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    Amanda Purser reacted to insta_adventurer in Anyone else obsessed with My 600 lb Life?   
    I think it’s important to be mindful that most of the people who are 600lbs got that way due to some serious mental health struggles. I mean, their issues aren’t as simple as, “eats the wrong foods” and are more like “compulsively eats due to past trauma.”

    Regarding the enablers on the show, it can be extremely difficult to reason with people who suffer from certain mental health illnesses. It’s also exhausting to constantly fight someone else’s battle for them.

    I give anyone that goes on that show a lot of credit for opening their lives up for public consumption and ridicule in exchange for *maybe* having a shot at a healthy life.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to mweiss1998 in Insurance approval   
    Your surgeon's office may need to push the insurance to get the approval. I am scheduled for Monday and just got the approval today. The doctors office had to call and ask that it be expedited so the surgery date wouldn't have to be moved.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to xoxoMeli in When do you usually get a surgery date?   
    I got my surgery date on my very 1st appointment with the surgeon. Granted, I have to complete all of the pre-op testing and be cleared for surgery so there is always a possibility it can change.

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    Amanda Purser reacted to maslman in When do you usually get a surgery date?   
    I got my surgery date right after I completed my endoscopy which was the end of June. My surgeon's office didn't submit anything to insurance for precertification until about 2 weeks prior to my surgery. There were a few hiccups there due to an incorrect fax number, but it all worked out and I got my approval the day before.

    The endo is pretty easy and doesn't last more than 5 to 10 minutes. You lay down in the procedure room on your left side, they put an O2 mask on you with a tube that goes in your mouth to keep you from biting the scope, and then they give you the anesthesia and the next thing you know you are in the recovery room. Some people have a sore throat after, but I never did. For me it was a very easy procedure.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to ms.sss in What was/is your greatest fear?   
    Nothing wrong with caring about your appearance, nor wanting to feel comfortable with what you see in the mirror. We all know that its not helpful to worry about something that may or not happen in the future, but we do it anyway. Maybe the goal is not to stop worrying, but to deal with the worry a little bit better. There are a myriad of things you can do, and something in there is bound to ease the anxiety (even if just a little)...just need to find it. Since you didn't ask, I won't list them out, but Google is your friend.
    To the question you did ask:
    My greatest fear was dying on the table. When I woke up from surgery my first thought was "Yes! I'm alive!"
    My current greatest fear is still also dying. After over 15+ years of being MO, I am so grateful to be in a body that allows me to enjoy so many aspects of life that I want lots and lots and lots of more years to do it.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to Luna805 in Bypass countdown   
    30 days until bypass! Official approval letter in hand and now just wait until my day. So excited to start this new lifestyle.
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    Amanda Purser got a reaction from sporters in When do you usually get a surgery date?   
    My endo was finally scheduled 2 days ago for nov.13th. After that everything goes to insurance so fingers crossed all goes well! Ive never had an endo before, can you please tell me what to expect?

