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    Layken reacted to DenverGirl88 in Calories per day at 6+ months post op   
    At 6 months I was eating about 1000-1200 calories a day I want to say. I’ll be at a year out next month and I’m eating 1500-1600 per my nutritionist. I’d stalled eating 1200-1300 and upping my calories actually got me over plateau since I also exercise 5-6x a week. I do strongly feel that how I’m eating is very sustainable and something I can continue doing for life. I think back on biggest loser when you restrict your calories for too much for too long. I didn’t want to destroy my metabolism so I was happy to up my calories and it worked- still losing.
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    Layken reacted to WishMeSmaller in A normal day of food post op?   
    At 4.5-5 months out, I am definitely eating more than the other posters.

    Breakfast: Protein Shake 200 kcal
    Lunch: leftovers from dinner (see below), deli sliced ham with cheese and veggies, tuna salad, frozen veggie enchilada with an egg (200-300 kcals)
    Dinner: meatloaf with a couple of slices of roasted sweet potato, homemade chili or Soup (beans and/or meat based with veggies), chicken (or other protein) with veggies/salad (200-300 kcals)
    Snacks: I usually have some fruit after dinner, like a handful of blueberries or I will have an ounce of cheese. After a 2+ hour workout, I will have all or part of a Built Bar, some more Protein shake, or some other high protein snack. If I don’t, I will be too hungry at dinner, which can lead me to overeat. (100-300 kcals).
    My daily calories are around 1000-1200 on my big workout days (typically 3x per week) and closer to 800-900 on regular or no workout days. I can eat just about anything, but meat definitely fills me up fastest. I try to watch my carbs and fat, but I do not have a set limit. I rarely have more than 40-50 g net carbs per day, but my goal is a balanced diet with protein first.

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    Layken reacted to MarvelGirl25 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Breakfast/lunch was scrambled eggs w/ avocado toast and bacon and dinner was another Soup. This time I made sopa de albóndigas (meatball soup) with chickpea Pasta and tons of veggies. Used ground turkey for the meatballs.

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    Layken reacted to waterwoman in Energy Levels After WLS   
    Like you, my energy did not increase after surgery. I gave never been a high energy person and was really hoping for a boost. I did notice that over the course of the first year my stamina increased, so I was grateful for that. Now, 4 years later, at the age of 68, my energy has improved slightly. Blood work has always been spot on, so I just accept this as part of who I am, and decide to be grateful for what I have.
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    Layken reacted to Lanie992 in Energy Levels After WLS   
    I actually have eaten some avocado too. Didn't notice a difference either. My body seems okay, but my mind is always tired.
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    Layken reacted to ms.sss in Energy Levels After WLS   
    Me too! My extra battery power actually started about 4-5 days into my 2 week pre-op diet and it's still around at almost 2 years post-op.
    I actually sleep longer/more soundly now though. I sleep about 6 hours straight uninterrupted on average, and am fully awake and energized throughout the day. I used to sleep maybe 1-2 hours at at time over an 8 hour period, and would be often be tired during the day and would need a nap sometimes. Quite annoying.
    To the OP, as GT said above, a B12 of Vit D deficiency can contribute to low energy levels. Have you had your labs done recently?
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    Layken got a reaction from Hellie1028 in Energy Levels After WLS   
    But what breeds activity? 🧐 jk! thanks for your input
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    Layken reacted to AZhiker in Energy Levels After WLS   
    I had just the opposite experience. I was like the energizer bunny on steroids. I only slept about 4 hours a night, and couldn't get in enough exercise. I thought it must be some weird metabolic unbalance or that my thyroid was going crazy, but then learned that it was most likely the effects of ketosis from rapid weight loss. It was actually quite euphoric. I completed my first triathlon and finished a 53 mile bike race that first year. I know others have had the same reaction, and I sure don't know why some people get the energy and others have a hard time finding any at all. I know I did start walking my 10,000 steps by the end of week one, just like my surgeon said. That may have jump started the energy surge.
