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  1. I’m confused about my vitamins y’all. Can you guys tell me exactly what to get 🙌🏻
  2. Sam B

    December 2020

    Amy_Aim yes darling! My pain was super sharp as soon as I came out out the operation room. At one point I peed myself cause I couldn’t get up and go to the bathroom by myself. I don’t want you to be scared cause this was mine, and yours might be different from what I felt. Say a prayer, meditate and relax. Best of luck
  3. Sam B

    December 2020

    I got sleeved on the 21st and hiatal hernia repaired as well. I believe this was the worst pain I ever felt in my entire life right after coming out the operation room. Thank God! I slept through the night, and my nurses were giving me good care at the hospital. Gas pain wasn’t tough like I see lots of people have been complaining about. Walking, walking non stop at the hospital is live saver. I wish anyone who’s gonna go for weight loss surgery best of luck. Remember! Always follow your surgeon and primary doctor instructions.
  4. Sam B

    Revision completed

    Got my surgery on the 21. I thank God that everything went well for me. No nausea, and gas pain so far. Do you guys take vitamin right after discharged from hospital?
  5. Sam B

    Anyone for Jan/ Feb 2021

    I couldn’t be happier for the big day yesterday. I’m feeling ok so far. No gas pain yet and ready to go home today. Best of luck to my fellow sleeve.
  6. Sam B

    Anyone for Jan/ Feb 2021

    Congrats! 💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  7. Sam B

    Kaiser PreOp

    I finally met my surgeon today. I’m all set to 12/21.
  8. Sam B

    Anyone for Jan/ Feb 2021

    I understand you’re nervous, and it’s normal. Just follow up with your provider and the surgeon who’s gonna perform your surgery then you should be ok.
  9. Who else got dizziness with the preop liquid diet? I know it’s hard at the end of the day it’s worth it.👍
  10. Thank you and shared ! Wanna get this outta the way😂😂
  11. My surgery scheduled 12/21/20
  12. The preop liquid diet is no joke😭😭😭 I’m hungry like a horse.
  13. Yass! Our life will forever change that day💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼
  14. I’m so excited for that great news. Surgery date 12/21/2020. Preop starts tomorrow
  15. Cheeseburgh appreciate it🙌🏻🙌🏻
  16. Can I switch from VSG to RNY? I just changed my mind.
  17. What else you got to do after echocardiogram? My primary care wants to see me for the results and got me so anxious. Anybody can reply! Thanks in advance
  18. Do you have to meet your provider before having surgery? Quick question
  19. Sam B

    I'm Hungry are You?

    TRICARE wait time approval. I’m done with all my tests and labs , so I’m ready for that day 💪
  20. Sam B

    Hate bypass

    How long did you guys stay at the hospital after the surgery?
  21. Loridee11 how you stayed in the hospital after the surgery?
  22. Barbieater did you schedule your own day or they give it to you? Thanks🥰
  23. Sam B

    Psych Test -did u have to take one?

    Dans hall5885 I had mine last week. I was petrified 😂
  24. Sam B

    Revision completed

    Had my first appointment last week then they sent me to a cardiologist and psychologist. The provider said the psychologist results always delay the time for the procedure to be done. I myself got a short patience 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  25. Sam B

    Revision completed

    Thank you Tracyringo!