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  1. Hi Misty, I am in NYC. I saw Dr Chaio at Mercy Medical center on Long Island. He was the only one at the NY Bariatric group that would take my insurance. But the NY Bariatric group routinely does revision surgeries so if you have private insurance you can check them out!
  2. Jsteelecat

    Help! Mushy food depression!

    Ok that looks like absolute heaven!
  3. Jsteelecat

    Help! Mushy food depression!

    Thanks I’ll have to check it out
  4. Please give me yummy mushy food ideas! I am three weeks out and on soft foods only and ALL I want to eat is some kind of carbs and crackers and REAL FOOD!!! What are you guys eating that is making you feel like you’re eating real food? I’ve made chicken meatballs and had turkey burgers and I’m just going crazy. Trying so hard to make this work, but I’m supposed to be on soft foods only for three months and I have no idea how I am going to go three months without a cracker or something.
  5. Jsteelecat

    Skipping Purees

    I ate soooooo much yogurt during the purée stage because I simply couldn’t handle puréed meat. Instead I did yogurt and pudding and applesauce and all things puréed that were allowed except meats. I basically was getting all my protein from high protein yogurt (like Greek or Skyr) and protein shakes.
  6. Unfortunately yes, it will get saggy. I lost 166 pounds and it’s definitely large and saggy down there. the good news is if you go for a tummy tuck procedure they can lift the mons and make it much more presentable down there. But basically I have this gross little sac of saggy flabby skin. I hate it. I am also in my 30s so if you are younger you may have more elasticity in your skin.
  7. Jsteelecat

    Liquid diet ideas

    Yes!!! I did end up doing that and it was so much better!!
  8. Jsteelecat

    Soup after surgery

    My first gastric bypass I was told that I cannot eat soup after surgery. However I have no such limitations this time around. I also see many soups in the store. I was wondering how people felt about eating chunky soups after surgery.
  9. Jsteelecat

    Liquid diet ideas

    Thank you for the amazon tip!!
  10. Jsteelecat

    Liquid diet ideas

    Do you have a specific brand or anything you like?
  11. Jsteelecat

    Liquid diet ideas

    What a great idea!!! Going to pick some up!
  12. Jsteelecat

    Liquid diet ideas

    No I haven’t tried those!! I’m checking out the bariatric store now. I’m definitely in the mood for something with a different flavor. Thanks so much for the recommendations.
  13. Jsteelecat

    Liquid diet ideas

    I’m on a liquid diet for the first week. I did fine with protein shakes the first couple days but now I’m feeling I need more. I know of broth and Jello but what other ideas do you guys have for a liquid diet?
  14. I am just struggling massively right now due to my pre op diet. I am constantly hungry and so tired of the liquids and just not in a good mental place. I feel like I’ve chosen the wrong time to have my revision and worried the surgery isn’t even going to accomplish anything. The wish to eat food is just SO strong and I feel so angry and anxious all the time. I’m just wondering how I’m ever going to make this succeed. I have two more days until I go in for my surgery and am hoping that at least the restriction will make this a little easier as I won’t be constantly starving. just really struggling right now.
  15. Jsteelecat

    Lamictal after gastric bypass

    I honestly was fine after surgery and didn’t need to adjust my dose. I had it in 2012 and I did fine. My Effexor definitely reacted differently post surgery and I found I could not forget to take it AT ALL or I would quickly go into withdrawal. I didn’t have any issues with lamictal tho.