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    Is anyone here avid swimmers? It’s my go to exercise. I swim at least 4 times a week. I do it for the cardio and the strength training. Does anyone else use this as their principles exercise? I’ve noticed it’s helped tone so much! Really happy to be able to swim.
  2. ANewJourneyAwaits


    Also if anyone wanted to share their swims via Apple Watch, let me know! I’d love to have a “swim buddy” to help with accountability!
  3. ANewJourneyAwaits


    I also like being outside vs a gym. I’ve started looking up hikes near my new apartment to walk on.
  4. ANewJourneyAwaits


    @healthylifestyle Same! I am actually wearing a two piece now! First time in my life! @stloser It’s my favorite thing too! I always feel so good after. It’s like a tired feeling but happy. Ha ha. Don’t know how to describe it.
  5. ANewJourneyAwaits


    Thank you! I’ve never ever worn them because I was too nervous about my legs and pooch showing. Long torsos pull off dresses so well though!
  6. ANewJourneyAwaits


    So, I got to wear my first romper today! I’ve never worn one before because I was too self conscious. Today I actually wore it out with wedges. When I bought it, it was too tight. :)
  7. ANewJourneyAwaits


    I have a bike but I’ve not really ridden that much. I think because I still feel self conscious about my big butt on it. Hopefully in another 20lbs or so, I will start incorporating it as well. I did laps today and got a bit sunburned.
  8. ANewJourneyAwaits


    I have a bike but I’ve not really ridden that much. I think because I still feel self conscious about my big butt on it. Hopefully in another 20lbs or so, I will start incorporating it as well. I did laps today and got a bit sunburned.
  9. ANewJourneyAwaits


    Where I live, no one ever uses it. It’s like my own pool (and it still is cleaned by a company). I hope yours opens soon. I waited until 3 months after surgery, so my wounds were fully healed. I’m the same as you. I never realized how much I miss and love it. Plus it burns so many calories and builds muscle. My pool has been coldish when you first go in but after I get going, it’s really nice. I hope yours warms up, wherever you are. :) I’m in Florida so I was able to start in March. I always feel so good and relaxed after and it gives me a sense of well being. I know that sounds weird but it really does.
  10. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Feet shrunk!

    Mine did too! Went from a 9.5 to an 8 or 8.5. So weird!!
  11. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Lose, lose, stall

    Thanks for all the feedback. The stall broke today (ish) as I went down 7 ounces. Ha ha. Hoping tomorrow is better. And Ada, I’ve lost 55lbs after surgery and TODAY is my 5 months. So yes, you’re doing great.
  12. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Lose, lose, stall

    So this happens to me sometimes and is happening to me. Last week I lost 6lbs but this week, I’ve hit a stubborn stall. I am eating right as my program says and exercising, getting my protein/water. But I’m still stuck in a stall. It’s infuriating. Does this happen to anyone else? You lose, lose, and then stall?
  13. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Lose, lose, stall

    That makes sense! I will stop weighing until this coming Monday. Glad it’s not just me. I can see the difference but it’s just not reflected on the scale.
  14. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Covid vaccine

    I did. I had my surgery in December and got my vaccine in February. I had no ill side effects at all. So glad I did both!
  15. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    I went and put on my medical ID after reading this. Wont take it off now! Thank you for reminding me.
  16. ANewJourneyAwaits


    Thank you everyone! ❤️❤️❤️
  17. ANewJourneyAwaits


    This was me for the first 1.5-2 months. The Veritas CBD Melatonin Gummies have saved me.
  18. ANewJourneyAwaits


    My birthday was the 27th. I took a week off to enjoy it and a fully vaccinated life. I bought this Spanish red dress in February when it didn’t fit (I bought it two sizes too small at a 14). I promised myself that I would get into it by my birthday and here we are! I went to eat at the Ritz Carlton in Sarasota for my birthday dinner with one of my best friends and my mom. I had such a wonderful time in my favorite dress! It felt so good to doll up again. :)
  19. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Before and After Pics

    Took the picture on the left today. Almost 70lbs down in total. A little of 3 months out. I can’t believe it. I have long legs?! What?! Just prod that even if I can’t see the changes every day, they are there. So thankful I got this surgery.
  20. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Can I see some before and after pics?

    This was me on the left in October 2020. The right was me today, 30 minutes ago. About 60lbs difference between the two. 3x to a 1x. 22 to a 16/18. 44DD to 40D. I still have about 90-100lbs to go but very happy with my decision to go through with it. Absolutely changed my life. Once I am cleared to do actual harder strength training (above 20lbs), I will incorporate it into my routine.
  21. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Covid Vaccine

    I had my second dose yesterday. I’m just super tired today. I had a bit of a headache and that’s it. Just tired.
  22. ANewJourneyAwaits


    I do feel so much better! Honestly. I still have a ways to go. 59lbs is total. I lost 25lbs before surgery. The rest is after. I’m a super slow loser (2.2lbs per week is my average) but for some reason this past week it was 6, and I didn’t do much different. Not sure why that happened. My main thing I do is I take walks 3xs a week and I eat protein first always. I incorporated healthy carbs due to my energy levels being so bad (so my NUT advised more healthy carbs) and I try for 70-80 oz of water. I see a counselor to talk through stuff and that has helped a lot. Other than that, I don’t have any real different approach. I rarely eat sugar as it makes me sick with dumping syndrome. I have my 3 month check in and I should be cleared for weight training. Just hang tight! It may be slow going like mine is but you do start seeing the differences. I’m a newbie too—only 3 months. :)
  23. ANewJourneyAwaits


    One more. This dress used to be too tight after I gained so much weight back and I stopped wearing it. Also my arms used to look like hulk arms. Tried it on to go walking around a small but lovely city (socially distanced and with masks of course, just took it off for the photo) and it fit like a dream. Size 16. Also my arms aren’t looking like hulk arms anymore. This is the first pic in a long time that Im actually okay with. I lost 6lbs this week, so I’m 59lbs down. Almost to 60 gone forever. Okay, now going to sleep. Love this thread and seeing everyone’s outfits. Such inspiration and well dressed people.
  24. ANewJourneyAwaits

    Fairlife is awesome!

    Yep! Just received my 42g ultra protein yesterday! My friend who had gastric sleeve let me know about them after surgery. I never did like premier protein except for with coffee. It has a weird after taste to me.
  25. ANewJourneyAwaits

    What is your why?

    Yours is almost identical to mine. My Dr said I was in perfect health except for my weight. And I could see my blood pressure slowly rising. Also I want my mom to see me at my peak, I’ve been overweight my whole adult life and I wanted her to see my healthy as she is always concerned about my health (never mean! Ever! Just heart health and things like that). Also I’m tired of paying so much extra for plus size clothes and my knees aching! Plus, of course, if you are obese your risk for complications of COVID are higher too.

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