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    fatlady 2

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    fatlady 1

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    Jodi's excellent adventure-2

    65+ pounds gone in one year
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    skinnylady 2

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    skinnylady 1

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    Looking great Katja! It's been a while since talking to you. Doing ok here....little by little...but it's frustrating some times. Jodi
  7. lol....wow...I can't believe that I had a message on here from you. It was way over a month ago. Things are going well with me....well for the most part. I stayed the same this past week....but I guess that's good considering I had 2 separate Thanksgiving dinners. How are things going with you?

  8. jodibyland

    Negative battles Positive.

    Good job so far!! I'm sure we all get the negative thoughts that pop in....yuck I hate those. Have you been keep a log of your success through pictures? Sometimes we look in the mirror and see the "old" us and not what we have become. You have alot to be proud of....you've done the HARD part....choosing to have the surgery in the first place is the biggest step. Take it easy on yourself. Sometimes when I start to get hard on myself, I ask myself "if this were a friend going through this, what would I tell her?" Keep thinking positive thoughts and soon the negative ones will be a distant memory. You go girl!!
  9. jodibyland

    I'm getting really depressed

    I really hear you Jessica. I was in the hospital this spring and it took having to get a special "bariatric" commode to use that finally pushed me to look into getting the surgery. I'm one month out and have lost a total of 36 pounds from the time I first saw the doctor 7/28/08 to now 11/08. I have been overweight/obese for a long time----maybe since about age 10? Wow...that's 40 years for me. I had missed so much in my life during those periods of time not so much because I was fat but because I thought since because I was fat I was of use for anyone/or anything in this world. When I started to believe in myself at the weight I was at (even though it was WAY TOO MUCH), only then was I able to think about changing. Hang on to at least one thing about yourself that you like...such as your eyes, or whatever. You will soon be on the other end of your lapband journey helping others who are just beginning. Hang in there! Your "sister" in lapband support....Jodi
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    Jodi's excellent adventure

    Pics from before, during and after my lapband journey
  11. jodibyland

    Jfdi !!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the motivation! You've done an awesome job. Keep up the good work!!
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    A Better Me

    Awesome job! You are a true inspiration to those of us just starting out!!
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    Jacole's story...

    Weigh to go Jacole! You are a beautiful lady even though you're still on your way to goal. Your eyes just sparkle! Keep up the good work!!!!
  14. Congrats on your bandversary! You look fabulous---it's a "New You"
  15. Awesome! You are an inspiration to those of us just starting out.
  16. jodibyland

    Christian bandsters

    Sorry...it's me again...I meant to ask how a person would put the little weight loss ticker at the bottom of your posts....can anyone help me? Thanks!!
  17. jodibyland

    Christian bandsters

    I'm glad that there is something here for Christian bandsters. I know we are to consider our bodies "Temples" so I'm assuming that means taking care of that body. Glad to be here. Look forward to meeting more of you here online. Jodi
  18. We're about the same. I started at 328 at my heaviest and I'm also 5' 10". Hope things go well for you. I've only been banded two weeks and it seems to be going ok
  19. jodibyland

    2 weeks post op

    How are things going for you now? Better I hope....Good luck with things. I was just banded about 2 weeks ago. Things seem to be going good.
  20. jodibyland

    Again 165lb

    You've done a fantastic job! It's very inspiring as I just start my journey!
  21. The cakes are awesome! Very unique and beautiful...you've got a real talent.

  22. I hear ya...I was banded on the 23rd of this month. As I write this to you...I am starving. I know about head hunger and real hunger....but when I'm dizzy and weak I think it's time for protein. Good luck to you...enjoy the pureed food. I too recently purchased the bullet blender....it's a winner!