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  1. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Still a slow loser

    Thank you for your encouraging words. I’m at work but I will respond to each after. My HW was 314 (I am 5’7). SW was 294. CW 224. Taking me forever to get out of the 20s. I was a little over 40 for BMI.
  2. ANewJourneyAwaits


    Also if anyone wanted to share their swims via Apple Watch, let me know! I’d love to have a “swim buddy” to help with accountability!
  3. ANewJourneyAwaits


    @healthylifestyle Same! I am actually wearing a two piece now! First time in my life! @stloser It’s my favorite thing too! I always feel so good after. It’s like a tired feeling but happy. Ha ha. Don’t know how to describe it.
  4. ANewJourneyAwaits


    I have a bike but I’ve not really ridden that much. I think because I still feel self conscious about my big butt on it. Hopefully in another 20lbs or so, I will start incorporating it as well. I did laps today and got a bit sunburned.
  5. ANewJourneyAwaits


    Where I live, no one ever uses it. It’s like my own pool (and it still is cleaned by a company). I hope yours opens soon. I waited until 3 months after surgery, so my wounds were fully healed. I’m the same as you. I never realized how much I miss and love it. Plus it burns so many calories and builds muscle. My pool has been coldish when you first go in but after I get going, it’s really nice. I hope yours warms up, wherever you are. :) I’m in Florida so I was able to start in March. I always feel so good and relaxed after and it gives me a sense of well being. I know that sounds weird but it really does.
  6. I had the moderna. I’ve noticed nothing bad. I was a month and a half out.
  7. ANewJourneyAwaits

    R.I.P. Boobs

    I’m two months out and 50lbs down. My boobs went from a 42/44DD to a 40D. I can’t wait to lose all my weight and have them lifted!
  8. I’m a slow loser too. Probably the slowest. I had VSG on the 24th of December. Pre-surgery I lost 23lbs. At two months yesterday, I am down 26lbs (it may be more than that as I weigh every Sunday). I’m pretty consistent at 2-3lbs per week. Luckily, I’ve still had no hair loss. I average about 700 calories but sometimes a little more or little less. I get frustrated with my slower losses but then the inches lost and muscle definition make me feel better. Incidentally, my surgeon doesn’t worry about weight loss until month 3 and said my weight loss should pick up the most Between month 4-8. So, who knows?
  9. ANewJourneyAwaits

    4 weeks post sleeve fatigue

    I've posted about this various times. My one symptom after is fatigue. It was HORRIBLE at 4-5 weeks. Six weeks was okay. 7 weeks (now), it is somewhat better but I am almost at the dreaded TOM and I was exhausted today. I let my boss know about the struggles I was facing (she knew about the surgery) with fatigue and I took naps at lunch. I still do, sometimes, like today. I am hoping by 3-4 months out, I will be normal again. Coffee helps me, honestly. Until then, lunch naps it is.
  10. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Any December surgery

    @rtl1234 Aw thanks! Today was better. Head hunger is a real thing! Woo. And to make you feel better, yes. I am still seeing what satisfied and full feels like. I’m not sure how to describe it, sometimes I’m like “Oh man, I have to eat now because I feel sick with hunger” or I will not feel hungry at all. Or I just feel like “Okay, so that was 1.5 oz” but I don’t feel full. That was until I accidentally drank some water then I felt that lump and kind of bad after I ate fast. I feel like most protein I eat sits kind of heavy. Not sure why. Do you have a hard time falling asleep? I do and my counselor (who is a bariatric counselor) said it’s normal. It even says it in my book from the hospital. I went from being sleepy all the time to not. My counselor said it was because our metabolisms are revving up. Not sure. Going to try to sleep now. :)
  11. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Post op

    I finally stopped hurting at day 7. It was like a miracle and I could drink water—more than just tiny sips. I don’t know what happened. But day 6 was my worst for pain. Like others said, walk and try some gas x.
  12. ANewJourneyAwaits

    December 2020

    Rachel, my sleeve blush has gotten better but I had a reaction to the pain meds they gave me. I’m not in so much pain now but I feel still loopy and I’m on day 4.
  13. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Cramps when eating

    It happens to me. No matter how small the sip is, I get a crampy feeling in the middle of my chest.
  14. So I had my VSG on the 24th. Since then I am feeling rough. I felt better this morning but after that, I started feeling crappy. My incisions hurt (they sent me home with no pain meds!) and the gas pain is still unreal. I’m up and walking almost every hour that I am awake but I’m quite exhausted a lot. Also my face and chest turned red but was told this is a sleeve blush. It can happen from healing or having a reaction to the Anesthesia. I’m trying to get down all my water but it’s rough. I’m definitely in the “what did I do phase.” Kind of feel like crying. Sigh. I know I’ll get over this but right now I just feel weak and in pain.
  15. ANewJourneyAwaits

    First Day after VSG

    I get to take omperazole tomorrow. Tonight I can’t. Good to know about the phlegm. I got scared because that first night, I didn’t have my mask on because I was so doped up.

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