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  1. I am into my fourth week of post op recovery and have run across something I wasn't expecting...any food I eat once...I no longer like. I am supposed to be introducing new foods (pureed/mushy) into my diet. The first few bites are always good - then it starts quickly to become a bit revolting. After 4-6 oz I am done with it. Not only for that meal...but for good. the thought of it is revolting.... While there are worse things in the world, I have gone back to ensuring I am getting my protein through shakes, and still try to find something I can tolerate, more than once. So far the only thing I have found is rotisserie chicken meat. For some reason that is ok. So with that just a few questions hopefully someone can give me insight on. A) is this temporary and just a stage thing so close to being after surgery? b) is there any real harm in just sticking to shakes for protein..and just being really selective with my actual food meals? C) Would now be a good time to sample all the bad food I use to love - to get it in the revolting category... (JUST KIDDING) This is simply a curiosity thing, as I am very okay with a reprieve from craving food...and am enjoying the tremendous success of everything so far, though it is very early.
  2. Yeah - I am going to keep trying different protein sources...I can do chicken for now...that that is a plus...but I am burning through foods fast that are falling into - I don't even want to see it list hoping time helps resolve at least the repulsiveness ... And def will check in with dietician but already know the canned responses...very robotic...but I will give due diligence...
  3. Great point - food is fuel...just not sure I can overcome the extreme revolt for most food....time will help I am sure.
  4. Very glad I don't hate those for some reason...I actually like them better than I did pre op ...so odd
  5. Psray76

    Stomach feels nothing

    I too was so shocked by the lack of signal recognition from my brain. (3 weeks post-op gastric bypass) I still do not know when I am hungry. I have had to read "symptoms", like feeling more easily agitated, or suddenly wanting to sit down and rest, sometimes more "pain" in stomach...nothing severe just discomfort like gas..but not. It is so odd to not have ones brain recognize something that it has been doing for 45 years hahaha. For me it is enjoyable to get some reprieve from fighting hunger pangs, and just looking at getting my protein and nutrients as a function...not an addiction to eat or graze. The full signal doesn't really make sense to me yet either...so I just eat super slow, and keep it between a 1/4 and 1/2 cup at max depending on what it is. Found that the longer I wait and distract myself between bites/drinks I can actually forget about that I was eating or drinking. I will suddenly realize oh yeah I was eating...but at that point I wrap it up and weight until the next meal...probably wasn't "hungry" for it anyway.
  6. Having just completed my 3rd week post op I wanted to post an update in case it helps anyone with a late December surgery date still in that first week. I guess having read so many people saying minimal pain after Gastric Bypass, and felt recovered "pretty quickly"...left me with exaggerated expectations of my healing. I should have really asked a bit more of what is minimal pain mean, and what are the typical expectations days after surgery, a week after surgery...when do I not feel any pain? The first week was definitely rough, pain was moderate (to me), meaning I felt every movement I made and was uncomfortable in all but a few positions. Day 8 for me was finally a point where I felt I could get up and down without much discomfort, and walk around for longer period of times with pain being too much. I declared I finally started feeling human. Each day after that it gets....better. Not dramatically...just a longer slower upward trend than my patience and pain threshold was ready for. I had no obligations to be anywhere for 2 weeks - and WAS SO THANKFUL I did that. I am back at work week 3 but definitely not at 100%. And I just sit behind a desk. I would say for just doing computer work for 8-10 hours I am at 75% of where I was pre surgery. And very worn and more hurting at the end of the day. From a physical standpoint of any type of real movement ie Hiking, or long walks...I'd say I am 40-50% of where I was... So for anyone in those first 2 weeks wondering like I did why I am not up and feeling great....maybe this will be some type of encouragement. The key takeaway for me is...each day is an improvement...and taking time to heal is ok...it's not a race...a journey. Each body is different. I am thankful for no real complications, and am very pleased at the initial weight loss I have experienced since prepping for surgery, and over the past several weeks. That is also helping to motivate...and know each day is a healthier me as well. November 26th - 290 December 15 - 270 (Surgery) January 6th - 245 I would have NEVER believed that was possible. So thankful there is a tool that can help me get my health under control. Hope this helps someone out there struggling through pain...just rest, do the best you can each day to stay hydrated..and time WILL PASS..and you WILL feel better. Just takes time...

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