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Gastric Bypass Patients
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  1. ClintoftheRocks

    Testerone Replacement Therapy

    Anyone have any experience with following up surgery with hormone replacement therapy? I would appreciate any thoughts or advice. Thanks in advance.
  2. ClintoftheRocks

    Today’s win

    I just set up my weight bench. Bought some new clothes. I went from 4-6x to 2x....and size 50-52 pants to 38.
  3. Just wondering if my calorie intake is okay. Mine has been creeping up after surgery. It's been a month and I'm at about 500-700 a day. Can you guys share how many calories you guys eat per day and how long it's been since your surgery? Thanks
  4. ClintoftheRocks

    What was/is your greatest fear?

    My fear is the stretching of the pouch.
  5. Wow, that was horrible. About to go to phase 4 and eat solid foods. Was eating some pureed beans and some mashed up potato salad. took about 2 bites too many. All the sudden it got hard to breathe....and 15 minutes later I threw it all up. Not a pleasant experience lol. But it was a good reminder to follow the rules. Stretching my stomach is a CONSTANT fear of mine. I know to stick to the plan, but I'm always afraid I will fail.
  6. I think I'm swallowing air in the night. Sometimes having to sit up and burp because of the air in my new pouch. I'm worried this is stretching my pouch. Is this something I should be concerned about?
  7. I personally went for the bypass option. It was one extra day in the hospital and the malabsorption helps with keeping the weight off.