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    Layken reacted to Lanie992 in Energy Levels After WLS   
    I am able to do a lot of cardio at the gym each day (around 1 hr 30 minutes - every day besides Sunday), but my energy levels are down too.
    I had been off caffeine for 2 years before the sleeve, but now I am back on it. (My doc is fine with caffeine -- I know some aren't though)... I need it otherwise I get so tired. I put it down to the lack of carbs and sugar. I am hoping that once I reach my goal I can weave some "healthy" carbs into my routine.
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    Layken reacted to The Greater Fool in Energy Levels After WLS   
    I probably should have used more than 3 words. I just didn't have the energy.
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    Layken got a reaction from Hellie1028 in Energy Levels After WLS   
    But what breeds activity? 🧐 jk! thanks for your input
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    Layken got a reaction from Hellie1028 in Energy Levels After WLS   
    But what breeds activity? 🧐 jk! thanks for your input
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    Layken got a reaction from GreenTealael in Energy Levels After WLS   
    Thats true! I have been trying my best to keep up with my Vitamin regimen and Water intake but who knows if it is spot-on.
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    Layken reacted to GreenTealael in Energy Levels After WLS   
    Your team may require labs soon (if they haven't already) to get an idea of vitamin/mineral levels.
    Some of the more common vitamin/mineral deficiencies that can cause excessive low energy andake you feel pretty run down are A, B's (B1 & B12 in particular) D, potassium & Iron.
    But can also be chronic low level dehydration and just overall lack of cals.
    These all usually have easy remedies
    Hoping you feel better soon ❤️
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    Layken got a reaction from GreenTealael in Energy Levels After WLS   
    I had the vertical gastric sleeve about 3 months ago and I STILL have not noticed an increase in energy levels. About 4 weeks post-op after I started feeling somewhat normal I was able to get in a few 30min walks a day, but then my energy just went away after that. I'm sure its a mixture of COVID (not working) and my body adjusting but I thought with a 50lb weight loss that I would feel way more energetic than I do. Any others have issues like this post-op?
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    Layken got a reaction from Tracyringo in regaining and undoing their surgery   
    I am also SUPER afraid of this happening. Getting back into old habits, cravings, overeating, etc. So far, so good, but only about 3 months post op.
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    Layken reacted to Recidivist in regaining and undoing their surgery   
    I will add that my surgeon said that stretching the pouch after bypass is nearly impossible to do. You can, however, eat significantly more over time than you can during the first year, and as others have said, you can eat quite a bit of the wrong things once you are in maintenance. The surgery is a tool to lose weight, but it's a matter of discipline to shift to a healthy lifestyle and keep the weight off.
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    Layken got a reaction from Tracyringo in regaining and undoing their surgery   
    I am also SUPER afraid of this happening. Getting back into old habits, cravings, overeating, etc. So far, so good, but only about 3 months post op.
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    Layken reacted to BriarRose in Sleevers who are years out what’s your average day of eating look like?   
    I am 10 years out. Still have restriction - I don't count calories, sorry. I eat either 2 medium steamed eggs for Breakfast or oatmeal (lower sugar packet) with a handful of raisins or other dried fruit or fresh fruit.( I can rarely finish that) I need a mid morning snack most days - small serving of fruit and cheese or a yogurt or something similar. I drink a few cups of coffee before and after breakfast, and snack.... strong coffee with whole milk. lunch is usually a salad I make from home or a wrap using a lo carb wrap (60 calorie one) with chicken or tuna or chopped steak... homegrown fresh veggies (tomato, cucumber, radish, shredded carrots.. whatever) and either 1/2 sm avocado or some Salad Dressing in and on it. Or in cooler months a bowl of hearty Soup. I may have another snack in the afternoon or not.... this ends up usually being the rest of my lunch that I didn't finish. dinner is fish/chicken/beef or some kind of veggie dish with shredded cheese or something. After dinner I have a treat. A cookie or a single serving of ice cream or sometihing like that. I do't eat a lot at a time. And I drink Water during the day. I Watch carbs and highly processed foods - and I stay away from frozen meals that have a ton of processed stuff and too much sodium.