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    Amanda Purser reacted to The Greater Fool in When did you notice the scale moving?   
    I was too large to fit on any scale but my surgeons, so I had no way of knowing if I lost weight until my first weigh in, a month after surgery. Spoiler, I lost weight. Ultimately, it all worked out ok for me.
    scales lie. Every day if you give them the chance.
    Scale comes from two greek roots: 'Sca' (Ska) meaning 'crap' and 'Le' (Lie) meaning 'to mislead', so 'misleading crap.'
    Good luck,
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    Amanda Purser reacted to Uomograsso in Half the person I used to be   
    Hit a pretty awesome goal. When I started out in July of 2019 and decided to have WLS, I weighed 427 lbs. My last weekly weigh in I was 212.2. That means I am officially half the person I used to be. On another note, I am now officially overweight! You might ask why that is a good thing. I have spent almost all of my adult life with a BMI that put me in the obese category, but now with my weight loss my BMI is 29.6 which is considered overweight. When I started out my BMI was 60. My surgeon required me to get my BMI to 50 before the surgery so I lost 92 lbs between July 2019 and January 2020 and my BMI was about 48 at the time of my surgery. After surgery I have lost another 123 lbs. No secret, just follow your plan. Eat you Protein first, meet your daily protein goals, exercise, exercise, exercise. I am doing a minimum of 30 minutes 5 days a week and usually shooting for 60 minutes daily of intense exercise. My only regret is that I didn't have WLS years earlier.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to Kay Smith in can anyone help me please ?   
    Hi Guy's, just wanted to let you all know the latest. My husband rang the hospital where I had my original surgery last Monday (21/07/14) and after conversation with specialist nurse she went and spoke with a consultant and rang my husband back. He was told to take my to the hospital where they would assess me. He grove me the 50 mile trip to the hospital by the time I got there I was in agony. I was admitted onto a ward had bloods done and was sent for a CT scan. This time the scan showed a swelling but they did not know for sure what it6 was so I was keep in while they organised more test. Last Wednesday (23/07/14) a consultant did an endoscopy and they have found right on the join between my new stomach (pouch) and small intestine on the inside I have a large GJ anastomotic ulcer. I stayed in hospital until Saturday 26th then came home with tablets to help to heal the ulcer but they have said they will need to keep a close eye on me. Fingers crossed that is it now and hopefully I will start to recover and get my life back to some normality. I want to say a big thank you to all of you for your kindness and advise many thanks Kay.
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    Amanda Purser got a reaction from DiZia in When do you usually get a surgery date?   
    Im new here, I'm 34 and I'm 348 lbs down from 378 june 2020. Ive had my consult with my weight loss surgeon and had my nutrition class but not with the therapist. Ive also not been scheduled for my endo. I only have one appointment left in my 6 month required appointments for insurance. I'm just wondering how long it this process usually takes at this point in my journey? Im just nervous I guess. Im worried about being denied coverage even though i have high blood pressure and borderline high cholesterol, varicose veins on the back of my left calf and really bad knees.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to Cheeseburgh in The Maintenance Thread   
    I was convinced I was going to be an outlier and lose weight very quickly since I had such a good metabolism most of my life. It took me at least 5 months to accept that is not the case with me. I’m happy for everyone that loses faster than average and happy for everyone that keeps plodding along. We are all in the same boat, some of you have motors and I have an oar. 😂
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    Amanda Purser reacted to ChubRub in Hit goal today! (Loose skin pics)   
    Thanks so much! Biggest benefit is definitely the way I'm able to move, run up a flight of stairs, carry in groceries without huffing and puffing. Basically the things that non-obese people take for granted!
    Favorite snack is greek yogurt, esp Dannon light n' fit caramel apple pie.
    Best NSV is hard, b/c there have been so many. I would choose buying clothes off the clearance rack. The reason being is that clearance rack clothes always seem to be size S or XS. Now I'm small enough to get the great deals! LOL!
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    Amanda Purser reacted to Lily66 in Hit goal today! (Loose skin pics)   
    Chubrub!!! SO FREAKING HAPPY FOR YOU! Well Done!! Your Joy jumped through my ipad! And I totally understand why.....you look fantastic!!! Shout it from the mountaintop!! 💝🎉🏆🎊💃
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    Amanda Purser reacted to ChubRub in Hit goal today! (Loose skin pics)   
    I’m thrilled to have reached goal today! Coincidentally, it happened on the anniversary of my initial consult with my surgeon. I’m down 100lbs and feel lighter than air!

    Pics are below! For those that wonder about loose skin, yeah I gots it! I’m having PS to remove it, but I’ll take the loose skin over fat any day! Tried to show what I look like with clothes on, with shirt pulled up and with loose skin untucked out of my pants! LOL!

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    Amanda Purser reacted to Tb613 in Small wins   
    Celebrating a small win! 7 days post Gastric Bypass and 15 pounds/8 inches lighter... since I'm still on a Fluid diet I don't seem to be as "swollen " as I normally would be. Wedding ring fits and hasn't in 3 yrs
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    Amanda Purser reacted to summerset in Do you wear bra at night when "the girls" get hanging   
    No bra at night. Never. Not voluntarily. Bruh.
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    Amanda Purser reacted to november11 in February 2020 Post-Op Thread   
    It is much too early for that... hang in there . I felt the same way but it will quickly change .. you will be so amazed.. just follow the instruction , make it your purpose in life right now the drink as much Water as you can. the things you can have now are lilmited for a reason ,stick to it ...your time to change it up will come . be patient and remember it took time and bad eating habits to get us here and it's gonna take time and good eating habits to take us where we want to go.... Don't complain to yourself just encourage yourself and Celebrate everyday you are closer to your promised land. I only regret I didn't do this 10 or 20 years ago......

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    Amanda Purser reacted to Mr Alley Gator in New here, I am seriously considering weight loss surgery please help..   
    Ok starting with the Cons - Yes you have to adjust your life and drinking large amounts of alcahol is over. Yes there are bumps and rough times during the journey.
    You have to get the surgery to save you life! Just like i had to! The reward is off the scale good and you will be happier and healthier. The surgery is a toll and you have to run the workshop, I truly feel like many here this was the best decision in my life i had made
    Male - Sleeved June 19 2019 at 377 pound and weighed in Dec 27 2019 at 215 Been able to hold the weight since then to now
    TRUST ME DO IT - AND IF YOU CANT GET INSURANCE TO DO IT PAY FOR IT YOURSELF - Take a loan or put it on a visa. Do not let money decide this for you, you have to decide to do it

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