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  1. You Are My Sunshine

    Drinking Water

    Well, now at 2 months post op, the liquids are going a lot better. I still need to make it my day's work to get it in (remembering and being consistent with having a bottle by me all the time), but I'm able to swallow more volume at a time, which helps. I also started back using my water bottle with a straw (which does not make my belly fill with air). I am at home, though, so that helps. When I was working (pre-surgery) I struggled a LOT getting my liquids in, just because it was so dang busy.
  2. You Are My Sunshine

    I’m back / Cold Feet

    I started pondering this surgery about 10 years ago. There were many things that factored into when I eventually was able to have it and make it to the other side. Nothing wrong with taking your time. It's understandable that you would have second-thoughts. That's normal. Maybe you could pinpoint some of the reasons your hesitant? It sounds like you have health reasons that would indicate a change... but what are the concerns that run through your head?
  3. You Are My Sunshine

    Drinking Water

    I'm going on 7 weeks post op and have struggled. I haven't hit 60 oz in quite a while. I did go to the doctor to check in, but they didn't feel like I was dehydrated enough. I wish I could get an IV to see if it made a difference, honestly. I can go all day without peeing. Yesterday I was able to hit goal, so I hope that I can continue that.
  4. You Are My Sunshine

    1-week post op; feeling all over the place

    It definitely helps make my liquid goals when I can count my protein drinks in. Otherwise I'd fail daily.
  5. You Are My Sunshine

    How slow do you guys ACTUALLY eat?

    Interesting! I'm almost 3 weeks out and I feel like I eat fast, but then I realize it just took me 15 minutes to eat a Tablespoon of egg salad, so maybe I'm wrong. That would have been a bite before! But I can't just sit here and twiddle my thumbs for the 20-30 minutes I'm supposed to take for meals, so I do read or something between bites.
  6. You Are My Sunshine

    October 2022 surgery support

    Wow, a LOT of surgeries on Halloween. 🎃 One thing about that pre-op diet, though, is when you go through 2 weeks of liquid diet, it kind of becomes the "norm" - and I think it made the post-op part (since it's basically the same diet) easier and less of a transition. I am in no way saying it's fun at all, but it serves for more than a liver shrink. I also never want to do it again, so I feel your pain! Two more sleeps! Best wishes to you all.
  7. You Are My Sunshine

    hospital stay post sleeve surgery

    Mine was relatively uneventful. I did bring my iPad and a book. I used the iPad a little, didn't touch the book. I lived in the hospital gown (one for front, one as a "robe"). I brought one shake (the shakes there were horrific). Basically I sipped, walked, tried to sleep, started some Netflix series that I don't quite remember, showered, then went home in the same clothes I came in. I wanted my UNpacking to be minimal and it was. I also brought toothbrush and toothpaste, but they had them there, so I didn't use them at all. Oh, lotion and chapstick, I brought those. Best wishes!
  8. You Are My Sunshine

    1-week post op; feeling all over the place

    Well definitely do whatever your program tells you to do. It's crazy how they are all different! But also this protein water is pretty darn new to the game, too. My counting of the protein stuff definitely adds to my ability to hit all my fluids. But, as things heal up and time goes on, I hope to get back to drinking enough water to hydrate. At least I don't have to sip so much anymore, and can take more reasonable drinks. That helps, too, ha.
  9. You Are My Sunshine

    1-week post op; feeling all over the place

    I'm just a little over 2 weeks post-op. But I do believe those count, regardless of length out for my program. I can check if you'd like me to. Eventually the protein shakes no longer count, but the liquids do.
  10. You Are My Sunshine

    Fat Acceptance Movement - how do you feel?

    Other people have articulated very well. I think there are different parts of the "fat movement" that get balled up into the acceptance piece. I like that there are more bigger bodies out there doing "regular things" like yoga, cooking, running, kayaking, dancing, living... and it's not as shocking as it may have been years before. I think that's important, especially for those people whose body is happier at a larger weight. Not everyone wants surgery or wants to starve themselves to a calorie deficit to be "thinner" when they feel good at the weight they are at. And some of them are at 200+ pounds. I think that's important to recognize. I'm not sure any human, unless super tall can be truly "healthy" at 400 pounds, though. But they shouldn't be barred or shunned from life because they are that weight. But, they should not be lied to by a doctor. I'll be honest, though, sometimes I question the amount of medical complications blamed on obesity as a whole just because it's easier to assign blame to. I've been relatively healthy as a bigger girl (especially when I was younger). I'm still able to do cartwheels at almost 50 and close to 300 pounds. I can understand how some people are happy with more padding - or don't care. But my weight is catching up to me, and I want more freedom in my own body.
  11. You Are My Sunshine

    Celebrating 100 Pre-Op!

