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  1. Hey guys I had surgery March 3rd 2021. I am literally 2 days shy of 6 months and I am livid. I eat healthy, drink Water all day, exercise everyday one hour and I didn’t hit my second weight loss goal and I doubt I will by my 6 month mark. I am 5’4 my pre surgery weight was 268 and I’m now 173. My overall goal is 145. I have hit several stalls month 4 and 5 not sure why. What are your stats and have you hit any stalls? When did your weightloss slow down what did you do to get the pounds back to dropping. My dr is happy with my weightloss but I am devastated by the slow process.
  2. Just an update I am 167 now… The weight is just creeping off 😤. I am now 7 months 5 days post op. Thank you for all your responses!!!🌺
  3. Chantrella

    Food Before and After Photos

    So, I didn’t take a picture of my food( didn’t think about it), but I had boiled shrimp with egg whites…. OMG I managed to eat 8 shrimp large in a sitting and two eggs which is amazing for me. Next time I will definitely take a pic! It was so good!
  4. Hey Guess when did your weightloss plateau? I am 6 months out and struggling getting off my last 30 pounds. I eat super healthy, no alcohol, take my vitamins, drink my liquids and workout 5 days a week.
  5. Thank you I definitely need to stay off the scale for a few days!
  6. Try care.com. I hired a lady on there to bring and pick me up I just told her the situation because my husband now(boyfriend at the time) was over the road. Greatly, for me he ended up letting his job know he had to leave so he brought me instead.
  7. That was my pre surgery goal, but my new goal is 145. Thank you for your encouragement.
  8. Thank you so much! The stalls really had me discouraged. Congratulations on your achievements!
  9. I wanted to hit my second target weight. I’ll be thrilled when I’m no longer overweight. I hit so many stalls. I definitely didn’t think I would be 145 in 6 months, but I would’ve hoped I would be 170. I know it’s just 3 pounds, but it’s like my body is holding on to these three pounds for dear life!
  10. I had surgery March 3, 2021. I was 268 at the beginning of my journey and 262 at the time of surgery. I am 173 as of today. I know I have lost weight but when I look into the mirror I see the same size pre surgery.
  11. Thank you all for your responses. I am happy to see I am not alone. I haven’t even replaced my 2X clothes because I’m mentally comfortable In them. How can I be disappointed with them. I’ve always worn 2X tights and 2X shirt. I have no idea what my true size is now. Everything I have is big on me but it’s my safe place for now.
  12. Chantrella

    Developed Diabetes After Surgery

    My A1C without insulin was 13 with insulin it was 5.4. Now I’m maintaining a 5
  13. Very true, due to swelling I couldn’t drink until week 8. I was admitted to the hospital for a week and given a pic-line. It was painful, but I think my biggest problem was the thrash throwing off my taste. After week 8 I was able to drink water but not artificial sweeteners. After week 16 I was able to tolerate artificial sweeteners.
  14. Freaking out here. I had surgery 3/3 I went from 268 to 215.8. I’ve been at 215.8 for almost three weeks now. I only eat healthy and I walk everyday( I have not been cleared to do anything else yet). I’m getting frustrated because the scale won’t move. It would be nice to see wonderland.
  15. Chantrella

    Swollen belly!

    Yes, I had RNY and my belly got really swollen after especially after I had something with artificial sweeteners. They ran all the test CT scan nothing came up. I’m just really sensitive and had to wait for the swelling to go down and the sutures to heal. July 3rd I make 4 months out. Feeling fine now. It improved for me week 8.
  16. Yeah it lasted 3 weeks I’ve lost 21 pounds since then.
  17. I had surgery 3/3 and surgery again 3/12. I had a rough start couldn’t eat or drink for 6 weeks in and out the hospital nothing tasted good. I’ve been a diabetic for 4 years so artificial sweeteners were my go to, but after surgery they caused distress. Today marks 12 weeks 3 months post surgery and two days ago I tried Chick-fila unsweet tea and diet lemonade and........ no distress from the artificial sweetener! I don’t know if it’s just the Splenda I can have or if my body was still working itself out in the beginning. I’m very happy so I thought I’d share this. I love water, but it was nice to have something different.
  18. Chantrella

    Food Before and After Photos

    I’m 3 months out
  19. Yes! I love chicken i smoother(beef broth) bake( beef broth) and crockpot it(beef broth) so tender.
  20. Chicken was all I could tolerate at first but I make my chicken extra moist and falling off the bone tender. I only eat drumsticks because that’s all I’ve ever eaten from a chicken.
  21. Chantrella

    Grits RNY only

    Anyone ever tried grits after having RNY.
  22. Chantrella

    Grits RNY only

    Thank you I’m 3 months out. I’ll wait on them. I use to love breakfast food now nothing tastes good but multigrain Cheerios.
  23. Chantrella

    Artificial sweeteners

    When was your surgery? I have this same issue with sugar free drinks and crystal light. I tried Chick-fila unsweetened tea and diet lemonade 3 days ago it went well. They use Splenda

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