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    Crying over granola

    I also love Greek yogurt and granola. Where I would have eaten it every day before surgery, I now eat it just occasionally. I eat Nature's Path Love Crunch because the sugar, fat and calories are lower than the type I used to eat. I also switched to high protein/zero sugar Greek yogurt. I eat pretty much everything I used to eat, but in healthier versions and a lot smaller portions. Find what works for you to avoid feeling deprived and sad that you need to "give up" certain foods. Good luck!!
  2. elleemann

    September Surgeries!

    How did the surgery go @Jinxavier? I felt the same way right before. I think it was just cold feet. I'm 1 week post op and SO GLAD I did it!!
  3. elleemann

    September Surgeries!

    I had my GB on Sept 8th in Federal Way, WA. My surgeon was GREAT and everything went really well. I was in the hospital overnight and was allowed to go home around noon the next day. The amount of water that I had to drink in the hospital was pretty rough; I thought I was going to burst open I felt so full! The recovery from the procedure hasn't been as painful as I anticipated, which was a great relief. I expected it to feel similar post-op to my c-sections, which were pretty awful. BUT I wouldn't say that this came even close, being laproscopic. I still get a twinge at 1 incision when I cough or sneeze, but that's all. I had 6 tiny incisions total. I stepped on the scale once (yesterday) since surgery. Down a few already. I'm thrilled with this. Good luck to all of you who have upcoming procedures.
  4. I'm having my surgery (hopefully soon) with Dr Swedler, his colleague. I'm currently waiting for the office to call me back to set a surgery date. I have done everything, insurance approved and after 9 long months, I'm in the home stretch 🙃

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