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  1. Today is a year since my sleeve surgery. I started at 294 lbs and this morning I am 175. I bounce around the low 170s. I feel good and would do it again in a heart beat. My aches and pains are mostly gone and so is my severe sleep apnea. At 53, I weigh less than I did in high school. Lol
  2. bufbills

    Thanksgiving Purée

    I had surgery last November. Thanksgiving consisted of a pumpkin spice shake. Lol
  3. The day before I started my pre op diet. My highest weight ever.
  4. bufbills

    I've gained weight...

    Nice work!
  5. bufbills

    3 weeks po - how many steps?

    Out of curiosity, how did you come up with the muscle loss figure?
  6. bufbills

    Four Days One Burrito

    Lol. Yea. After a lifetime of clearing my plate, and then some, it's still hard to get used to this. Lol
  7. bufbills

    What if

    Entering maintenance has been a challenge. I'm about 10 lbs below my goal, with a 27 BMI. I'm happy here. My pcp is happy and so is my surgeon. Started with a 44 BMI if I remember right. I'm pretty sure that 1300-to 1500 low carb calories are my formula. Heavy protein and some vegetables. Yogurt, cottage cheese, and a rare treat here and there. Some days it's hard to eat that much and others not so much. I think you just have to figure it out when you get where you want to be.
  8. Yep. And I will. I've been fortunate and have not had trouble with much at all. Kind of why I was surprised at how it went this morning. That said, I'm very strict about what I eat, avoiding all the stuff that got me where I was prior to surgery. I'm more than happy not to eat those things anyway.
  9. bufbills

    How long will I be off of work?

    I have a physical job and took four weeks.
  10. bufbills

    Is it Worth it?

    No regrets here. After the healing process, it's been pretty easy. Hit my goal in around 6 months. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. My quality of life has dramatically improved.
  11. bufbills

    BCBS Choice PPO of IL

    I paid out around 1300. My deductible was 1500 if I remember right with a max out of pocket of 1900. BCBS of Illinois. Hoops were not bad at all for me. Surgery within 10 weeks of my first visit.
  12. bufbills

    Tragic accident

    That's horrible. So sorry you are going through this.
  13. Nice work on losing 100!!!!
  14. bufbills

    What's your best post op advice?

    Do what your team tells you to do. Listen to you new stomach.
  15. bufbills

    Hit goal

    Yea. Real fast. I'm still in shock. I'm having trouble getting used to the new me. Feels good though.
  16. bufbills

    Cleaning up diet Pre Surgery

    I ate everything I wanted up until my preop diet. I'm not recommending to do that, but it worked for me.
  17. bufbills


    Whiskey and water. My tolerance is as it was before surgery/weight loss.
  18. bufbills

    Lying about not getting surgery is awful

    Turned out to be be a good thread with a terrible title. I told my family and friends, but do not offer any information to acquaintances unless I'm asked about my weight loss. I'm certainly not ashamed of it. Quite the opposite. I'm proud of addressing a life long issue. That said, I support anyone who chooses not to tell. People can be judgemental and cruel. Weight loss surgery is a difficult decision, that most of us did not take lightly. There Is no reason anyone owes an explanation regarding their weight loss to anyone.
  19. bufbills

    Biggest to now with photo

    Great work Betty!!!
  20. bufbills

    Feeling discouraged!

    Yea. It took me 4 or 5 days to lose my hospital weight. Way to early to tell how it will go.
  21. bufbills

    One glass of wine....

    I'm a whiskey guy. I started to drink occasionally at 6 weeks, even though my plan called for one year of no alcohol. This is not advice. I'm just posting what I did. For me, I needed as much normal as I could have, without jeopardizing my progress. I have been very successful so far.
  22. bufbills

    Surgery Tomorrow

    You've got this. I was in a similar place. Do what they tell you, and you will succeed!!
  23. bufbills

    How often do you weigh in?

    Every morning. Have been for many years.

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