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  1. autumnsimps


    My surgery is $4,800 and medicine is $50 I’m having it done in Mexico. (Pompeii surgical)
  2. autumnsimps

    Anyone for September 2020?

    @kerryp22 good luck at your first appointment!
  3. autumnsimps

    Anyone for September 2020?

    @kerryp22 I’m having VSG surgery in Mexico so it took two days to be approved and scheduled.
  4. autumnsimps

    Anyone for September 2020?

    @Dwgirl we have the same surgery date! Did you start your pre op diet today?
  5. autumnsimps

    Pre op diet

    I’m having VSG, today is day 1 of my 14 day pre op diet. All liquids , sugar free popsicles, applesauce, jello, pudding, cottage cheese. Broth, and 3-5 protein shakes a day
  6. autumnsimps

    VSG in September

    @lamb13 awesome ! I start mine on Friday. Are you feeling excited or nervous? Wishing you a safe surgery! Make sure to come back and update us
  7. autumnsimps

    VSG in September

    @pookyl aye ! Excited for you! I feel the same lol . Wish you guys a safe surgery & easy pre op!
  8. autumnsimps

    VSG in September

    @maslman that’s great good luck at the colonoscopy. Make sure to come back and update when you have surgery!
  9. autumnsimps

    VSG in September

    @maslman how are you feeling about ? Excited or nervous?
  10. autumnsimps

    VSG in September

    @tarotcardreader good luck to you as well!
  11. autumnsimps

    Pre-op Not Dating until Post

    I am to! I am having surgery on 9/4/20 and I think I will wait until I can eat solid foods and have a hang on my diet and exercise routine to put myself back out there. Not because I’m afraid but because I want my focus to stay on myself during this time .
  12. autumnsimps

    September 2020 Surgery

    I am having vsg September 4th!
  13. I’m having VSG surgery September 4th at Pompeii Surgical in Tijuana Mexico, I don’t have a Facebook and really no interest to create one and I’m looking for a sense of community or maybe some people who are having surgery near my same date? I have a weight loss Instagram (I did keto for a year so it’s mainly from that, I am not telling them about surgery until post op) . Is anybody having VSG near my date or have experience to share at Pompeii Surgical?