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  1. Dogmom68

    I did it!!! I lost 100 pounds!!!!

    Congratulations!🎉 Your hard work, commitment, and dedication paid off! Absolutely wonderful!💕
  2. Best of luck!!! You’ll do great!😊
  3. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    I may have missed an earlier post but is there a reason you have to have tomato soup for every meal? I have Swansons sipping bone broth in chicken flavor with a little salt since it’s so bland. It gives me a lot more protein. Since you’re about to start the puréed stage, try the small tuna pouches (hickory flavor is the best!) put that in your food processor (I got a tiny 2 cup one at Target for about $20), add some mayonnaise and some seasoning. Purée that stuff really well. It’s really good! I watched a lot of YouTube videos about the puréed stage by this lady (TimeToShrink) who is very creative with her food! Don’t be discouraged! You can do this! 😊💕💕
  4. Dogmom68

    WHAT is this???

    I’m so glad you have some answers! And that you can eat something now! I’ve had esophageal spasms and they really hurt!! So sorry you’re going through this but I really hope you can see the GI specialist soon. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻💕
  5. I’m on a two week liquid diet and it’s been a killer (again! This is my second bariatric surgery.) I can have protein shakes or greek yogurt for my ‘meals’ every three hours. I would be lying if I said I had been perfect throughout this process. I’ve slipped up a few times by stealing a fry off my husbands plate or eating a couple of olives when I was simply sooo hungry. I’m going to have the hiatal hernia repair during my surgery on the 29th and the revision to RNY, as well. The GERD burns me up a lot of the time so I take esomeprazole in the morning and Pepcid in the evening. And thank goodness for Tums during the day!
  6. Dogmom68

    WHAT is this???

    I tried to edit my post but it wouldn’t let me….. anyway, I also wanted to add that you should tell your surgeon you think you may have an ulcer that could possibly be bleeding. I think that would account for the very dark stool. (I know, TMI but, hey, we’re all friends here.)
  7. Dogmom68

    WHAT is this???

    I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this!! It sounds like a severe hiatal hernia but I’m not a medical expert. Please call your surgeon ASAP!!! Don’t let them schedule you where you have to wait. You need to be seen immediately. Put your foot down! Tell them you’re in extreme pain and this is emergent. Have them work you into their schedule. Let us know what they tell you.🙏🏻🙏🏻❤️
  8. You absolutely need to contact your surgeon ASAP! I developed terrible GERD about 6 months after my VSG and have been living with it for about a year. It truly is horrible. My heart goes out to you. I wonder if you have a severe hiatal hernia which would cause your extreme reaction. Regardless, please call your doctor as soon as they open in the morning! You sound like you would be a prime candidate for a revision to your surgery. I really hope things get better. Please keep us posted.🙏🏻💕💕
  9. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    Best wishes!!! You’re going to do great!❤️
  10. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    Before my VSG, I only lost 2 lbs during my 2 week pre-op diet! Talk about discouraging! They had me only eating/drinking protein shakes and greek yogurt. I never eat yogurt because it’s too high in calories and carbs. I think that is what kept me from losing any weight. However, my surgery went very well and I recovered quickly so there’s that… This time around (I’m getting ready for a revision from VSG to RNY) I’m drinking protein shakes but not eating much greek yogurt. I’m sipping on chicken bone broth a lot instead. I started my pre-op diet 4 days ago and I’ve lost 3 lbs. so far. Hang in there! It’s all going to work out great! Just stick to your pre-op diet and everything will be fine. You’ll start dropping weight after your surgery. I lost almost 80 lbs in about 3 months after my VSG.
  11. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    The only things I know to do are to sip on Swansons chicken (or beef) bone broth (9 grams protein) and/or to add unflavored protein liquid or powder to your drinks/ broths. You can order protein liquid from Amazon and it will really boost your protein intake. Maybe incorporate some Pedialyte in your water or no sugar Gatorade or Powerade to help with the dehydration. My dietitian told me soups, broths, and Powereade all count towards my fluid intake. I’m so sorry you’re having nausea. That is so miserable. If it gets really bad and uncontrollable then call your doctor for sure. I hope you feel better soon. 💕
  12. I used to have active hobbies like gardening but since I was diagnosed with arthritis in my spine (all over my body, really) I can’t do things I used to be able to do. I was very depressed for a long time because I had to leave my job I loved because of all the pain. That was three years ago and since then I’ve found other things to do that make me happy. I go to the pool and just walk around in the waist deep water to move my legs (I had a hip replacement recently.) I have gotten really good at needlework/ cross-stitching and have completed some beautiful projects. It took awhile to change my mindset and now I focus on my health and eating well. I’m able to focus on tracking my food which has allowed me to gain control over my eating/ calorie consumption. I’ve lost 80 lbs and I have 50 more to go. We all can do this!❤️
  13. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    It really does hurt!!! I’m so sorry you’re dealing with it along with trying to recover from your surgery. The spasms will eventually calm down. Hang in there, my dear!! It gets better, I promise!💕
  14. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    I’m so sorry you got postponed, too! My surgery was supposed to be on 8/8. Talk to your surgery scheduler at your surgeon’s office. They have a lot of experience dealing with denials and approvals with insurance companies. I used to be a surgery scheduler for the doctor I worked for for many years. Sometimes it’s just a records issue (they need) or another test needed to document the medical necessity. My sleeve was initially denied until my sleep study records were sent. (I had horrible sleep apnea.) Now I’m having to jump through the hoops to get my hiatal hernia repair approved and my gastric bypass conversion. I’m not too concerned at this point; just annoyed with having my surgery day postponed. I had an EGD on 7/19 and I’m scheduled for an Upper GI/ barium swallow on 8/15. I’m hoping this test will help get the approval.
  15. Dogmom68

    August surgery buddies!

    After my VSG, I had to do clear liquids for about a week or so and then two weeks of regular liquids until my follow up with my doctor. After that appointment they released me to move on to very soft, puréed foods. I found the puréed stage difficult because I wasn’t sure what to make! I watched lots of YouTube videos about making foods in different stages. And trying to get a lot of protein was very difficult (still is for me!)

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