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    star618 reacted to WeGettingThere in July Surgeries??   
    I finally have a surgery date for July 20th! Protein diet starts Monday!
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    star618 reacted to ZhivagosGirl in July Surgeries??   
    My surgery is July 7th. Had my pre-op visit (blood draws) and Dexa scan today. I was also told to stop taking Multi Vitamins. I will get a shot in the hospital and then will resume taking them 2 weeks out.
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    star618 reacted to starladustangel in July Surgeries??   
    July 13th surgery. I am having a revision from sleeve to bypass for GERD. I don't have to do a two week diet just a 3 day liquid one. I have my pre op visit tomorrow
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    star618 reacted to Nda158 in July Surgeries??   
    July 20th surgery here!
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    star618 reacted to WishMeSmaller in How long till you felt up to normal activity?   
    My energy was good within about a week. We are all different, though, so your experience won’t be like anyone else’s. If you can get the Protein in, it will really help with energy. The only time I had a hard time with food wanting to revisit in “public,” (closed door office with one co-worker) was about 1.5 months out after having some chicken at lunch. I managed to keep it down 👍🏻 Win! 😬
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    star618 reacted to Daddydrisk in How long till you felt up to normal activity?   
    I had surgery on April 28th and within 2 weeks I was feeling "normal" until I started trying to be as active as I was before hand. Just walk as much as possible but try not to break a hard sweat until a few weeks out. It'll be a struggle to get your Fluid intake at first and it won't be any easier if you put out more than you take in.....this is spoken from experience.

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    star618 got a reaction from muala94 in How long till you felt up to normal activity?   
    That's my biggest fear is being tired and exhausted all the time, and hoping I keep my food down don't want to be embarrassed in public EEK
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    star618 reacted to muala94 in How long till you felt up to normal activity?   
    I started working (desk job, remote) 2 weeks after being sleeved and got through it but the exhaustion was terrible. I'm 8 weeks out and have just started noticing having energy again.
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    star618 reacted to catwoman7 in How long till you felt up to normal activity?   
    you're encouraged to walk as soon as you get home from the hospital (in fact, they'll have you up and walking while you're still IN the hospital). You'll also likely be cleared to drive if it's been at least 24 hours since you took your last pain pill, but I didn't feel up to it until I was about a week out (I was just too tired...). As far as exercise, I was encouraged to walk right away. Most other exercises I was cleared to do at four weeks out. Strength-training had to wait until I was eight weeks out (although the exercise question might vary among surgeons)
  10. Congrats!
    star618 reacted to queenmaymay52 in July Surgeries??   
    Just had my surgery 7/15. Day 4 and surprisingly doing well. Fingers are crossed it stays this way.
  11. Congrats!
    star618 reacted to Ashlore87 in July Surgeries??   
    Mine is the same day. I’m getting pretty nervous too
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    star618 reacted to Erin S in July Surgeries??   
    Surgery is the 20th for me! i’m so nervous now; i’m over liquids 😭
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    star618 reacted to MBooker in July Surgeries??   
    Surgery date 7/13. Officially 5 days post op. Not in pain but some soreness depending on how I move. No BM either. I feel nauseous immediately when I drink or eat something but it soon passes. Not getting in enough Water or Protein. This really sucks. Just ready to get past this phase.
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    star618 reacted to Nic1105 in July Surgeries??   
    Mine was July 8 😁
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    star618 reacted to Jacqueline11 in July Surgeries??   
    I was July 7!!!!! So far so food!!!! Just finished taking my carafate, still doing eliquis*30days*, getting in 64oz of water*not including shakes or other liquids*getting 90gm of Protein in!!!!!

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    star618 reacted to billho in Hospital Bag   
    I'd probably recommend not bringing bacon.

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    star618 got a reaction from LanaLee in July Surgeries??   
    mines July 23rd! already getting anxious!
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    star618 reacted to blackpowder72 in Surgeon Disappointed 😞   
    Oh screw him lol. You have lost 21 lbs that's good. Everyone is different. To me it's a marathon not a sprint . You doing great. Just stick to your meal plan it will work. I'm 6 weeks and have lost 36 lbs. Everyone looses different. I lost 5 lbs one week and 3 lbs another and so on. I just keep telling myself that I'm eating 700 calories a day compared to 2500 or 3000 calories a day before the surgery.
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    star618 reacted to LeenBXL in July Surgeries??   
    So 3 days post-op now. I have to inject myself with the anti-coaggulants for 10 days and I have to do the liquid diet for 10 days as well (so 1 more week to go!).
    One question... Is anyone else in the liquid stage hungry? I mean, I wouldn't be able to eat a normal meal, but I'm still hungry like I WOULD be able to... Anyone else? I can't wait to eat some solid (pureed) foods!

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    star618 got a reaction from brendasansan in Scared   
    mines next Friday and i'm scared too
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    star618 reacted to NorthernMaine in July Surgeries??   
    New here. I was scheduled for sleeve on the 27th but my pre surgery endoscopy found changes confirmed as Barrett's esophagus. Sooooo I am now gastric bypass, fingers crossed that the VA blanket approval will be applied to my original date of surgery.
  22. Hugs
    star618 reacted to brendasansan in Scared   
    Hi everyone, scheduled for my gastric sleeve tomorrow morning 7/15/21 and I'm feeling super scared , and nervous , is this normal? I
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  23. Hugs
    star618 reacted to Anj0399 in July Surgeries??   
    Mine was on 7/6 too! I’m doing pretty well. No nausea or vomiting so I guess I’m pretty lucky. Just now starting to get all my Protein and fluids in. How are you doing? Hopefully we’ll!
  24. Congrats!
    star618 reacted to starladustangel in July Surgeries??   
    Starting my 3 day pre op liquid diet today
  25. Hugs
    star618 reacted to LeenBXL in July Surgeries??   
    July 12th so in 2 days... Scared out of my mind!

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