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  1. I had surgery 3/3 and surgery again 3/12. I had a rough start couldn’t eat or drink for 6 weeks in and out the hospital nothing tasted good. I’ve been a diabetic for 4 years so artificial sweeteners were my go to, but after surgery they caused distress. Today marks 12 weeks 3 months post surgery and two days ago I tried Chick-fila unsweet tea and diet lemonade and........ no distress from the artificial sweetener! I don’t know if it’s just the Splenda I can have or if my body was still working itself out in the beginning. I’m very happy so I thought I’d share this. I love Water, but it was nice to have something different.
  2. Chantrella

    Food Before and After Photos

    I’m 3 months out
  3. Yes! I love chicken i smoother(beef broth) bake( beef broth) and crockpot it(beef broth) so tender.
  4. Chicken was all I could tolerate at first but I make my chicken extra moist and falling off the bone tender. I only eat drumsticks because that’s all I’ve ever eaten from a chicken.
  5. Chantrella

    Grits RNY only

    Anyone ever tried grits after having RNY.
  6. Chantrella

    Grits RNY only

    Thank you I’m 3 months out. I’ll wait on them. I use to love breakfast food now nothing tastes good but multigrain Cheerios.
  7. Chantrella

    Artificial sweeteners

    When was your surgery? I have this same issue with sugar free drinks and crystal light. I tried Chick-fila unsweetened tea and diet lemonade 3 days ago it went well. They use Splenda
  8. Chantrella


    Omg I was craving spicy food after 8 weeks of surgery lol
  9. Chantrella

    RNY patients

    I’ve been a diabetic for 4 years before surgery and I could have any artificial sweetener, but since surgery any artificial sweetener causes me distress. Is this something with RNY or I got the short end of the stick?, lol
  10. Chantrella

    RNY patients

    I I’m happy I found water I like but I’m so sick of just water and unsweet tea 😢
  11. I wouldn’t be able to drink or gulp water fast. I would no longer be able to tolerate artificial sweeteners.
  12. Just want to say that my hospital stay was denied after surgery even though it was approved before the hospital sent me a bill for 54,000 yes you read that right! I called anthem in shock and the guy resubmitted took 30 days but they paid it.
  13. Chantrella

    The Frustration

    My surgery was 3/3/21 I was 268 and I told myself aim big so my first weight loss goal was 205. I had a stall in April of three weeks the scale wouldn’t budge to pass 215! Then it began to move only took a week and a half to get to 206.8 and now guess what?! It won’t budge! It refuses to give me my first goal, lol
  14. I can bend now and not almost die getting up
  15. Chantrella

    Bowel movement

    I feel your pain! Trust me!
  16. Chantrella

    What was your tipping point?

    Started considering when my blood sugar meter read over 500( I was always diet controlled before that) got my sugar under control. One morning stepped on the scale 268! Then I could only wear tights everywhere. Yup that was it.
  17. Chantrella

    Pizza at 7 or 8 weeks?

    Only eat the toppings(veggies and protein) and cheese.
  18. Freaking out here. I had surgery 3/3 I went from 268 to 215.8. I’ve been at 215.8 for almost three weeks now. I only eat healthy and I walk everyday( I have not been cleared to do anything else yet). I’m getting frustrated because the scale won’t move. It would be nice to see wonderland.
  19. Chantrella

    Postoperative surgery questions!

    2 bottles? You did better than me unfortunately I didn’t start drinking until week 6 when the swelling went down and the thrush went away. Looks like you’re getting there.
  20. Chantrella

    Does time of day impact fullness?

    I am the same that’s why I do intermittent fasting. I eat from 12pm-8pm.
  21. Chantrella

    Weight loss failed

    How many calories/carbs do you take in? What foods do you eat?( Walk in increments example morning 10mins, Afternoon 10mins, evening 10mins) Watching tv in a chair get ankle weights and do leg lifts. Many things you can do just keep moving it helps burn calories, but remember what we put in our bodies determines a lot.
  22. Chantrella


    I got through it by cooking and watching my family eat stuff I couldn’t eat 😂😂
  23. Chantrella

    Waiting period question

    Different insurances have different rules mine required working with a bariatric doctor for weight loss. Mini me in TN required her to work with her primary care doctor( she’s on YouTube).

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