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  1. Hi! In one week, I am undergoing a revision from VSG to RNY due to reflux and esophagitis. I had my VSG in 2017 and lost 100 pounds in nine months. Then, whoops, I got pregnant. After years of being told my ovaries didn't function, I hadn't worried enough about protection after surgery 😂 however, right before finding out I was expecting, I'd gone through lots of testing because of persistent reflux, including a test where you keep a probe in your throat and stomach for several days to measure your acid levels. Mine were high enough that my surgeon immediately started planning for a revision. Then life got in the way and brought me a beautiful baby girl, and before I knew it, she was over a year old and I was still constantly fighting reflux despite lots of meds. I finally went back and saw my surgeon again and was scheduled asap! It is very surreal to be back on the liver shrink diet and doing everything I did several years ago. I am also nervous; I purposely chose the VSG hoping to avoid long term vitamin or nutrition issues from malabsorption. I know so many choose RNY and love it, but it was definitely not my first choice....but here I am! I'd like to stay on track after surgery and the forum I used to belong to has very little activity now. I'm enjoying getting to read up on what's happening here!
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    August 2020

    Unjury broth remains one of my favorites, and I ordered a bunch for my second surgery. I'm sensitive to fake sweeteners (more so after my VSG) and the savory proteins are free of it!
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    Help I cheated on preop diet.

    I worked in surgery as a nurse for awhile and had more than a couple cases scrubbed because when they opened the patient, their liver was in the way! That said, a lot of pre-op diets involve high protein, low carb food, so that you ate eggs of all things was good! Just get back on and keep in mind the diet is for your safety, and that the last thing you want is for them to cancel surgery!
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    August 2020

    August 3rd, revision from VSG to RNY due to reflux and esophagitis. Feels so weird going through all my pre-op steps again!