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  1. Blue.ring.key

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Had my surgery 11/28/2019. Changed my life for the better. The added bonus of being healthy? all the compliments 😋 I was 130kgs. I have lost approx 55kgs. I am currently 74kgs and still going strong! Struggling with the last 14kgs but I'm getting there! Here are my two before and two after!
  2. Blue.ring.key

    Covid Positive + 1.5 months Post Op Sleeve!

    I do feel much better! thank you for your comment! I'm glad you remember me! - out of isolation now and got my negative test! but man has it done a toll on my body! Aww thanks! haha trying to keep my mental state in check! getting better everyday!
  3. Blue.ring.key

    Diet soda

    I crave sodas in general. What helps curb the cravings is carbonated water - BUT BOY DO I BURP A STORM! I tried to drink Diet Sprite or 7up. (not a black soda fan) and unfortunately, i couldn't. Tastes too sweet now. So I stick to carbonated water and sometimes i add a tiny drop of some sort of syrup to make it similar to a soda i guess. However, I think like the rest of the replies ill be letting go of this soda habit as well *sad*. But hey that's why we all did these surgeries - to let go of bad habits that got us where we are today.
  4. Where I live unfortunately insurance doesn't cover anything. However, my doctor did say that bariatric surgery is eligible between 40 - 35 BMI especially if you have other problems ie. diabetes and or other problems. But NovaLuna is right to keep checking with the insurance. But also I suggest if you've made up your mind about your surgery - just maintain the weight you have right now. Once the surgery date is fixed you will anyway go through an intensive program for about two weeks prior in which you will lose some weight. Better to keep your insurance intact - Bariatric Surgeries are certainly not cheap. Good Luck ❤️
  5. Blue.ring.key

    Covid Positive + 1.5 months Post Op Sleeve!

    Thank you so much! Motivation and Sips of liquids is whats keeping me alive ❤️ appreciate the positive remarks!
  6. Oh jeez! 🙄 Life right now could have not been further off track for me. Here is the sum of all that's happened in a week! 1. I lost my 2-year Marketing Specialist job here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates - my role due to COVID is REDUNDANT and no longer required as APPRENTLY they don't have enough $$$ - but i know the whole story at the back end and who said what and all the politics. 2. I was on a weight-loss stall which FINALLY got over but then ^^^ that happened 3. I started feeling sick especially because i started vomiting up at least once a day 4. WHICH LED TO ME GETTING COVID 19 because HEY! us bariatric pals don't have a good immune system! So post op almost 2 months and IM SUPER SICK! i have Asthma as well. I have alllll the covid symptoms you can think of and I'm isolated in my home. Thankfully all my close contacts are fine but MAN O MAN does covid suck more when u CAN'T EAT ANYTHING! All I want is a big ass burger and a milkshake or SOME SORT OF SAVORY food item but i can't even keep down protein let alone SOUP! It's been horrible - my nutritionist said i should just try to EAT or DRINK whatever i can at this moment. But BUT! there is a brighter yet a little worrying side. Ive lost about 3kgs! in 3 days. (sorta happy in a selfish way) but i have such a strong feeling ill gain it back as soon as I'm covid free. but hey! 1.5 months and I've lost nearly 20 kgs! WOOT WOOT! haha.. trying to not die between these 4 walls so I'm trying to look at the brighter side. However every inch of my body hurts as i cough up a storm. Is anyone in a situation like me? I hope not but if u are - let's relate? Btw i posted an image here pre-op in my first post ever id like to post it again next to a recent one -> could use the motivation to stay breathing 1. Me at 130kgs 2. Me at 116 kgs same dress 3. Me at 113kg
  7. Try your best to get water in - even if not taking ur vitamins at least water prior to taking a pain pill. Try Malox or other acid reflux/gas related syrups. You might have to stay off solid foods till the pain goes away and u can take down water and other liquids. If water isn't working for you - you can always have flavored water or even go back to square 1 - Apple or Berry juices. But again - if really the pain is there today as well suggest instead of ER perhaps seeing your doctor with an appointment
  8. Wow! that's amazing! hopefully it'll break soon for me too! yeah I'm following my eating plan but unfortunately, past two days haven't been able to keep down my LUNCH. dinner and breakfast is fine but strangely lunch although something I've eaten before. just won't stay down!
  9. So I am sadly in the same boat as you now... SW-130kg CW - 115.6KG - 1 month and 10 days post-op, struggling as I've reached the mysterious halt in weight loss everyone goes through haven't seen a change on the scale for a week or so. MOTIVATION NEEDED - the first month was SOOO good. Scared I won't lose so much in the 2nd month reading through the posts did help but - just want to be sure I WILL OVERCOME THIS RIGHT? *Freaking out a little*
  10. Are you walking around enough? - Could be gas as well. You should surely go to the ER if it's unbarebale but i had constant pain first 2 weeks of my surgery. (29, November 2020) 1 month in - if i eat something now that doesn't settle with me as fast as lets say liquids does, same place ur indicating starts hurting but with a little walk right after eating.- the pain subsides. My doctor said that's normal as my body is adjusting to solids.
  11. SW-130kg CW - 115.6KG - 1 month and 10 days post-op, struggling as I've reached the mysterious halt in weight loss everyone goes through haven't seen a change on the scale for a week or so. MOTIVATION NEEDED - the first month was SOOO good. Scared I won't lose so much in the 2nd month :( 

