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  1. hi, whats the 5 day pouch thing?
  2. yes you gain about 5lbs, i did
  3. All i have to say is "amen". That was a wonderful eye opener. I think i needed that too! Lol
  4. alteration


    well, with a weight loss of 26 lbs sounds like you didnt need a fill. i had my surgery on oct 1st and i went a month or so later and had lost 7 lbs and my dr wouldnt fill me cause he said that i didnt need filling, that i was losing just fine. he only fill if you lose less than 5 lbs in a month or gained. It also sound like you are too tight and you certainly dont want to be throwing up with the band due to slippage and other issues.
  5. alteration

    Trying to not be bummed out!

    hi, yes i had my surgery on october 1st and when i went to the dr on nov 6, he said that i have exceded my weightloss for the month, he said he would only fill me if i only lost 5 lbs or less or gained. he goes by the numbers he says, and plus he says that i wouldnt want to use up all my fills when i really didnt need to. i had lost 7 lbsm so he didnt do it. i go again on dec. 4th, im hoping that i only lost 5 lbs so that i can get a fill. lolol
  6. Hi there, I also think that you should just talk with him one more time and assure him that this is for you and your health. You said one important statement, the insecure part of you want to back down and do what he says". That is exactly what he expects you to do, be insecure. Do what is best for you so th at you wont have the insecure feeling anymore, you will feel very powerful and stand up for yourself. You want to be around to enjoy your life with his support of without it. I had to explain a few times too even though i had made up my mind when i made up my mind to do it, i just wanted him to know what my plans were. Men do get insecure that when the women lose the weight, that they will be more out going and have more confidence and maybe they will find someone else, so in turn, they want you to stay fat and depend totally on them!NOT!!!!!! DO YOU GIRL!
  7. hi all, does anyone know where i can go to attend a support group in miami? Preferably in the evenings, i think that would help me out alot. I was banded on October 1, 2008 and have lost 21 lbs since. I love my band and i do workout at the gym. I do feel that i dont have any restriction although my dr says that he cant fill me because i have exceded my monthly weight loss goals. I go again on the 4th and i hope to get a fill, i really think that i need one. Thanks:omg_smile:
  8. alteration

    New to group

    Hi, i was banded 10/1/08. My dr. wouldnt fill me on the 6th of nov. because he said that i have exceded my weiht loss for the month. I feel that i dont have any restriction though. I think that i really need a fill. I am exercising but it just seems that i should have a fill. I go again on Dec. 4th and i kinda hope that i didnt lost the recommended amount, lol and then he will fill me. I have lost 21 lbs since surgery.
  9. alteration

    Jacole's story...

    Hi, i was banded on October 1st, and has lost 16 lbs. I went to the dr today expecting my first fill. Not!!! He told me that i was doing really well and that i didnt need a fill! I was hot! I really think that i am eating too much but he says only if i didnt make the 5lb a month mark or gained a pound or two, then he would fill me. He also said that i didnt want to use all of my fill up on each visit, cause eventually i will run out and i wouldnt know where my accomplishments as far as eating were. So, dont be surprised if you dont get a fill. My dr. goes by the numbers not because i think i want a fill. lolol
  10. alteration

    Jacole's story...

    Well, let me just tell you something ms. lady! You are a success story! You have done great! Dont ever think that you aren't a success yet. Give yourself some credit.
  11. oh, thanks very much! I dont shower until i get home anyway. I figured as much about the sauna but i thought i'd ask someone to be sure. lolol. im feeling so great with my band, i often forget that i have it in! I have never had any stomach upset or vomiting ever. Everything is just falling into place! i love it!
  12. Hi, I was banded on October 1st. I workout at the gym and when im done, i go in the sauna for about 15 mins. It didnt dawn on me that maybe i shouldnt be getting my band overheated or maybe its not a good idea, i just feel so much better when my muscles are relaxed after a good workout. Can anyone tell me what they think? Thanks.:thumbup:
  13. this is true. the main purpose of the band is to get and stay full faster so you wont overeat. so if the food if mixed with liquids, what the purpose?
  14. alteration

    Dr said eat anything I want! What??

    wow, this is making me feel so good about what i have been doing. i was banded oct. 1st and about 3 weeks post op, i started nibbling on things that i thought that i couldnt have and now, i eat more chicken that i do anything else for the protein. i cant eat hardly as much as i used to but i do stay full much longer when i eat solids. i had some grits and eggs this morning about 9:30, and i still am not really hungry. i feel that i need to munch on something but not a whole meal, so this works for me. i get my first fill on nov. 6th and i will see what the dr has to say about my eating habits. i have lost 15 lbs since the surgery and i am exercising so that is a good thing.
  15. hey, what up? you will be back to your old self in no time. the first day i was regretting why i did it, but from that day on, i was feeling a whole lot better. the only thing is that you have to walk to relieve the gas! i also had my surgery on a wednesday and was back to work on monday. i have an office job too so it didnt require me to to a whole lot of bending and lifting. you will be glad you did this cause i forget most of the time that i even have the band , until i go to eat my favorite, grits and eggs and realize that i can only eat a portion of what i used to be able to eat. you know something funny, i was so upset that i couldnt finish it the first time, cause it scared me a little to know that this used to be my dish anytime of the day! but you will be fine. i go for my first fill on nov. 6th and i cant wait for it.
  16. ok, how do you do it? lolol. im stuck!
  17. Hello all, I was told that some places (maybe Stratx) will do the tummy tuck for all the bariatric patients compliments of our insuance. I couldnt believe what i was hearing from her but apparently she has done her homework. I had my surgery on Oct. 1st, so i have ways to think about that. I just wanted to let everybody know so that they can inquire if interested.:tongue2:
  18. oh great, thanks a lot.
  19. Can anyone tell me where i can find a support group to attend for post lapbant patients? Im in Miami Florida.
  20. alteration

    I got approved!!!!

    Congrats to you! You sound like i did when i called to find out the status! I even called a second time to verify that what they told me was true! loloolo I was so excited as well. I had my surgery on Oct. 1st and i am feeling great! I hope everything works for you in a timely manner. Good luck!
  21. I had my surgery on October 1st and I am ready to at least walk on the treadmill or the elliptical. I also have the richard simmons tapes. I think that the walk tapes are really good! I dont want to hurt anything inside or push too soon. does anybody know when it a good time. I haven't had any complications with the surgery so I think that I am good to work out. What do you all think?
  22. how much are the shooters, and how many come in the packet?
  23. yes thank you , i pasted to my wordpad and sent it to my email at home so that i can print it out, i dont have a printer in my office. thank you so much.
  24. Just wait till its dry, and rub with your fingers, it should roll right off
  25. yes, you have to walk, walk, walk for the gas. I also tried gas x, that really helped out alot too. Make sure you are taking you vitamins and your protein for the energy. Also the tiredness is from the left over drugs that they pumped you with, lololo, that will go away. I had my surgery on the 1st and I feel a whole lot better that those 2 weeks out. I am ready to start exercising! I can tell you that the gas is no joke, and once that is gone, you will feel like a whole new woman, i promise you that! take care