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    Donleonrst reacted to mattk53 in 5 week post op   
    My first meal out was also mexican food. I ate some chorizo and eggs and a few spoonfuls of refried Beans. Didn't touch the rice. I think that was about week four.
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    Donleonrst reacted to kellym1220 in 5 week post op   
    For Mexican food, I ordered shrimp fajitas and ate about 2 shrimp and some refried Beans. I ate the leftover shrimp for two more days! LOL
    For sushi, I ordered the sashimi appetizer (9 pieces) and ate 6 pieces at first and 9 pieces now.
    Of course, if you are not at the solid stage, I would suggest only refried beans and/or some sort of Soup.
    Good luck!
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    Donleonrst got a reaction from GreenTealael in 5 week post op   
    I am beginning my fifth week postop and I’m starting to eat a little bit of solids I am a little concerned on what I can and what I should and should not eat. Especially now my wife has been drying for me to take her to dinner. Any suggestions? I do feel more hungry more often so I’m a little concerned
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    Just crack an egg. I could prepare the ingredients myself but this is great for when I’m lazy. I use an egg white instead of a whole egg.

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    Donleonrst reacted to Donleonrst in Purée diet 3rd week post op   
    Any ideas or purée food I can make at home or I can buy . The list they gave me is a little hard to understand I’ve been really solid on this liquid diet I’m ready for something different any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    Donleonrst reacted to ChubRub in Purée diet 3rd week post op   
    Ricotta cheese (bake it with red sauce and mozz cheese or to have sweet eat it cold with vanilla extract & splenda
    Greek Yogurt - so many varieties and flavors
    Scrambled eggwhites w/ cheese
    Refried Beans w/ cheese

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    Donleonrst got a reaction from Pandemonium in Purée diet 3rd week post op   
    Thank you
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    Donleonrst reacted to Pandemonium in Purée diet 3rd week post op   
    I still eat the pureed chicken salad that I made when I got the "all clear" for pureed foods.
    I use canned chicken breast that I run through my food processor until it is almost the consistency of sand and then mix it with greek yogurt, hummus, salt, pepper, and a little garlic powder. Okay, I also throw in a tablespoon of gochujang because I like and can tolerate spice, but that is purely my preference. It comes out with a creamy consistency and went down fine for pureed phase.
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    Donleonrst reacted to RickM in Strong sex drive post op   
    It can also be influenced by hormone dumping, where the hormones that are stored in the fat gets dumped into your bloodstream as it burns off. It can also sometimes lead to what would normally be considered "ladies problems" of mood swings, etc. associated with that time of the month (wait - I'm not normally bitchy...!)
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    Donleonrst reacted to The Greater Fool in Strong sex drive post op   
    Welcome to the forums.
    It could be you're feeling better about yourself. It could be almost anything.
    I had a comparable effect a bit further down the line. I started running when I got down to a weight that doing so wouldn't kill me. It sorta got away from me and when I was running about 50 miles a week I got pretty randy after my runs. Like you, even more than in my 20s.
    I don't know how normal it is, but we got the two of us. I'm willing to call it normal. Never been normal before.
    Now, help me out so I know the advice to give... Is this a good thing, or a bad thing?
    Good Luck,

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