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Mini Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. JaneW24

    Nov 2020 Bypass Peeps?

    Not yet, I’m on liquids for another week or so yet. I bought “The Complete Bariatric Cookbook and Meal Plan” by Megan Moore and it has loads of helpful information in it as well as some interesting recipe ideas.
  2. JaneW24

    Nov 2020 Bypass Peeps?

    Thanks Jeanne, I’d love to stay in touch. I haven’t actually been sick but I often feel nauseous. Like you, I think I probably need more protein. x
  3. JaneW24

    UK forum users

    Thanks so much, it’s comforting to know it’s not just me. I had a MGB in 17 November and came home from hospital on Thursday, so this is day 4 for me.
  4. I told my work I was having a colectomy to treat diverticulitis. It’s similar to bypass surgery.
  5. JaneW24

    Nov 2020 Bypass Peeps?

    I had my mini gastric bypass on 17 November. They were threatening to cancel it but it went ahead in the end. I’m struggling quite a bit with nausea, pain and fatigue, but everyone keeps telling me it will pass. I certainly hope so!
  6. JaneW24

    UK forum users

    Hey all, I am a newbie both to WLS and to the forum. I am struggling with nausea and pain at the moment and it’s really bringing me down. I am pleased I went ahead with the surgery but I hadn’t appreciated fully how slow the recovery is 😞