    1. Neensyb


      Change up your food plan, swap meals around, walk in the morning and the evening, have more water.....just a couple of things that have helped me in the past.

    2. Blue.ring.key


      Thank you! will definitely try that - and have been trying a lot of other things. Hopefully this also passes. HOWEVER! i did start reducing weight again! now I'm just vomiting a lot =s

    3. Neensyb


      Oh no, that's not good. Go back to liquids for a few days then puree, soft foods etc. It's a really big physical change for our body, I am finding the slower I introduce new things the better it is.

      Good luck!

  12. Blue.ring.key

    Undecided - Newbie - figuring my way around

    Always! I feel like i can relate to this community so much more now that I've gone through the process and still going through it! this forum definitely helps when i get stuck with a question! all the answers are here! Thank you for taking the time to reply and absolutely! do keep me in the loop! always here to listen to the struggles but hopefully it'll go smoothly for you! again good luck!
  13. Blue.ring.key

    6 weeks post op, everything seems to get stuck.

    Right here with you! - Some foods go down easier than others. I have to constantly remind myself even if I'm extremely busy to CHEW and to SLOW down between bites and to enjoy - we gastric surgery people in the first few months can only eat a few bites during a sitting - might as well chew those bites and enjoy right? ^ ill be reminding myself this each and every time. If I go to fast *like i did today without realizing* it all comes back out as fast as it went in. When that happens I barely reach 400 calories for that day because it just ruins my appetite for the whole day. So eating slowly bite by bite and chewing is certainly the way to go!
  14. Blue.ring.key

    Undecided - Newbie - figuring my way around

    Oh please do NOt go through the horrible pain i went through as soon as i woke up from the surgery! do let your doctor know ur tolerance level and don't hesitate to ask him for stronger pain killers! SCREAM if need be to let the nurses hear you! My father had to force the doctor to put me on stronger pain killers because i was in TREMENDOUS pain. Also, tip, it helps to walk the same day after the surgery even if your scared. don't be! walking will help the gas release that they use during the surgery! I wish you all the luck in the world!! I respect the people now who go through these surgeries it is NOT easy and i hate those who think we took a EASY way out. Definitly NOT easy way out. It's a hard decision to take and I'm rooting for you!
  15. Blue.ring.key

    What does full feel like?

    Still relatively new to my surgery - started solid foods abt a week or so ago. Feeling full was hard on liquids... but on semi solids - for me my breathing becomes heavier, harder to swallow the bite.. and then i know if i take one more ill either hurl or have to get up and start walking to help my digestive system work faster. Tightness in the chest definitely a thing for me too like the others who have replied here. Also - sometimes the thing I'm already use to eating - will make me full faster. for example if i eat an egg, i might be able to eat the whole egg 1 day and the next day only half. So i guess it alllll depends on how I've slept that day, what I've done etc. Definitly the feeling full takes time to grasp or even mentally clue in.

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