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  1. I'm almost 2 months out from my sleeve. I have lost 42 pounds. The problem is that I am finding that a lot of foods taste yucky to me now. I totally never expected that. Even foods that I once loved now taste "chemically" to me. I have given up on lots of foods altogether. My surgeon says he hears this all the time but no good explanation. Any insights?
  2. I am now so gagged out on shakes and trying to gag down Protein Drinks. I just don't know what to do. I tried mixing powder in with yogurt. (BARF). I thought about bars. But most have chocolate or artificial sweeteners. I need some guidance. PLEASE!!!
  3. I am one week out from my sleeve surgery. I have absolutely no sense of hunger or fullness. Is this normal??? I am trying to judge when to eat by time and food volume. So I am using 150ml as my maximum sleeve volume. Just trying to eat something every 2 hours and not go over 150ml. I feel like I am all alone; like I got herded through a surgery factory. Now my surgeon has my $$ and wants nothing to do with post surgery patients. Any thoughts?