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  1. Hey just curious if anybody is doing the new Weight Watchers program? I think it’s called WW wellness wins now a day. Anyway, I am the slowest “revisionist” ever. (From band to sleeve) it’s been 9 months and only down 42 lbs. however I do feel I could be better at developing better habits such as drinking my water, exercising more, not giving into temptations etc. I just had foot surgery last month and can’t walk for another 2 months. But I can swim soon. I thought maybe WW would help me develop better habits & give me more structure. At this point 9 months out from revision surgery I have very little restriction, never experienced the pain or sickness others mentioned when eating too much & I am so discouraged with my slow weight loss. I know it’s just a tool but shouldn’t I feel full? Desperately seeking for something to just click in my head & get it together! Lord help me!!!
  2. Wow. This helped me out so so much. Thank you for replying.
  3. I have never posted but I’m so discouraged I dont know where to turn. I originally had the lap band in 2010. I had great results at first. I developed some great work out habits then fell off and gained back the entire 121lbs. July 7 2020 I did a conversion from band to sleeve. Since then up to today (2/24/21)I have only lost 40.8 lbs. I have not been able to exercise. Not even walk due to an ankle injury that I’ll have surgery for next month. But still my expectations were so much higher. I see so many ppl that had the sleeve at the same time as me losing so much more. That depresses me and I go emotionally eat. A viscous cycle. Can anybody relate to the slow weight loss and how did u turn it around. Plz help guys! I feel like a WLS failure twice!!!
  4. Thank you. Our stories are similar! I’ll stop comparing myself to others and enjoy the journey. Good luck!

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