    I know that didn't help much.... I can't deal with counting calories. I can never figure out how many calories are in a handful of this or a few of that....
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    Layken reacted to KrissyNY in Eating egg muffin at 6 days Post Op   
    Omg! Thanks you guys ! Yes okay so after I finished chewing for darn near two hours on tiny pieces I noticed I got super full super fast . And was Super uncomfortable my back started hurting to no end. To combat the back ache I had to walk a mile around the back yard and therefore You guys are right ! Won’t try that again! I’ll stick to my purée for now. And yes! It’s so weird I still get hungry but I’m not on a specific regime and I think that’s my problem. I started to write down a schedule to eat but 4-6x 4oz meals and Snacks of Protein in between. Thank god I am meeting with my dietician this week. I honestly need help in developing the correct diet for me. For everyone I had the modified duodenal switch which includes the gastric sleeve a bit bigger than the norm. So far the best thing about my procedure is that I can keep up to 60z down of Water down with no problem as of today. But I truly appreciate you all for your comments. This is a new road untraveled for me 🤍
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    Layken reacted to rene50 in Alcohol?? 🤔   
    I'm seven months out and have had alcohol several times. My surgeon said no alcohol for 6 months, but I had a few glasses of wine at a party at 5 months out. I don't drink on a regular basis, and never more than a few glasses of wine, but I haven't noticed it has a differnet affect than before surgery.
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    Layken reacted to ms.sss in Alcohol?? 🤔   
    I was given the following reasons to refrain from alcohol: (1) empty calories (2) can contribute to worsening GERD (3) metabolization of the alcohol may have undesired effects with your new digestive system (4) risk of transfer addiction.
    I was not told never to have it again, but to use caution before proceeding.
    I rarely had alcohol during weight loss phase, I would guess probably less than 10 times the entire time, and these times wouldn't even be an entire regular "serving". It was always dry red wine or gin/vodka with soda (less calories and less carbs). I once had a couple sips of a flavoured soju like 2 months post op and ended up on the bathroom floor for over an hour. Not pretty.
    I can get tipsy/drunk reeeaaalllly quickly (and on much, much, much less than pre-op). But I also sober up astonishingly quickly as well. 1 drink and I'm def affected. 2 drinks and I'm drunk. But about an hour later I'm totally back to normal again.
    I'm almost 2 years post op now and I drink fairly regularly (particularly since COVID started!), though I still stick to red wines and spirits with no sugary mixers for the most part (with the exception of Kahlua, an important ingredient in espresso martinis)
    P.S. I am NOT advocating drinking to all, especially if your team advises against it. Everyone is different and should aim to know their limitations and stay within them. Some may have more trouble with this, which is probably why lots say to just stay away. It can become a slippery slope....
    Edited to add: I just realized the title of this thread was for bypass. Oopsies, I'm a sleeve, and I think it may be a bit different, between the two: alcohol will bypass a portion (or all?) of the small intestine in by-passers and go directly to the the large intestine, which results in different alcohol metabolization rates...
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    Layken reacted to catwoman7 in Alcohol?? 🤔   
    alcohol has a lot of calories, plus cross addiction is unfortunately not uncommona among WLS patients - some people who've never had addiction issues pre-surgery can develop alcohol issues or alcoholism.
    early after surgery I'm guessing it could be damaging if you're not fully healed. After that, that's probably not a huge risk -- but I'm guessing they think alcohol addiction may be more likely to happen within the first few months or something - or it may be the calorie issue - I'm not sure.
    I do have a glass of wine or two maybe two or three times a year, but I didn't have any alcohol at all until I was about three years out. Be forewarned that it hits you FAST.

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