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  1. samiaam25

    Anyone for October 2020?

    They put an abdominal binder on me while I was in the hospital and I came home with it on. It really helped support my incisions. I’m six days post op and took it off at day four. I’d definitely recommend one if your incisions are painful. Check with your doctor first though 😊
  2. I’d also suggest waiting to talk to your doctor. But I will say, I am 6 days post op and the nurses also brought me Tylenol to take orally the day after surgery after IV pain med orders were discontinued by my doc. I didn’t take them because they were too difficult to swallow.
  3. I had a few fears: 1. Dying, as many others mentioned 2. The recovery time/process. For whatever reason the pain and stages of food afterwards really freaked me out. 3. Changing my relationship with food and missing some of my old favorites. 4. Complications like staple line leaks. I am currently five days out from my surgery so I can’t offer any long term advice or insight, but I can tell you was ecstatic when I woke up and was actually alive. The pain isn’t as bad as I imagined it would be, but it’s there (incision pain and internal stomach pain when sipping)... and one thing that happened that I didn’t initially fear was that my surgeon found a mass on my liver while she was operating so now I have that to worry about once I heal from my sleeve surgery. I’ll have to have an MRI and biopsy in a few weeks. But, I’m still glad I did this, my long term health is finally a priority for me and I needed this tool to get there.
  4. I am 4 days post op from the sleeve. I’m still in pain and having a hard time getting fluids in which is making me feel pretty lazy and not very mobile. How mobile were you 4 days out? Were you back to normal activities or just sitting around? I hate this feeling, I want to be up and getting back to a normal routine but I just don’t have the energy.
  5. I also had my sleeve done on the 14th and have that same stuck feeling in my chest when I drink anything. It’s awful! This is much harder than I thought as well. I really hope it gets easier soon because I am miserable :(
  6. This will be a post full of many TMIs! I’m 3 days post op from VSG and am still experiencing a ton of pain, even with the pain meds. The worst pain is in my chest. My doctor said it’s just from gas but I’ve been passing gas and it isn’t getting any better. I’ve been walking a few times a day and that helped with passing more gas, actually it worked a bit too well because I pooped myself when I thought it was gas coming 🤦🏻‍♀️. Told you, TMI! It was a clear slimy consistency so I don’t think it counts as a real bowl movement. I hope I have one soon because I don’t want to take a laxative. I also have a few seconds of excruciating pain whenever I sip something. It doesn’t matter what it is, it hurts right in the middle of my chest, I assume that’s where my new stomach begins. It’s making it really difficult to get any liquids down because of this pain. Last night I noticed both of my hands were swollen. It freaked me out a bit so I called the after hours line for my surgeon. They said it wasn’t anything to worry about.. Today the swelling is down but my arms are tingly for no apparent reason. A heating pad has been helping with the incision pain, that’s really improved over the last two days. I know I’m still healing and it’s a process but this is so hard right now!
  7. samiaam25


    I’m taking chewable flinstones and those calcium chews. I had asked my surgeon about the patches because I like the idea of them.. but she said they aren’t absorbed as well.
  8. That is so true and such a great way to look at it. Thank you 😊
  9. My sleeve surgery was yesterday and I’m still in the hospital. When my surgeon stopped by she said while they were operating they found a lesion on my liver. Now I need an MRI so they can classify it as malignant or benign. They said I should heal from sherry before I get the MRI... I’m so worried and waiting will be so hard.
  10. My surgery is in two days and I just received my negative covid test results which meant it’s officially feeling “real” to me. I’ve been on my liquid diet for two weeks and am getting so scared and nervous. Scared to death, actually. I’ve never had surgery before so that’s probably contributing to my nerves. Im sure surgery will go fine, but I’m most scared of the pain post-op and the recovery time/process. I’ve been reading everyone’s post-op stories and I hope I’m strong enough for this.
  11. samiaam25

    3 months versus 6 months????

    I wasn’t required to complete a pre op diet at all with IBC’s Personal Choice.
  12. samiaam25

    Pre-op is NOT liquids

    Definitely consider yourself lucky. I’m at the end of the first week of my two week all liquid diet and am starving. It’s so hard.
  13. samiaam25

    Protein shake

    Fair life shakes are also my favorite! I’m still in my pre op two week liquid diet and they are literally giving my life right now. I put some cinnamon in the vanilla shake and it’s SO good.
  14. samiaam25

    Pre op diet

    Oh my goodness, I wish this was my pre op diet. I’m on day two of my two week diet and my surgeon allows only protein shakes and clear liquids. No food whatsoever. I’m dying over here 😩😭🤦🏻‍♀️
  15. samiaam25

    Flu shot

    I am two weeks pre op and am just wondering if I can get my flu shot before surgery or if I should wait until after??