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  1. kelly Lake

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    Congrats on your upcoming surgery, I had Bypass on Aug 24th. I don't care for milk but the premier protien shakes are pretty good. The Banana, Caramel, Strawberry, Blueberry and Cookies & Cream are the best in my opinion plus you only need them for about a month then youll be eating mostly regular soft foods then solids gradually. You'll do great 👍
  2. kelly Lake

    Gastric Sleevr Vs. Bypass

    I did A LOT of research on this and I found my best option was R&Y & Im so glad I did it. I wanted the extra restrictive requirements, responsibilities and accountability for attention to my diet requirements. It's quite a commitment either way, a lifelong change to better your health. However R&Y route is a bit more intricate and to go that route does require some discipline and commitments like the taking of supplements for the rest of your life, I don't mind because they don't bother me and I've found affordable ones I like. I lose about 2.7 lbs a week and I have very little that I cannot eat, real sugar and snacking are my 2 nono's.. Dumping syndrome is no joke and makes you feel quite crappy, like the flu but worse and verry sudden, so the knowledge that if you eat too much, too fast, drink with food or the wrong foods you'll feel like absolute crap keeps me in line and accountable as well. I seem to see a lot more ppl getting revisions these days too that had Sleeve vs R&Y (In my opinion) so its really about looking honestly at your personal relationship with food, discipline level and weighing out the pros and cons of each procedure for you Personally. Msg me anytime!
  3. I am 9 weeks post op R&Y And I say no worries on the hair I have super thick individually fine hair too so Except for the hairline I'm not really worried about it. With lockdown looming again you hopefully can just be home relaxing losing weight I also got a recommendation from my girlfriend who is a hair guru and owns her own salon, don't wash your hair a lot, once a week if possible is sufficient, ALWAYS take your biotin and an additional hair skin nail vitamin if you can get one, Use gentle shampoo and conditioner and no styling products or tools. Our hair follicles are going into a resting phase due to the shocking traumatic event of surgery and the changes in our diet which is also traumatic to our bodies. Giving your scalp a much needed rest after your bodies traumatic surgery will allow the follicles to rest and recover quicker. Hope that helps!

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