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  1. Omg I think I will be ok on Thanksgiving to eat turkey since my surgery in December but I have to take it easy since they are expecting me to lose weight before surgery. Its funny I am thinking about how I can still eat turkey like have a last feast because it should be all about trying to refocus it is so hard! I am so glad to know that you can barely tolerate anything sweet or sugar free post surgery that is a relief I would hate to go back to my evil ways after this since I tend to get cravings for sweets especially when I see them at the market. I do also have to get a sketchbook or a hobby that can keep my mind busy.
  2. I know this December surgery will be a challenge but you are right, it will be time to focus on family not food. I will focus on the true meaning of Christmas and the Holidays. 🧡
  3. you have been a member since 2009 I wish I would have joined this site years ago! I would not feel so alone on this that I am trying to do. I admire that you took all that money and invested it in yourself! I invest the least in myself and that is why I think I am in this struggle with my weight. this will be the most biggest choice and investment that I have made for myself in my lifetime. I know insurance covers 80% only because the deductible has not been met yet but it is worth it my health. I do like that I can make it a secret place like you said and just be able to not be judged. I love that you have a relationship with you band and named her tina! that is so awesome that you make it your own personal journey and have fun with it. I want to have fun with my journey also I will try to do like you and not see it so much as a sad, scary failure but a happy, exciting, renewed journey! thank you for your reply!
  4. I have been putting myself last for years, it's always everyone and everything first but I am no good if I dont have my health to enjoy it, eventually I would break down like a car with no maintenance. that is so me. It is true this is the best gift for Christmas!
  5. I am in the getting close to my bariatric surgery! I am feeling excited, nervous! I just have so many feelings I can’t describe. So here is my story… my surgery will be in December and although some might think it is the worse time to get it done because of all the Food and Festivities that are happening around that time, I see it as the perfect time because during the holiday seasons it is when I see everything so nice, warm and I am truly happy, with all the festivities. I start being thankful starting with Thanksgiving, on Christmas the same I count my blessings and on New Year’s I take inventory of all of my family and my successes always hopeful for the New Year that awaits! Life cannot be any more perfect…… but the reality is that it can be! If I would just lose my damn weight! That is why this is the perfect time because of New Year I always see it as a time to let go of the old and in with the new! This time it will be a New me! Other feelings I have are of letting my family down and myself for not having the willpower, not being able to do it on my own, and now left to having to do this surgery as my last resort. it is overwhelmingly exciting and nerve wrecking as I first noted. At the moment I feel that I am ready, but am I? That is why I am here in this bariatric group website I want to see others success story. I want to make online friends with others who have success stories and weight issues same as me, that I can relate. I also want to finally get the backbone I need to go through with this life changing surgery, as I have heard and seen from others. I am hoping I can also be motivation and help others I plan to make it a life goal to help others who have the same exact fears as I do, to make them feel more at ease because as far as the way I feel right now I get adrenaline rush just the thought because I do want to do this surgery because entering 2021 I want to be able to welcome the new me. I don’t have many friends I can talk to regarding my fat issues because it is so very personal and I don’t know how confidential it would be. Plus I been threw a lot of fat shaming done by people I know and I always want to be seen as strong and unaffected but I am very much affected. If there is another reason to get this surgery done other than the many amazing health benefits and longevity, and having a complete circle as far as my happiness, it is to shut all the haters and fat shamers up. The number one reason still remains always Definitely my family, myself above all!
  6. 2021NewMe

    Surgery tomorrow 11-10-20

    thank you for sharing your surgery journey stay strong! You are doing good by just going with your gut feeling about the job it is your business to share after the surgery this way it is a new you and a new life. please let us know your continued journey!
  7. I am new to the site Not sure how it works yet but anyone having their surgery in December? 

    1. AmandaQB


      We are surgery twins!!! I'm going in for my RNY December 15th as well!

    2. MaryBellMaci


      TWIN!!! I having my gastric sleeve 12/5/20

  8. how did your surgery help with like day to day life and pain in like feet from being heavy, I am about to do the surgery in December and I am like needing to see the benefits so i dont chicken out for the third time on getting the surgery done.
  9. I also have my appointment in December I did not think about the insurance and deductible that I would have to pay if the surgery lands on January 2021. I am so glad I joined this website I am a new member and I been reading and reading and I am so happy to see there is other people like me. I would feel like I was the only one dealing with weight issues and to see there is so many people that are going threw what I am and have questions and have feelings like me makes me feel hopeful and encouraged.
  10. 2021NewMe

    I am really doing it this time

    I can totally understand the frustration of not having the surgery done years ago. I too was too scared and not mentally prepared to go threw with it and now after many years I am also finally going to go threw with it! I also have 3 kids and it is so hard when everyone is eating like a teenager or casually while it seems like I am the only one gaining weight. I was afraid and now years later I am still overweight and still trying! let us know how your surgery goes! Mine wont be till December.