I had a leak in my port..had to get it replaced. 17. People will look at you and treat you differently when you are thinner. There are people that talk about "fat" people and when I tell them that I had weight loss surgery they can't believe it..I know they would never have given me the time of day, 4 years ago. 18. Don't eat bread or french fries..they don't go down well if you have the proper restriction. 19. Drink before your meal and then stop when your food is done. 20. Most places will let you eat off of the kids menu and buffets will let you have the discounted price (bring your card). If they don't, then speak to the manager. There is no sense in paying and adult price at a buffet when you are going to eat less than a 3 year old. 18. Enjoy your new life. Enjoy being healthy!
  21. I had a long list like yours with similar questions. Some others were. How many incicdents of MRSA have you had? How many band slippages have you had and what was the cause. What do you think causes people to "fail" at the lapband. (he says "icecream/milshakes) Can I have an MRI (yes) Can I ever have an NG tube placed? What are the signs and symptoms that I need to go to the ER or into the office?
  22. JamieNP

    Miserable At This Weight!!

    Do you snore? Since your husband has made remarks about it, you probably have it. I got diagnosed so it was one of my comorbidities. I was on cpap. I no longer have it since I have lost the weight.

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