    Congratulations! That's amazing.
  12. Same here. Everything but calcium, Iron, and D3. However, after taking them I get an achy tummy. It's really hard to take them on pure liquids, honestly. It just sits there and makes her unhappy I think. My guess is until I'm on soft foods and can take them with food, they might continue to do that. I try to get them in with my protein drink when I can. Still figuring out my rhythm.
  13. You Are My Sunshine

    October 2022 surgery support

    You will be fine - deep breaths! Best advice I got was to remember that excitement can sometimes be mistaken for fear. In my case that was absolutely (partly) true! It's hard, it's the unknown, but now finally being on the other side of things it feels... familiar in some ways. I had a lot of anticipation anxiety.
  14. You Are My Sunshine


    So awesome! Congratulations.
  15. You Are My Sunshine

    1-week post op; feeling all over the place

    I agree about adding some milk to thin out the shakes. I do that. I also add a pinch of salt sometimes. I can do about 4 oz of protein drink at a time. I also have a good broth that I generally have for "lunch" and "dinner" and I put a non-flavored protein in the dinner one, so that helps me a lot. I'm just dipping my toes in puree, so I'm not really eating enough of that where it is worth putting protein in it - there's just not enough food. So, for now, I'm stuck with the shakes, clear protein, and broth. There are a ton of unflavored proteins out there, though, that maybe you could put in a warm drink? I am supposed to do 2 multis a day and I do 1 chewable and 1 capsule. I tried taking apart the capsule and it was worse than the chewable!
  16. You Are My Sunshine

    October 2022 surgery support

    I had mine on the 11th. Things went pretty darn well and I was sent home the next day. I think I had 3 of my pain pills (including in the hospital). I only took 1/2 pills... I do not need to plug myself up and I don't want an oxy addiction. I, too, have moments where I kind of forget that I had surgery, it's weird. I'm on full liquids right now and am able to meet my goal of 64oz a few days, but never my protein goal. I'm allowed to try some very thin puree, but haven't yet. I want to and I don't want to. Broth and water have been my friend. I made a HUGE batch of bone broth and have that at least twice a day. Sometimes I put protein in that, but my tummy can tell when I do. I put some spices in it today and then had kind of a freak out moment because - what if a spice gets stuck in a healing staple wound?! I get panicked sometimes about little things like that. I'm able to take a mouthful of water and break it down into about 4-5 swallows, which helps with my intake (sip, sip, sipping is hard). I've been moving and walking, but every day is a little different. Some days my energy levels are good, and others I'm a bit more tired. I had one poo like 3 or so days out, but it was very little, and nothing since even though I've taken stool softeners, magnesium, and magnesium powder. Today I tried some milk of magnesia in hopes that I will go tomorrow. That's my 1-week wrap up! LOL. Hope you are all doing well. And for those of you still on the docket for surgery - best wishes!
  17. You Are My Sunshine

    Liquid Diet PO

    I'm only a couple days post op, and the answers here are so true. Some things are just hard on the tum-tum right away. My nutritionist said that collagen is not a complete protein and isn't absorbed like the isolate that we need after surgery, but you can still take collagen for other reasons. I don't know how long it will be before I'm able to have an entire shake in a day, but I'm a reaaaaaaaly cheap date right now. 🙃
  18. You Are My Sunshine

    Weight gaine 3 weeks post op from sleeve

    I can see how this can be alarming. I'm trying to remember all this as I go through the process. I still have the worries in my head that this won't work and I'll be one of the people who don't find success... my body so darned and determined to hover around 290 pounds for life. Logic is what you're all talking about with stalls, calories, water retention - but the mind can be so tricky. ' ♥️
  19. You Are My Sunshine

    Stomach spasms??

    Yaaaaas those burps feel fantastic when they finally get out. I can't tell if I'm causing them or if they're still from the surgery blow up. Yes, I feel a rumbling (which makes me think hunger, but that's not it). It's like churning or something and it makes a lot of noise! Gurgles is a great way to describe it.
  20. You Are My Sunshine

    Stomach spasms??

    VSG here and I've been having some "feedback" from the tummy. It feels kind of like being hungry and a lot like a bad burp that needs to happen. I think it comes on when I swallow a wee bit too much, but I'm not 100% sure. Trying to learn how it reacts now. As someone said, I'm sure she's angry at me!
  21. You Are My Sunshine

    Pre-Op Constipation

    I requested being able to eat vegetables (low-carb ones) during my liquid phase and it was approved. I feel like I'm cheating when I eat them, though, but I have to remind myself it was OK'd. It definitely helps, but not 100%.
  22. You Are My Sunshine

    October 2022 surgery support

    Hooray! I'm the day before you. Closing in...
  23. You Are My Sunshine

    Terrified and thinking of cancelling

    I'm having sleeve, not RNY, so I can't speak to that specifically, but I can speak to being terrified. This is not my first time coming up on surgery. I cancelled the day of. Since then I've had time to make a plan for myself and think, think, think. Right now I'm 4 (?) 5 (?) days out and I'm on an even keel of nerves. I'm with everything everyone else has said. You can always ask more questions, and that might help ease your mind. I know some people say they stay off of WLS social media, too. You have to find what's right for you and your situation. It's hard to know the date of something and to countdown; it gives you lots of time to think and worry ♥️. I also think it's a great idea to start your liquid diet and see where you end up. If it gets closer and you're feeling like you can do it, great. If it goes the other way, that's OK too.
  24. You Are My Sunshine

    Experience with transfer addiction

    Great thread. People talk about transfer addiction to alcohol and drugs (and maybe sex), but rarely other things. Many people have "addictions/obsessions" that never had surgery and don't realize their hyper-focus on those things. So it's great that you're willing to take another look at your situation to discern if it has become an unhealthy focus in your life.

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