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  1. katie1974

    July Surgeries??

    Surgery on July 2nd!
  2. katie1974

    July 2021 Surgery People!

    sorry - wrong thread!
  3. Happy 39th Birthday katie1974!

  4. Happy 38th Birthday katie1974!

  5. 3 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 3rd Anniversary katie1974!

  6. katie1974

    Anyone used WLS Group??

    It is so totally confusing isn't it? I seem to change my mind daily on who to go with. I really need to just make a decision and book it up and shut up about it! I'm driving myself crazy! I have heard of your surgeon, and he sounds great. I am keen to stay in the UK for surgery though as I have 2 little kids and I don't like to be too far away from home. I have had three consultations now and am going to decide by the end of the week. Well done for making a well informed choice - I will let you know when I do.........x take care katie
  7. katie1974

    Anyone used WLS Group??

    thanks for this - where are you going for your surgery? I did really like WLS Group but am a bit concerned that they are not a long established company. Anyhow - I have got to make a decision soon because I a driving myself mad being so indecisive! How did you make your decision on where to have the surgery in the end?? Thanks a lot x Katie
  8. Have been to my third consultation for a band in my quest to find the right place to have the procedure and aftercare. Today I saw Wendy at WLS group. She was amazing, and I really feel I want to go with them but have a couple of doubts; mainly that they are a new company set up last year. Therefore do not have a long history - although I do believe the intentions are ethically good The staff are formed of a team of experienced nurses and nutritionalists and a got a good vibe from them. The surgery would be at the highgate hospital in London. Does anyone know this group - or have any advice??? Thanks for reading my problems! Katie
  9. have you looked at Welcome to the Weight Loss Surgery Group web site ? Uk price is a little less than some of the other london clinics and overseas price much less but includes aftercare here.......see what you think. I have read positive feedback about them. Sorry you are not having any luck with SS x Katie
  10. hi just an after thought have you been on the sit fat happens .co.uk l find it helpful have a look



  11. katie1974

    banding in august

    Yes - it would be great to have someone to compare notes with along the way - especially as we are going to the same hospital. I am hoping to get a clear idea of time scale and exact prices for nhs & private beds etc when I see Guy Slater next week. Are you now waiting for them to confirm a date for you? You could call the office to ask about the wait for private beds, they may be able to let you know when & how much extra it is and give you a chance to weigh up the pros & cons. take care & keep me posted Katie
  12. katie1974


    Thanks Kerri - it must feel good to know you are all booked up and ready to go. I'm looking forward to that - hopefully just a week or so and I'll have a date! Luckily the chichester surgery & one year aftercare basic package is £5100 so a bit less than lots of private hospitals, so that's why I reckon I will go with them. I'm sure lots of people have had good experiences with WGA, and if you are happy with them so far that's a really good sign. Good luck Katie Katie
  13. katie1974

    Healthier Weight v Chichester

    I have been told 4-6 weeks, but just via email. I know what you mean, as I really want my surgery towards the beginning of the summer holidays because of childcare. I went for a consultation at Healthier Weight last week and they could do it the following week, so it's tempting. Although in the long run waiting another month and having the right surgeon and aftercare I reckon is the more sensible option.... Keep me posted on what you decide x katie
  14. katie1974


    Hello Vicky I have spent the last month or so trying to find the right place to have my surgery - it's really confusing isn't it? There are so many places. There is lots of advice available on here though. I am still pre op but have decided to go with streamline at chichester hospital as it's good value, near me and I have had good feedback from others who have been there. I have also been to see the consultant at Healthier weight centres and was very impressed - they also have a good reputation but are pricey. Where are you in the country? For me it was important to find somewhere nearby as the aftercare is very important with a band - although some people have aftercare in the uk and surgery abroad, so that can work too. take care Katie
  15. katie1974

    Healthier Weight v Chichester

    Thanks for this Wendy - I am seeing him next week, I am pretty sure I will go with Chichester. Have they been good with the aftercare & support stuff? Thanks Katie

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