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  1. hi everyone the longer I wait for surgery the more odd questions keep coming up... so I’m hoping someone can be open with me and answer some or all of the questions ... If you didn’t know u had the surgery would you feel different to yourself physically? Meaning can you tell anything has been done. Do u feel weird? Once you’ve healed...does it feel like your missing part of your stomach and your intestines have been rearrange ? Either by comparing how you normally felt pre op or by if you touch your stomach does it feel weird? also any problems with sex or sleeping? I thought I read somewhere that to lay on your side you kind of had to scoop your side stomach up/intestines up and put on side sleeping pillow.... is that true? Or is there no difference? Im wondering if we have to be careful with the way we move or lay? If so is that just temporarily or forever? Or is it just like before but with a smaller stomachs and rearranged intestines. also is the gas and poo really that bad? Is it controlable? Is it just for the first few months? Is there tricks to control it. Does the poo Pourtie really work? if u watch what u eat does it really help with gas and poo? really wanting to know about if it’s had negative effects when intimate. I don’t want my future partner to know I had surgery. I want to keep it that way and I want to make sure there will be no physical problems with intimacy later on after recovery. Please any info would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi , I was wondering if anyone has had or is scheduled DS surgery with Dr. Inman at St Vincent in Carmel Indiana? whats your experience like and are you happy?
  3. The DS . I thought I would’ve had surgery over with by now but 2020 really put a damper on it all and it keeps getting pushed back. It’s been a year now. With any luck I will get it Feb. wanting Jan but don’t see it happening. so meanwhile more ?’s are popping up
  4. Thank you. I just didn’t know if your insides would feel weird or u comfortable. Do u have to worry about your intestines getting twisted easy. I know scary thought.
  5. Notwhatyousee

    Surgery postponed due to Covid

    I’m delayed too. It’s officially been a year since I started the program....It does feel very overwhelming and hopeless. Like it’s never going to happen. I completed 6 months went through all the hoops and loops and I tried to stay on top of it all and In November I got a phone call for Dec 23. I have a 7 yr old and I’m a single mom there’s no way I could do that to her. So I called to check on it today and I was informed that they may be shut down again and there’s forty ppl ahead of me between all of there doctors. So it probably won’t happen in January. I have insurance through January I will have to do a Redetermination mid January which shouldnt change insurance but there’s always that chance. Also the surgery center told me that if they shut down it could be months again and then all the people already scheduled will be rescheduled first. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Sucks.